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I’ve spent the past years traveling the globe, seeking out wisdom from some of the world’s greatest masters of lucid dreaming.


I learned Tibetan Dream Yoga from Buddhist Lamas in the mountains, received secret teachings from Indian gurus in ashrams, studied sacred techniques in the jungles of Thailand, learned the mysterious ways of the Hopi Indians, and discovered ancient underground methods of the Yogic masters.

My journey has taken me from the academic halls of UC Berkeley to temples in obscure villages in India, all for the sake of uncovering the secrets of lucid dreaming.

I’ve learned the best, most effective methods and closely-guarded secret techniques through years of practice and study, and I’ve created a practical system that people like you can use to achieve great success in lucid dreaming.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and the fact that I came across the forgotten secrets of lucid dreaming meant that I had to help others.

I had to help others travel to unknown galaxies, receive answers to life’s deepest questions, have incredibly profound spiritual experiences, and even feel what it’s like to ACTUALLY BECOME the music of a composer like Beethoven…

I want the whole world to experience the absolutely breathtaking ride of lucid dreaming.

That’s why I’ve created a step-by-step blueprint that everyone, including you, can follow.

It’s easy, entertaining, and it will help you control your dreams at will so you can finally transform your life for the better.

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