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“Who Else Wants To Pull In A Flow of Extra Cash… Assemble Products at Home – Sewing, Electronics

Work, Woodwork, Craft Work or Making Jewelry, Stuffing

Envelopes or Mailing Circulars and more!”


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Work at Home Assembly Jobs

Over 250 Companies Listed!

“So Many Craft Assembly Jobs…”


would like to commend you on your product, and I am very impressed.

There are so many craft assembly jobs…I can’t wait to get started!”


Jill Bohn

Stay At Home Mom

Dear Friend,

he Home Assembly & Crafts Directory has over (250 companies) offering work at home assembly jobs. (Only available to US and Canadian residents). These companies need homeworkers to make crafts, jewelry, sewing, woodworking, stuffing envelopes, mailing circulars, electronics and more.

Even if you’re only remotely interested

in increasing your

income for the weeks, months and years to come,

then PLEASE, I urge you take just a few short minutes to

read this page.

My name is Jay Harris… you are about to learn about a whole world of profitable

assembly work at home opportunities that you may

have never known existed before.

In today’s

business environment, dozens of companies are

discovering it’s more economical for them to hire

people, like you, to perform their home assembly work rather than absorbing the high costs of large assembly

plants and the related high costs of employing a large

work force.



at home is becoming increasingly popular! This

year alone over 5 million employees will spend more than

35 hours per week working at home with some form of

formal arrangement with the company that they work for.

That’s more than a 40% increase from just one

year ago! This is a trend that will definitely boom in

this 21st Century.

We take pride in seeking out

these companies and providing you with this information.

We’ve checked out these companies to the best of our ability and

we’re sure that you’ll find the type of work that suits

your ability and desires.

These are real companies with a

need for home-based workers. The companies generally

do not require

experience and offer detailed directions and

assistance when assembling their products.


of the home assembly work requires no special training, skills, or equipment.


instructions are easy to follow and understand, and the

work is generally pleasant.

assemble products at home

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How it works…

Major assembly companies will send

you a MONEY MAKING instruction package that will be delivered right to your

door… it will include easy to follow

instructions, fine materials, and a photo of the

finished product.

All you have to do is assemble the easy and fun

products… send the finished products back to

the company &

earn $584+ per week… No selling is required,

unless… you want to sell the products to other places

or people as well for Maximum Unlimited Profits.

Either way, home assembly may be the perfect opportunity for you to start making a little extra money from home, while still spending time with your family.

Here are a few samples of the various assembly products listed below:

“Awesome Piece of Information…”

“What can I say? It’s an awesome piece of information you have put together. Thanks a million and to think this cost me only a few bucks!”

Thank you so much!


Megan Ritchie

Stay At

Home Mom

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“Thanks Jay. So far your directory is the best I have seen and I’ve purchased a lot of work at home products.”

Ryan Trimble

Home Business Owner

“This Is Perfect…”

“Hi Jay, I just wanted to let you know that this is perfect! And from what I’ve seen of your ebook so far, it is definitely all it was pumped up to be!”



Dottie Nichols


Partial List of The Types of Assembly Work

at Home Jobs Available To You!


Hand tool genuine leather key chains. This is a

fun and relaxing hobby for both men and women and

gives you the opportunity to earn extra income of

up to $240.00 per week.

 No experience

needed to assemble these beautiful pearl party

bells. This company pays up to $1,400.00 per month for these easy to assemble


  This company offers 2 assembly products…greeting

cards and designer hair bows. The hair bows are

made using simple gluing techniques and the

greeting cards are made by using ordinary

household scissors.

 Assemble beaded

earrings and earn approximately $180.00 per unit for a total of 3 units per week, or make

delightful and unique stuffed animals at home and

earn approximately $180.00 net per unit for a

total of 3 units per week. Easy and fun to



This company needs homeworkers to assemble their

fancy frames. You can earn as much as $1,350.00

per month assembling these 4″ x 6″ frames: Glue

gun needed.

 Do you love

angels? Assemble country angels and earn $50.00 gross for every 10 angels. They are beautiful and

upper-scale, made of muslin, ribbon, roses and

strings of pearls.

  Assemble Holiday gift items and decorations

year-round. Year round opportunity assembling

Holiday decorations that all relate to the Great

American Holidays. Items such as Christmas

stockings, holiday earrings or crystal splendor


 Men or women will

have fun assembling felt game boards and earn $960.00 per month for these hand crafted


  Reap the benefits of working at home by assembling

beaded bookmarks and earn up to $576.00 per week

for these exquisite products.

 Assemble lumbar

back support covers which are in high demand and

used for preventive back maintenance. They are

made of polyester and cotton fabric using a home

sewing machine.

  String art is a unique way of forming small

pictures commonly seen in boutiques and gift

shops. Earn $430.00 per unit assembling these

pictures for this company.

 Earn up to $352.50 per week assembling products. Bookmarks, fancy

frames, wood note holders, magnets, place mats,

oven mitts, duffel bags and many


  Assemble wood products without using power tools.

Earn extra income by making these small candle or

plant holders.

 Earn up to $530.00 for

every 16 duffel bags assembled. Made of rip-tide

material with a logo and some


  It’s fun and easy to earn up to $403.80 decorating

canning jar


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Are you

one of these creative

people that already have many ideas of what you

would like to make, paint, sew, mold, sculpt, knit, assemble, thread, and glue? And you would like to do this in the convenience of

working out of your house.

As a homeworker, you are an independent

agent.  You can work as much or as little as

you want. No 9:00 to 5:00 grind, no traffic!  You are your own boss in the

comfort of your own home. 

All of the information you’ll

need to contact these companies and begin work is

listed in our directory.  We list the company name, address and description of what they have to offer you.  Most company

listings include their phone numbers, websites and email addresses.

“Great Information…”


information! I’ve searched all over the web trying to find home craft jobs you have more jobs listed that I expected.”





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250 Home Assembly Jobs

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