Wire Writing Secrets – How To Make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

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 *AT LAST !    How to Make Money at Craft Markets, Shows and Events with a Unique Skill

Other Marketeers were Constantly Amazed at how much money I could make twisting bits of wire !

  • Jewelry skills anyone can learn !
  • How to Generate an income using just a few tools..
  • How to become skilled at making wire names, even if you’re brand new to making jewelry..
  • I am about to reveal the methods I used for nearly 30 years to make money with wire writing
  • These Unique Names you can sell at craft markets, rodeos, in homes, at festivals, to friends, and of course online !
  • A Business you can start that doesn’t cost the earth to set up..
  • If you are in the Business of making your own Jewelry, this is one skill you Must Not Ignore
  • Make Money at Weekend Markets – You don’t have to give up your day job !
  • No Sales Pitch needed – Your names will be appreciated by most people !

What is name jewelry exactly? Never heard of that ! – Someone told me one day when I was selling my earrings in Hania, Crete, “There’s this guy selling Names round the corner” – Huh? I went and had a look…

When I saw what It was…. A guy making peoples first names out of wire and using pliers to twist it – just like this arrow 

Here are a few hurdles I came across when I first started out on this venture which could be the very questions you may be asking..

  • How long would it take to learn this new skill ?
  • How long would it take to learn this new skill ?
  • Could I do it ?
  • Would I be nervous selling to the public ?
  • Would my work be good enough ?
  • Where do I get all my supplies ?
  • Could I afford it ?
  • What if it turns out that I commit to this and I fail miserably ? I would have wasted my time and money..
  • Will I do what I usually do – start something and never finish it ?

You may relate to one or more of these, a couple of them were real problems for me ! At first I just practised while I made earrings figuring I didn’t have anything to lose. The rest of the stuff I could work out later.

Introducing my Ebook – With 156 pages jam packed with Instructions and Photographs. This Skill could make all the difference to how you make money in the future..

Heres a quick preview of what you will have at your fingertips..

  • Starter Tools, and Tools to use for the Professional (Pages 6 – 10)
  • Different types of Wire you can use and Stiffness of wires (Pages 10 – 12)
  • How to grip and position the Pliers (Pages 12 – 14)
  • Commonly used Wire Bends and Loops in letters (Pages 16 – 24)
  • How to make All Capital letters A to Z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 26 – 74)
  • How to make All Lower Case letters a to z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 76 – 125)
  • How to Embellish your name with a heart symbol (Page 127)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pendant (Page 130)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pin (Page 135)
  • How to make Special Combinations of letters (Pages 138 – 142)
  • How to make the Numbers 0 – 9 in wire (Pages 145 – 155)
  • Appendix – Suppliers (Page 156)

Here is one night in peak season where i made $945 in one night

Here is my sales sheet from one Thursday night market in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in 2013.. (The last year that I sold Wire Names at markets)

Not bad for twisting some wire for a few hours !

So how much is this Ebook going to cost ?

I’m sure you can appreciate my reason for this.. Your Ebook should you decide to download it contains 26 years of my knowledge, all compiled into a jam packed 156 pages complete with full instructions and easy to follow diagrams.

In fact, it’s much more than a book it’s a full blown instruction manual so I figured I could easily charge $97 for it, but don’t worry, I wanted to make it affordable for all, since not everyone will buy it with the reason to start a business

In fact one of my buyers agreed with me, “Most other sellers of the same or similar product wanted too much money trying to sell the business and tools I already own”

So instead of $97, I’ve made the price $49

Here is another testimonial from a friend I had in Australia, he ended up running his own Name Business on the Sunshine Coast there..

And some other satisfied customers..

When you download my ebook you get a 100% money-back guarantee. Clickbank who processes your credit card or Paypal payment is one of the largest sellers of ebooks on the internet.

I never get to handle any credit card details (clickbank does everything automatically) so your details are secure.

If you decide within 90 days after your purchase that you don’t like my ebook, clickbank will give you a complete refund of your purchase price.

All I ask is to let me know what dissatisfied you about my ebook so I can review it for possible improvements.

Securely Through Clickbank

After payment, you will be able to download the Ebook in three different formats, PDF file for most applications, but also Epub format for Ipads, Nook and Android devices, and also Mobi format for Kindle readers. The latest version that you will download was updated in March of 2017.

If you are thinking of buying my book with the idea of making this craft into a business, then the biggest risk in life is not to take a risk, you never know – it may change your life ! So there you have it.. you can have all the skills under your belt that you need in this Ebook to make a good income, or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen me through all these years..

All the best,

Andy Turner.

P.S. – You will also get the chance to buy my latest Ebook “Wire Writing Profits” during the checkout process. This additional book which i wrote in 2016, goes into all my experience from almost 30 years of selling names and will teach you the same if you are serious about making money with your craft. The price for that one is $9.95 but is entirely optional.

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