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  Attention: Job Seekers

By This Time Next Month, You Could Have the Job
You Want, the Money You Deserve and Respect that’s Been Missing. 


You’re Just Minutes Away from Discovering One of THE Most
Powerful Job Changing Systems Ever Developed!”

Breakthrough System Reveals Amazing Secrets that
Almost Guarantees You Job Security.


Attention Job Seekers:


Are you about to start a job
search but feel you’re a little “rusty” in terms of  cover letter and resume


Do you respond to job ads that
seem to be a “perfect match” only to get reject letter after
reject letter?


Have you gotten “expert” advice on
how to conduct a job search from friends and family but
still seem to be stuck in neutral?

Since your reading this letter, the answer to at least
one or all of these questions are obviously yes. That’s OK though,
because you’re here now and that’s a great start!

“Has This Ever Happened to You?”


Have you ever worked for someone that you knew you were
smarter than and wondered, “How in the heck did he/she ever get that
position? Who hasn’t?

Or how about that knucklehead in the next cubicle who
couldn’t figure out how to turn the copy machine on, who now has a
great job making more money than you with stock options.

This happens more times than you can possibly imagine.
Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

“How Do Those People Get These Great High Paying Jobs

Wake up and smell
the coffee!

I don’t care how great your credentials
are, how smart, good looking or hard working you are, the bottom
line is this.

If you don’t have a great “story” as told through
exceptional cover letter and resume and a
great interview, than you’re cheating
yourself out of a more fulfilling career and untold thousands of
dollars of immediate and future income.

Let me repeat…he who has the best “story” gets the job.

Let me define “story”. A great story is one in which you
consistently present yourself to the hiring company as the best
possible candidate. You do this by showing them that you are the
only person that can solve problems.

To do this, you
need to
be well prepared, highly motivated and
have a resume and cover letter
where all the pieces of your “campaign” are closely
aligned. It requires thought, study logic and of course practice.

Every step of the process has to have a CONSISTENT style.
Cover letter,
resume, interview, thank you letters, negotiating,
etc. AND i
t has to be the style the hiring company is looking for.

Been There, Done
That…Don’t Wanna Go Back!

Maybe your situation today is similar to what mine was a
few years ago. I worked my butt off at the office for ungrateful
boss, who paid me a less than I was worth. And for what? So he could
let me go with only 24 hours notice and no severance pay.

After that happened to me twice (that’s right twice), I
decided that that was 2 times too many. First, I got mad, then I got
smart, then I swore I would never be caught unprepared ever again.

It was then that I made up my mind to become an expert on
anything and everything to do with finding a new job.

“Now You Can Use My Simple, Time
Tested, Step-By-Step System That Turns Your Cover Letter and Resume
Writing Into an Unstoppable Interview-Generating Machine”

Since 1977 I have worked
for 9 different companies ranging from a start-up venture with
virtually no sales to a multi-billion dollar, multi-national

During that time I held 20+ different positions in
sales, marketing and general management. In addition, I’ve
interviewed and hired hundreds of people for a multitude of

In 30+ years I’ve taken so many courses (from the
companies I worked for) on how to hire great people that I’ve lost
count. I’ve read more “How To” books and articles on finding a job,
than most HR professionals and so-called career counselors.

In addition, I’ve been through multiple “outplacement
programs” from some of the top companies in that industry.


“How Was I Able to Get So Many Good Jobs So

Simple – I
developed a Job-Changing S-Y-S-T-E-M.
Let me explain.

Over the years, friends, colleagues and business
associates were so impressed with how good I was at cover letter
and resume writing and how I was able to get the new positions I wanted, that they suggested I write down my
step-by-step approach.

The first thing I did was to create and then teach a
1-day workshop entitled “Get Hired – Job Hunting Strategies That Get
Results”. I taught my students how to write resumes and cover
letters, answer ads, interview, etc.  Although that was successful, I knew I could not reach as
many people as I wanted to reach teaching only 30 – 50 people at a

It was then that I decided that I would re-write the
course into more of a Job Changing “System”. As you know,
systems are what make so many franchises successful.

 Why do you
think McDonalds®, Starbucks® and
store and
franchises are so successful? Because they have, over time developed
systems that work.

Make no mistake, people who buy a franchise aren’t buying
hamburgers, coffee or copy machines, they’re buying a program that
has proven the test of time, they are buying a successful system!

That’s why the most successful franchises cost so
much…because if you do what they tell you to do, if you “connect
the dots”, if you “paint by their numbers”, your odds of success go
up dramatically.

Think about it. How many McDonald’s® do you know that
ever went out of business?

That’s Why I’m so Excited to I

The StreetSmart

Job Changing System©

A Breakthrough System for Finding a Better
Job, at a Great Company, Making More Money, From Someone Who’s Been There and Done

The information contained in The StreetSmart Job
Changing System©
are proven techniques developed over
years of trail and error.

You know what the best part of this whole thing is? Once
you learn the secrets of The StreetSmart Job Changing
, you’ll be able to use them over and over again anytime
for cover letter and resume writing or change jobs, both now and in the future.

But Don’t Take My Word For It, See What Others are Saying
About The StreetSmart Job Changing


“Ended Up
Getting a Better Job Making More Money”

I had worked faithfully at
the same company for almost 8 years until they re-organized
and I found myself out of a job. With a huge mortgage, a wife
and 3 children to support, I was scared to death.

getting a hold of the StreetSmart Job Changing System though,
I was quickly able to get my act together and was interviewing
within 3 weeks.

I ended up getting a better job making
more money in a company that I love. The skills I learned
reading the manual made it all possible. Thanks a million.

Mike M. – New Jersey

“I Got About
6 Phone Calls Within a Week!”

Using the Instant Qualified
Candidate methods described in the manual, I got about 6 phone
calls within a week of sending out some cover letters and

That got me 3 interviews. which eventually
landed me the job I’m at now. The Cover Letter and Resume info
contained in the manual are impressive.

But it was the
negotiating techniques that got me an extra week’s vacation,
$10,000 more than they originally offered and stock options.
This manual rocks!

Greg M. – Washington

“Got a Job
Within 30 Days!”

I got a job within 30 days of
reading and implementing the StreetSmart program. The workbook
really made me get organized and figure out what I wanted.

From there I just followed the program as it was
written. The HR guy told me he had never seen such an
impressive resume. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to
change jobs quickly. Thanks again.

Don P. – Delaware


Any Book or On-Line Program
Promises You’ll Get a Job By Copying Their Whiz-Bang Cover Letter
and Resume is Either Lying to You or Just Plain Stupid!

Sorry to be so blunt, great resumes don’t get you
jobs, what cover letters and resumes do is get someone to call
you about a possible job interview. If you blow it at the
preliminary phone or on-sight interview, than nothing short of
divine intervention will get you the job.

Some people say that the resume is the most important
part of the job-changing process, while others say it’s the cover
and even others say it’s the interview. The truth is that
they are all right and wrong!

It’s like asking …which is more important in a car, the
brake pedal, the gas pedal or the steering wheel. Obviously you need
all three to get you from point A to point B.

You see, there
are different phases of every job search
. Each phase has a
“door” that needs to be opened to get to the next phase. In order to
open each door, you need a
special “key”.
In addition, you need a completely different
key to open each door.

The fact that
you’ve made it through 4 out of the 5 doors (cover letter, resume,
interview, thank you letter) is meaningless
if you can’t open up the final door (negotiating).

Not only
do you have to use the right keys, but also you need to use them in
the correct order.

In other words being great at interviewing does you no
good, if your resume and cover letter doesn’t get a second look.

On the other hand, having a great resume and cover letter, may
get you an interview, but if you don’t know the secrets of
successful interviewing, it all ends there.

  The StreetSmart Job Changing System©
provides you
with all the right keys AND in the right order.

Let’s Take a Closer Look
At Each Manual

StreetSmart Cover Letters

First Impressions Count – Use This Underutilized Tool &

71 Pages of
Powerful Strategies

Resume Writing-Resume Cover Letter


Select from over 60 of
the most effective and time-tested pre-written
for cover


Choose from 17
carefully selected
call-to-action closings that get hiring managers to call.


5 things you need to
keep in mind when writing a cover letter


Cover letter samples
and examples – the best of the best!


Cover letter format –
what works and what doesn’t.


8 things you must NEVER write
in your cover letter.


 Cover letter dissection – the 4
sections you CANNOT DO WITHOUT


Learn one of THE
biggest secrets of the cover letters. This one thing is
noticed more than any other part of the letter yet it is
almost never used by 98% of all job hunters


You’ll learn how to become an
Instant Qualified Candidate.  In less than 30
minutes, I’ll open your eyes to one of THE biggest
opportunities to get noticed quickly that you’ve ever seen –
and it is one of the easiest to do!


StreetSmart Resumes

Lock and Load – It’s
“Show and Sell” Time.

Jam-Packed Pages

Resume Writing-Resume Cover Letter

How to make your resume read like

their job description was written just for you.

Over coming Special Situations:

  • Too young

  • Too old

  • Not enough experience

  • Job hoppers

  • Currently un-employed

  Different resume

  • Overview of each

  • Who should use each type

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of each


Resume formatting checklist – 9
things you absolutely MUST do.


Resume dissection – the 12
sections you CANNOT DO WITHOUT.


5 bright ideas GUARANTEED to
get your cover letter and resume noticed.


Creating your UPAs – Unique
Personal Attributes.


The best resume ever written (OK, so I’m bragging!)


70 job search, cover letter
and resume tips, tricks and secrets learned the hard way.


How to get your resume and
cover letter to match so close to what the company is
looking for, that you seem like to ONLY obvious candidate.


The myths and realities – which is
more important? The cover letter or the resume.


 StreetSmart Interviews

Want to Impress Anyone and Everyone? –
I’ll Show You How.

31 Pages of Great Interview

Resume Writing-Resume Cover Letter


Interviewing techniques –
answering tough questions and asking effective ones


Answers to  26
of the toughest interview questions you’ll be asked.


60 insightful
questions to ask potential employers.


10 insider secrets guaranteed
to let you control the interview. This is powerful!


7 things that I guarantee 95%
of the interviewees WON’T do that will make you stand out.


How the screening process really
works? Understand this and you are ahead of 98% of everyone
who answers an ad.


The 9 things that turn off a
hiring manager.


StreetSmart Thank You Letters

They Don’t Just Say Thanks, They Say
Hire Me!

46 Pages of Effective Letters
You Can “Steal”

Resume Writing-Resume Cover Letter


Want to impress the hiring company?  To do
that you must be creative, professional and timely.
StreetSmart  Thank You Letters will turn you into a


These are time tested, kick-butt letters and
strategies are sure to impress even the toughest people.


17 pre-written StreetSmart Thank
You Letters© designed to WOW even the toughest hiring


43 template paragraphs that you
can mix and match to create your own impactful StreetSmart
Thank You Letter©.


StreetSmart Negotiating

Find Out How to Get
Paid What You’re Worth and More!

17 Pages of Powerful
Negotiating Secrets

Resume Writing-Resume Cover Letter


There are dozens of
things that make up a total compensation package – now is
not the time to settle. It’s time to get smart, Street


33 different things you
can negotiate for  – it’s not just salary!


Real Negotiating
that have been successfully used to get an increase in
salary, vacation and even severance pay.


How to evaluate multiple
job offers – Job Offer Evaluation Worksheet.


4 pre-written job
acceptance letters for different situations


It’s Unlike Anything You’ve
Ever Seen or Read

“The Best
Investment I Ever Made”

The StreetSmart Job Changing System is everything
you said it was and more. This is the best investment I ever

The cover letter and resume templates could not
have been easier to use. They made me look great and feel more
confident. I used the interview “secrets” and “Aced” it. Thank
you, thank you, thank you.

Harley H. – Georgia

“I Am
Happier Now Than I Have Been In Years!”

A friend of mine had used your
program and got a great job in a few weeks. So I figured I had
nothing to loose. I can sum up the results in one word…WOW.

I am happier now than I have
been in years. My new company loves my work and I finally feel
appreciated. In addition, the negotiation section got me a
substantial raise plus a company car.


Debra G. – Missouri

Reading Your Book, I Got Inspired!”

I felt trapped for so long in a
job I hated.

After reading your book though,
I got inspired. Well, I got what I wanted. Not only do I have
a new job, but I have gone back to school too.

The StreetSmart program
especially the workbook did the trick for me. I couldn’t have
done it without you.

Phil S. – California

How Are These Books Different
Than the
Other Books On the Market?

Almost every other program out there today just
concentrates on one aspect of a job search  – resume or cover letter
or interviewing, etc.

StreetSmart Job Changing System© is with you EVERY step of the way
including the cover letter, resume, interview, thank you letter and

Check this out – most cover letter and resume
books on the market today are 100+ pages. Sounds pretty impressive
right? Unfortunately they have only 20 pages of advice and 80 pages
of look-alike resumes and outdated cover letters.

Then there are other books that take up space by sharing
boring or useless “real life” stories or before and after
resume and cover letter examples.

These are just used to increase the page
count and add to the “book weight” giving the appearance of being

Who needs all that? Frankly, most people skip over
these parts because it is not usually relevant to their situation.

What you need is one great resume and one great cover
. What you need is someone to sift through all of the coal to
find the diamonds.

That’s what I’ve done for you. I’ve read the books and
taken the best of the best and combined it with the Street Smart
secrets I’ve learned and developed and condensed it all into one jam-packed
system designed to
get you where you want to go faster and easier.

What I’ll teach you is the same system that I’ve taught
people just like you from all over the USA for the past 10 years.
Even people with mediocre skills and experience went on to get jobs
they never dreamed they’d be able to get.

Why Does it Seem So Hard to
a Good Job?

Because most job searchers are using old and outdated
they learned years ago. The job market and the
competition has changed, and so does your method of finding a job.
Finding the job you want is not going to be easy, but don’t make it
any harder than it has to be. Let The StreetSmart Job Changing

Why Can’t I Just Use One of
Those Resume Writing Services?

Because your resume is SO important, many experts suggest
that you write it yourself versus using a resume writing service.
I’d like to add something else.

Don’t just copy someone else’s
resume format, style and content and think it is going to work for
because it worked for him/her.

The problem with letting someone else do your job search
or write your cover
and resume for you is that it does not reflect your own style
and probably won’t match cover letters and thank you letters that
you’ll end up writing later on.

This adds to the hiring manager’s confusion. And one
thing you DO NOT want to do is confuse or give the hiring manager
ANY doubt that you are the right person for the job.

resumes and cover letters DO NOT get you jobs, they get you

And unlike some of the so-called “professional” cover
and resume writers out there today who have never had to use
their own work to get a job, everything contained in The
StreetSmart Job Changing System©
has proven successful for me
and countless others time and time again.

By writing your own resume and cover letter, you bring
out more of who you really are, your unique personality, not an off
the shelf, over used copy of someone else’s.

But The Ad Didn’t Ask For A
Cover Letter, Do I Really Need One?

Absolutely, Positively YES. If you really want to
get the job you’re looking for, you MUST have a great cover letter.
It comes with the job-hunting “territory”.

Think of it this way. If
you try to “cut corners” during the job-hunting process, the
impression that you’ll give hiring company is that you’ll “cut
corners” after you are hired.

OK, By Now, You’re Probably
Wondering What This is Going to Cost You. Right?

Before I delight you with the answer, let me ask you
this? How much do you spend a week on: Gas? Coffee? Lunch? Beers after work?.
For less than what you payout for just one of these, you could be
well on your way to landing the job you want.


Let’s Sweeten The Offer Just a
Little Bit First:

Well, it’s really quit simple.  Since you are downloading these
manuals directly from my own internet website, I have no inventory
to stock.  There’s no shipping and handling fees and no
fulfillment center costs. 

And since so much of my business comes
from referrals, I have very little advertising costs.   All this means that I can pass along my cost savings to you. 

Make no mistake…just
because I’m selling this system for only $17 don’t think it’s content to be of
lesser value.  Not so. 

In fact, I challenge anyone to find a
flaw in this system or find something I’ve left out!  I
over-deliver on every single promise I’ve made here today.

My friends in the business and other associates think I’m crazy for
offering these manuals at such a low price when they are charging
from $500 to $1500 for “similar” programs.

Let’s face it, anyone who’s not serious enough about changing their
job to
invest $17 into this
valuable resource isn’t going to take the time to use the methods
laid out in these manuals anyway.


So go ahead, put down the price of a weeks worth of Lattes and invest in this
resource.   You really can’t afford NOT to.

You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in
the letter, you’re seriously interested in improving your current
job situation.  All that’s left to do is take action.

Video For The StreetSmart Job Changing System.

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