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Whether you’re a brand-new marketer hunting down huge profits from your first campaign, and silencing everyone who said “it couldn’t be done” with one glimpse of your bank statement…

Or a grizzled pro who knows it CAN be done, who’s done it before, and who’s looking to do it again…

Simply reading this letter will show you how EASY it can be to supercharge traffic, engagement and sales in any business (NEW or OLD) with a shot of adrenalin that’d make a 3-legged tortoise look like Usain Bolt.

Best bit… you get to do it all, while doing LESS work. You just need to make one little change…



You start making a video on Friday to make some sales for the weekend, and you’re still not done by Monday evening. Most people will never make a cent from video ads… because they’ll never have time to get an ad live!

So what’s the good news?

Right now, with NO Script, NO Audio, And NO Recording Equipment

YOU could have your first high-converting video ad live in the next 10 minutes…

Denkar sells products on Amazon. One that used to sell really well was his Hair & Beard Brush, but increased competition brought on a big slump in sales.

So, like all good marketers, he decided on a Black Friday blowout to clear the last 300 units.

He tried SEO. Facebook ads. All the usual tricks. Nothing worked.

It was the final 2 days of the campaign and he was still sitting on 230 units.

Finally, desperate not to bank a big loss on unsold (and unsellable) inventory he tried video ads but not just any video ads. A new type of video ad called a VidBullet.

He hadn’t used video before because he didn’t think he had time to make a good traditional’ video ad. But a VidBullet promised it’d be easy. No script needed. No need to get on camera. No complicated recording. (And it was he’d made his 2 ads before he finished his coffee.)

Suddenly, the sales were rolling in. All 230 units sold out inside 48 hours, generating $4748.10 in revenue.

VidBullet Is The Video Ad Redesigned For 2020, But The Strategy Has Been Used Globally For Over 60 Years.

Where traditional video ads are slow to create, slow to watch, VidBullets are FAST, high-impact, short-form ads that cut-to-the-chase.

It’s the same strategy global news services like the BBC and CNN have been using every day for the last 60 years.

Hook the viewer in. Give them exactly what they need with zero fluff. Keep people riveted to your message to the bitter end.

VidBullet just transferred that strategy to video ads to transform viewers into buyers.

Traditional Ads

Bad for engagement:

Well, maybe not bad, but definitely hit-and-miss. This is the Twitter age. You need to get your message across FAST, and normal videos aren’t always great at that.

Bad for business:

Too expensive to create a single video.

Bad for productivity:

Requires a new script, format or template for each new video.

Bad for growth:

Testing and scaling long complex videos is a special kind of crazy!


Perfect for engagement:

VidBullets are less than 2 minutes long, perfect for the newsfeed, and the proven structure lets you deliver everything you need to make the sale.

Perfect for business:

Fast, easy and inexpensive to create multiple videos.

Perfect for productivity:

Use proven templates to build a video in under 3 minutes!

Perfect for growth:

Quickly test hundreds of videos to outperform, outgrow, and outlast the competition.



Maybe That’s Why VidBullet Is Already Used By Over 1000 People To Set Their World On Fire

And That Was The Old Version… Just Wait Until You See What VidBullet 2.0 Is Packing


Create UNLIMITED high-quality videos in 3 minutes or less

while saving hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in unnecessary software, hardware and contractor fees


100% ‘Shy guy’ proof!

(…No experience required. No need to be on camera. No need to record your own voice. VidBullet does it all.)


Dominate your niche

sell more products, and scale your business without scaling your video costs, by creating more videos, faster and cheaper than your competition.


Distil your marketing message

into a 2-minute format and you’ll be blown away by the increased engagement, viewer retention, and sales you make when people actually watch your whole video!


Remove the guesswork

from creating winning video ads by making 10, 50, 100 ads (or more) then running with the ads that convert the highest… simple!


Give yourself a break!

Save yourself the time, cost, and frustration of making a video that may (or may not) work, by choosing from a selection of proven templates.


Serve more clients, faster

with a simple high-fee service perfectly suited to primary income, secondary income or side-hustle.


Pick The Template


Fill The Form


Push The Button

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

VidBullet 2.0 – Zero Editing, Zero Experience, Zero Subscription Required…










Lock Down Your Unlimited Licence To VidBullet Today And Never Pay To Create A Video Ad Again


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Choose Your Licence


$47 One Time Fee

$47 One Time Fee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


$67 One Time Fee

Commercial Bonus: Advanced VidBullet Training including “Traffic Stacker Method” (Value $197)

$67 One Time Fee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Video For Vidbullet | Up To $500 A Sale | 75% Commissions

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