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You’ve tried over-the-counter painkillers, you’ve tried asking your friends. Nothing works. I’m here to take you by the hand and lead you away from your personal hell because, only for you, my pain-destroying tooth abscess treatment methods are finally…

These Astounding Tooth Abscess Home Remedies Will Save Your Sanity and Your Dentist Won’t Have To Destroy Your Beautiful Smile!

My name is William Jones, and although we’ve only just met, I want to help you find the relief you so deserve. Believe me when I say “I feel your pain”: I’ve been there, I really do know. I was a slave to my tooth abscess pain just like you.

The only difference between you and me is that I found the answer to our prayers! I don’t know if you’re the praying type but if you’ve been locked into a prison of gnawing pain that we both know can literally drive you mad, then I’m here to pass on the key that will FINALLY take all that weight and trauma off your shoulders.

I’ll answer all the questions you need to know, and tell you the deadly important answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask!

Things like…

Do I need get to a dentist IMMEDIATELY?

(you probably don’t even know if your tooth abscess infection is currently seeping through your body!)

What do I have in my kitchen RIGHT NOW that can stop the pain?

Tip: keep the abscess clean by regularly rinsing your mouth with salt water to
stop the infection completely taking over.

Is there really anything I can buy that will stop me suffering?

We both know that painkillers can’t kill a pain like this. When I tell you what you can get from ANY pharmacist that can stop the pain DEAD then you would be INSANE not to move heaven and earth to get your hands on this cheap, over-the-counter product!
(you’ll never guess what it is!)

Is my toothbrush contaminated?!

Do you know the one EASY tip that will stop your toothbrush literally killing your teeth?
I’m not afraid to admit that I didn’t but, now I know, I feel ill that
I didn’t think about the damage my toothbrush was doing and SO WILL YOU!

Will I kick myself when I find out that my kitchen cupboard is a GOLD-MINE of home remedies?

I promise you, with these universally acclaimed, tried-and-tested methods,
the answer will be the loudest YES!


You are about to be the happiest, agony-free owner of “True Tooth Abscess Relief” eBook, the number-one guide to INSTANTANEOUS pain relief.

The greatest thanks you can give me is to email like two of these examples from ex-sufferers:


I had been unable to sleep for two nights running until finding your website. After downloading your eBook I went straight into my kitchen and found I had all the ingredients for every one of your home remedies!

Within five minutes of downloading your eBook I was pain free… my tooth abscess pain was gone! I genuinely can’t believe it, it boggles the mind!

Needless to say I will recommend this product to everyone I know, thanks again!

(feel free to put this email on your site!)

Ryan John

[email address with-held]

Hi William

You said you like getting emails of thanks so here’s mine!

I’ve just got back from a holiday where I developed severe pain due to an infected tooth abscess. I was obviously unable to see my dentist to get the tooth abscess treatment I thought I needed. I was away and almost resigned myself to the fact that I would be in pain for the entire time away… how wrong I was!

I found your site and downloaded your guide from an internet cafe and, taking your advice, immediately went into the pharmacy next door (I was in a hotel so couldn’t try the kitchen remedies).

I never would have guessed to buy what it said in tip #2… I’m amazed! Now the pain’s gone and I’m free to enjoy my holiday, I really cannot thank you enough.

Dan Lovett

[email address with-held]

Even after receiving so many emails of thanks I still get an amazing feeling when I see the “new message” notification in my inbox! Every time I see it I know I’m about to hear from another person who has followed my simple, insanely easy steps, and I can only hope that you’ll be my next friend to…

Go From ‘Agonizing Inner-Turmoil’ to ‘Peaceful Pain-Free’ So Fast It Feels Like Cheating!

You have probably scoured the internet late into the night searching for a remedy (in fact, maybe you are reading this when you should really be in bed but that sharp ache is refusing to let you sleep) and, like me, you won’t have found anything of any help.

By all means continue your searching and forget about my helping hand; turn your swollen cheek and go onwards into the night. I’m always impressed with how well people can cope with this kind of constant pain, even having the strength to search for a solution is a feat in itself, but being brave doesn’t mean you should have to just “cope” with it.

I suppose that, at the end of the day, it’s true what an old school teacher used to say to me:

I Can Show You The Door But I Can’t Walk Through For You

But obviously his words don’t apply to YOU…

If you download my eBook now I’m also going to give you…

My Complete Ease-of-Mind

Guide to Dental Procedures, Tooth Pain and Toothache,

Usually $10.97


I know, I must be crazy giving this away for nothing, but I want you to have it because it will ensure you don’t have to feel this unnecessary torture ever again

When you’ve read this guide you will know…

How to empty your mind of all those terrifying thoughts as you sit in the dentist’s waiting room. You will almost ENJOY sitting in the dentist’s chair (you’ll be the only person in the room who never worries about the drill)

Wave goodbye to your sensitive teeth: your friends will be begging you to tell them how you can eat whatever you like, without worrying about that sharp, nagging pain!

What to really expect when you go the dentist with a problem. No more sleepless nights worrying about the fate of your teeth: this will calm you like a summers breeze.

and this isn’t even the half of it!

So how much is this eBook going to cost you? Usually this would cost you $75, but for a VERY limited time this wil be..

$75 $37!

That’s Over 50% Off!



for $37!

This book will NOT be available at this low price forever because, to be honest, it’s costing me money to sell it this cheap! Act now because it WILL be changed any day now.

So with one single click of your mouse you will be free again: I wish my ordeal could have been ended that quickly! Send me an email to let me know how much better you feel after using my help, it would genuinely make me feel like my abscess suffering served a purpose!

Yours Sincerely,

P.S. We already agreed that this will be an absolute bargain for you…

but do me one quick favor.

Before thinking about what you have to pay, just take a second and imagine what it will feel like to not have your entire “being” centred around this awesome pain.

Seriously, think about that for a single moment.

P.P.S. Wouldn’t you like to be able to help your friends and family when they’re suffering with an excruciating abscess and show them that kitchen remedies really work? How about being able to prevent them ever having to experience the pain with a few simple tips?

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget, I’m so confident in what I’ve written that I’m prepared to give you a 60-day moneyback guarantee! If none of my remedies have relieved the pain, I’ll give you a full refund. No quibbles, no questions.

What are you waiting for?

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