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But first, I have something really exciting to tell you.

You see, as powerful as Na5t is…

It’s only one of the potent ingredients inside ​Harmonium Sleep Support

We wanted to make sure you got the VERY best sleep imaginable…

So after exhaustive research and testing, we coupled Na5t with 6 additional sleep inducing ingredients.

Now, each of these nutrients are powerful in their own right…

…but when blended together, in just the right way, you’ve got a potent, natural formula that makes getting a good, healthy sleep easier than ever..

The second ingredient, known as 5-HTP, is extracted from an exotic plant native to jungles of Africa.

And 5-HTP compliments Na5t perfectly.

That’s because when 5-HTP is absorbed into the body, it’s immediately converted into a sleep regulating hormone called Serotonin. And Serotonin helps your body naturally produce more Na5t.

Think of 5-HTP as rocket fuel for Na5t production helping you easily achieve a deep, peaceful night’s sleep.

And the medical research confirms this.

One human-based study showed that 5-HTP significantly reduced the time it took to fall asleep, increased sleep duration and improved sleep quality. [3]

And while Na5t is powerful all by itself, adding a therapeutic dose of 5-HTP makes Harmonium Sleep Support even more powerful at creating the most restful night’s sleep of your life.

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