The Soccer Live Betting System – 10 Winning Strategies

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You won’t find such a comprehensive soccer live betting system anywhere else!

Finally, The Money Making Live Betting Secret Revealed …

In Just 3 Hours Of Live Betting, I’ve Made A Cool Profit Of $1,226.50 With 100% Correct Bets.

Making a killing in the live betting market is simple …

“The Soccer Live Betting System – 10 Winning Strategies”,

you’ll have at your finger tips, all the live betting
secrets to win money on every match day!

The system has been
incredible results.

You Can Also “Crack” the
Soccer Live Betting Market And Make the “Big Bucks”



Being a purchaser of
the author’s ‘101 Blueprint For Profitable Football
Betting’, I was asked to test out these 10 live
betting strategies. I was initially skeptical about
another system as some earlier ones I had bought did
not produce satisfactory result. However, I am an
addict in live betting and decided to put the system
to the test. After trying just two of the
strategies, in just one night, I managed to place
three bets and won $680
. This book is a clear
winner. Your system is worth every cent.

Lewis Landon, UK

Yes! You can also “crack” the soccer live
betting market … You can achieve it … because with these 10 winning strategies,
profitable live betting isn’t really that
hard, once you know what to look out for!

Wait … Before You Continue

In just minutes…

You can download this FREE Report “The
Midweek Strategy”

You can download this 18 page FREE TIP
to make money in your live betting.

“THE MIDWEEK STRATEGY” is one of the 10
winning strategies in this ultimate

Just fill In Your Name And Email To Download
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will never be sold or shared. I hate spam
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“The Midweek Strategy” can be sent to you.

ATTENTION : ALL Soccer Live Bettors!

Ever wonder why some punters win every time at live betting, and others fail most of the time?

Do these winning live bettors just have better luck?

Do these winning live bettors know more about the sport?
Do these winning live bettors know something you don’t?

The truth is, these winning punters don’t have better
knowledge or luck, they have a money making live betting system!

(*Live Betting is also known as in-running betting, in-play betting, in-game betting and running ball)

Well, NOW you can find out all about this powerhouse live
betting system that is guaranteed to skyrocket your betting
fortune … forever.

“How To Crank Up Your Live Betting Profits Anytime…
Any League… Any Soccer Tournament,
even if you’re a Complete Beginner!”

What you’re about to explore will put thousands of $$$ into
your pocket … on every betting day…

Dear Fellow Soccer Punters

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

How many times have you encountered these scenarios?

Scenario 1

Your targeted Team A playing at Home is one goal down. You immediately bet them to equalise as you consider this a
valuable live betting god-send opportunity. But alas! Not long after you placed the bet, Team A conceded another goal.
They are now two goals down. As Team A is your original targeted team, you betted them again and even doubled up
your stake. But in the end, Team A did not score any goal. You lost both bets.

“Oh No … Not Again!?”

Scenario 2

You betted Home team X which gave the Away team an Asian
Handicap headstart of 0.5 goal. Team X scored a goal and
you’ve got a good feeling about the match. When the AH
becomes 0-0.5, you betted Team X again. Why? Because
you’ve a very good feeling. But after you placed the
second bet, the scenario changed. The Away team started
attacking ferociously while Team X seemed content to
just sit back and defend their one goal lead.
Unfortunately, the Away team equalised. You also lost
both bets.

“That’s $$$ Down The Drain … Why Does This Keep Happening??”

It’s really irritating and frustrating, right?

WHAT WENT WRONG for the live
bettors in the above two scenarios?

In the live betting market, the moving
odds tell a story
. From the odds changes,
the live bettor must be able to “read the game”
look out for money making indicators on the “EXACT”
time to bet, and also the time to “EXIT” the bet,
when necessary.


Yes, if you’re one of the many thousands of frustrated live bettors who have not been winning consistently,
you’ve come to the Right Place.

I want you to know how easy it is to make money
in soccer live betting IF ONLY YOU KNOW HOW!


YES, There is!

And exactly what does this live betting money making
tool do?

This winning tool teaches you the EXACT winning time
to bet, and also the time to EXIT, when there are
warning signals.

This KNOW HOW is the difference
between a winning live bettor, and one who isn’t.

You’ll be surprised to know most punters don’t know
exactly when to place
the live bets and when to
, that is, when to reverse the bets or cut
loss, to prevent more bleeding.

You see, identifying the indicators is not enough …
you’ll also need to identify WHEN to capitalise and
maximise the live betting opportunities.

How Would You Like To Completely Transform Your Live
Betting Business?

How Would You Like To Earn Consistent Income From The
Comfort Of Your Home?

If you answer YES
to any of the above questions, then … just give me 3
minutes, I’ll show you how you can make
consistent profit from these 10 simple but incredibly
effective winning strategies
nobody else has

Here’s the PROOF that I “walk the
walk” and not just doing the “talk the talk”… Take a
look at the cast-iron proof of this success. In just 3
hours of live betting, I’ve made a cool profit of
$1,226.50 with 100% correct bets.

Take note that for No. 7 on a bet on Serbia U17, the
screenshot shows a loss of $150. This is NOT a loss as
applying the “Reversal Of Bet Strategy”,
actions were
taken to reverse the earlier bet of $300 staked on
Serbia U17. Three bets totalling $400 (refer Nos. 9, 10
& 11) were wagered on Serbia U17’s opponent Finland U17.
And all the three bets won. This damage limitation
strategy has been successful.

This is unbelievable but true. This is the
ultimate live betting money making tool. By using the 10
strategies in this system, you’ll discover how to
identify highly profitable live bets, and how to fully
exploit them for maximum profit.

Live Betting is a very profitable market. The
main difference between live bets and normal bets is the
punters can gauge how the match unfolds. There are
countless money making opportunities on every betting

BUT… majority
of the punters lose money because
they do not have a
game plan.

Simply, they were
Unprepared to grab these money making
opportunities. Unprepared to read and react to the
danger signs.

This is why I can guarantee you these
10 dead-simple,
super-profitable tested and proven strategies can start
pouring $$$ in your live betting investment.

Do Not Bet Away Your Hard-Earned $$$ WITHOUT First
Having This Winning System ?Your Answer To Consistent

Winning in live betting is not just for the super-smart
punter or super-lucky bettor. Everyone can do it
and you’ll be surprised how easy it really can be.


Astonishing … I never knew there were so
many opportunities to profit on a betting day. I’ve
placed 21 bets with 19
It was so easy to apply your
strategies. I can see the whole live betting picture
clearly. You are
fantastic to figure it out.
Thanks for asking
me to test your system.?

Dominik Gilbert, Germany


It surprises me that I’m selected to test out
your strategies as I’m a newbie. And I’ve many
questions about such type of betting. Thanks for
your patience. It amazes
me that someone who is so busy would take the time
to answer my questions so patiently
. And as a
starter, I do have many questions. Keep up the great
work and many thanks for all the useful information
and winning articles in your emails.

Alexio Baptiste, Greece

Winning at live betting
isn’t hard at all … once you know what to look out

It all boils down to
recognising and interpreting the money making

I already know that, you would say.

But can you really? Can you really
pinpoint exactly
to place a bet, exactly when
to exit a bet.

Owning These 10 Strategies Means That YOU Will Win
Loads Of $$$ On Every Betting Day!

With this ultimate
live betting winning system
, all you
need to do is to understand
and interpret the
indicators that the odds are telling you … and
just bet accordingly, and see your profits skyrocketing!

These indicators are
profit opportunities for YOU

BUT you must know how
to spot them to take profitable actions.

The motivational guru Anthony Robbins’ genius lies in
his ability to model the behaviours and emotions of
successful people. The same can be applied to football
betting. Success is

If you want to be
successful in live betting, find someone who achieved
the results you want, and copy what he does, and you’ll
achieve the same results.

Discover How To Look For The
Most Profitable

Entry And Exit Indicators

The answer is right there on the monitor screen!

Just think … How much would the know-how of these
10 powerful strategies be worth to you as a serious live
bettor? A whole lot, I would think.

Let’s be honest here … how many betting books and
systems have actually provided you with real value? How
many have made a positive impact to your betting

“The Soccer Live
Betting System (10 Winning Strategies) is

THE Latest And Ultimate Live Betting System Book

You’ll Ever Get On The Live Betting Market

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve also started
my betting career by buying numerous books and systems.
The common problems I faced are … Either it’s too
complicated to understand, or there’s just too much
“fluff?and too little “meat? for example, in a 17 page
book, only 5 pages are of true substance and value. My
guess is most of you have the same experience.

In writing this system, I realise that any learning
material must be presented in a
straight-forward and
format. No unnecessary jargon and complication. Just
call a spade a spade. Everyone knows what is a spade.

And that’s why I’ve spent thousands of hours compiling,
organising and condensing every winning tip I know in
soccer live betting into
10 easily understood strategies

so that you’ll be able to immediately implement and
profit from the system.

Do Not Bet Live Until
You Get Your Hands On This

Money Making Live Betting System With 10 Winning

I promise you. You won’t have to re-read paragraph to
paragraph trying to follow what I’m explaining.
Everything is written simply and clearly.

You’ll find nothing vague at all. You don’t need a
towering IQ or any special ability to master the

This book is unlike
any you could find anywhere.

If You Keep
Losing Money In Live Betting … Stop It!

I’ve also been through the stage where everything seems
a waste of time … I’ve been there and I know the
feeling … nothing seems to work … where you can’t
see the “light at the end of the live betting tunnel?

But I’ve Lighted Up Your
Live Betting Tunnel For You! You Just Simply Need To …

YES, you just simply need to follow the
strategy and start making serious $$$

If you’ve read this letter to this point, then you’re
clearly interested in wanting to know how to win
consistently in live betting.

Here Is Your Answer!

These 10 strategies come
complete with STEP-BY-STEP screenshots showing you
EXACTLY how to find the best times to enter and exit the

Remember, the key to your success is right in front of
you. All you’ve to do is to reach out and grab the
secret. So download now and start winning!

Here To Order … WIN Your Live Bets Now!<<

In just minutes, you will be downloading …

incredible 108 page book containing :

  • 10 tested and proven winning live
    betting strategies icon such as Midweek
    Strategy, Last 10 Minutes Strategy,
    Generous Handicap Strategy, to name a

    These 10 strategies will surely
    transform your live betting bottom-line
    as there are betting opportunities to
    profit on EVERY betting day.

  • How the odds
    tell a story in live betting. The
    ability to “decode the odds and read the
    game?is the recipe for live betting
  • How do the
    bookmakers fix the odds before the game.
  • How do the
    bookmakers fix the odds during each live
  • How does
    match fixing affect normal bets.

  • How does match fixing affect live bets.
  • The money
    making difference between a system for
    normal bets and a system for live bets.
  • Discipline in
    using the system to ensure you do utmost
    to maximize profit and to stay solvent
    in your betting business. It is all
    about steady growth. So consistency is
    the key.
  • The
    principles of efficient Money
    Management. The key to becoming a
    successful bettor is to manage your
    betting money well. Having this
    knowledge will allow your profits to
    grow consistently, and at the same time
    greatly limiting the risk in every bet.
  • The Punter’s
    Psychology ?The Mindset. Even with a
    proven fantastic system, a punter with
    the incorrect mindset will usually have
    poor performance. Once the betting
    strategies have been established, a
    major factor that will determine your
    success is psychological.
  • Every
    Punter’s Worst Emotions ? Fear And
    Greed. In betting, being too fearful can
    be just as costly as being too greedy.
    But one thing is sure. Anytime we let
    these two emotions control our betting
    decision, it means TROUBLE …

  • Possible Live Betting Traps And
    Problems. Be alerted to the various
    traps and problems to avoid wagering on
    the wrong bets.

  • And much, much, more …

So, from this 108 page ebook, you will receive …

  • 10 money making live betting secrets. That’s right.
    NOT 1 but 10 ROCK SOLID strategies that are
    guaranteed to produce a constant stream of winning
    for you.

    The STEP-BY-STEP screenshots will show you exactly
    how to find the best times to place a bet, and to
    exit a bet, that is, when to cut loss to minimize
    the damage.

    Nothing will be
    left out.
    Even if you are a green
    novice, you can start from scratch and build up your
    soccer business. With these 10 strategies, you’ll be
    amazed to see the $$$ results.

  • Besides showing you how to fish out profitable live
    bets on each game day from the 10 winning
    strategies, the
    book also comprehensively covers the elements of
    money management, the mindset and emotional traps of
    fear and greed
    . These are
    “must-read” and “must-have” elements which are
    essential to your punting success.

    It is shocking how good punters are undone by their
    lack of proper money management, poor emotional
    control and ill discipline. I can assure you that
    these elements are as important to your
    profitability as predicting the winner.

  • This 108 page ebook
    also cover all the intricacies on live
    betting which you may be curious to know but may not
    know how and where to search for them
    for example, do you know how the bookmakers fix the
    odds while the game is being played, do you know the
    effect of match fixing on the live bets, etc.

If you’ve not been winning
consistently at live betting, it should be obvious that
you’re doing something wrong. You’re not capitalising
and maximising on the in-running opportunities. Please
don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be judgemental.

If you don’t have these 10 winning strategies,
making money in live betting will be like running

Just Listen To Those
Who’ve Bought This System, and Now

Own Their Personal Machine That Prints Them

$$$ On Demand, Practically On Every Betting Day


I’ve lost quite a fair bit betting live and
have sworn NOT to bet again. But your email
convinced me to test out this new live betting
system. I made $230 for the first time in a long
while. Within 2 weeks, I’ve managed to recover most
of my lost capital. Wish I had found this book

Aaidan Smitch, Australia


Your strategies are well written, concise and
very simple to understand and apply.
The screenshots bring
the betting scenario completely to life.
book has made me look at the live betting market in
a different perspective.
Now I’ve achieved the skill of recognizing the
signals and I can see the matches developing in line
with the scenario depicted in the book.
I’ m
so glad to have found a money making avenue. Thanks
for letting me test out the strategies. Take care.

Mac Worth, Scotland

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Being a greenhorn, I was initially hesitant
to accept your invitation to test out the strategies
as I thought it would be beyond me to understand the
complicated business of in-running betting. But
your strategies are so
clearly explained that it took a lot of guesswork
out of the decision making
. I can now
identify the betting opportunities and know where
the action may be heading.This book is really an
eye-opener. I never knew
there’s such a winning system hidden in the odds

Marcel Schneider, Austria


This system is simply amazing.
Winning $2350 in the
space of a weekend speaks wonders!
I’m also
killing two birds with one stone ? combining the two
things I love most : soccer and winning money.
Thanks for inviting me to be one of the testers to
try out the strategies.

Ryan Dunston, UK

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Eight Good Reasons Why You Should Not Hesitate

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    Level Of Punter

    This incredible system
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  2. No Renewal Or
    Replacement Needed

    The system just keeps
    on working and keeps on rolling in the $$$ for
    you. No renewal or replacement is needed.
    10 years
    from now, it’ll still be churning out money for
  3. It’s Yours For A

    Just one payment to
    make and the system is yours
    to use and
    profit for your entire life.
  4. It’s Easy To
    Understand And Apply

    All the 10 strategies
    are clearly
    that anyone can easily
    understand and use. No tedious analysis
  5. It’s Fast

    You can
    these 10 strategies
    after spending just
    a few minutes
    to understand the
  6. Never Before Revealed

    There is
    no such
    comprehensive live betting system available
  7. Unlimited “FREE
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    You’ve “FREE”
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    I’m so confident that
    “The Soccer Live Betting System ?10 Winning
    Strategies?will transform your live betting
    business that I’ll give you my personal
    60-day 100%
    No-Questions-Asked Full Money-Back Guarantee.

My Personal 100% Iron-Clad

Money-Back Guarantee

Your success in using these 10 winning live
betting strategies is completely guaranteed. If
you don’t win with my system, if following my 10
strategies doesn’t make you a winner at the end
of 60 days, then I don’t want your money. It’s
that simple.

That’s right. You’ve got a full 60 days to
prove to yourself these live betting strategies
really work. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied,
let me know within 60 days and I’ll give you a
FULL, no hassle refund. And you’ll get to keep
the free bonuses!

NO Ifs, NO Ands, NO
Buts …

Nope, Just Laughing All The Way To The Bank

For The Smart Live Bettor

Like many others, you probably have a number of
questions about this system. Here are 3
of the most commonly asked questions. I hope my answers
will give you a better understanding of
what you can expect :


Can I use your
system for minor leagues and reserves matches?


Yes, you can use the system profitably in
any league,
any soccer
tournament like the world cup
, and
any event,
whether big or small.


Is Your System


The system is not
whatsoever. It does not
manipulate the odds or try to influence the outcome of


If Your System Is So
Good, Why Are You Selling It So Cheap?


Because I want every punter out there
to profit from this winning system and
It is very rewarding to me to see
punters turn their betting bottom-line around and
achieve financial success.

Okay, So What’s The
Cost For This Incredible System With 10 Strategies

This amazing system book is easily worth many
thousands of $$$. I could very well charge
$150, and this will
still be a crazy price for the profits you’re going to
make …

But I won’t.

I figured $100 would be fair, considering you could
easily win the amount on a single betting day…
But I won’t

…because I want you to jump on this
opportunity without any

Instead :

You’ll Only Need To Invest A Small ONE-TIME


No, I haven’t lost my sanity…there’re a few reasons for this cheap price

  • I want to show EVERYONE this is the ultimate live
    betting money making tool …
  • I want the word to spread out as fast as
    possible …
  • I want to create a great name for this
    system …
  • And most importantly, I want every punter out
    there to profit from the system as I do on EVERY

I want this system to be affordable at
$50 so

no punter will lose out having the chance to

win from these 10 winning strategies.

This special one time price of
will be available

After that, I cannot promise … I may raise
the price back to the fair price of $100, or
even $150.

So, Grab Your Copy Now, While This Special
Price Of $50 Is Still Available.

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The money you’ll
win as a result of these 10 proven live
betting strategies can easily pay you back
100s or maybe 1000s times of your meagre

Most punters indulged in live betting for years, and
still struggle to win consistently.
Do You Want To Be
One Of Them?

You can choose right now.

YES, The choice is at your fingertips.
The choice that will shape your live betting business

whether you move forward or fall behind?

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$50 is just a painless drop in your pocket compared to
the $$$ you’re going to roll in having the winning

YES, I Want To Start Making Consistent Profits

In Live Betting NOW!

I want to grab this opportunity to pay only
$50. I do not want to wait a minute longer and kick
myself later when the price increases to $100, or
even $150 later on!

Everyday you
hesitate is a
missed opportunity.

Everyday you put
off ordering is a day you could have won
many live bets.

This is THE
step-by-step live betting system book with
10 winning strategies you’ll need … Just
follow the steps to make some serious

If any time within the next 60 days
you are not 100% satisfied with your
purchase, we will immediately make a refund
to you, no questions asked. And you get to
keep the three free bonus gifts just for
your trouble.

“The Soccer Live Betting System – 10 Winning
Strategies” comes in ebook format. eBooks are simply
books available in digital format. They are ordered
online and delivered instantly to your computer.
“The Soccer Live Betting System – 10 Winning
Strategies” can be downloaded in just seconds and
accessed on any PC or Apple computer.

The choice is yours!

Now, you COULD
do what most punters do … spend thousands on books and
systems, and end up as one of the 95% who do not win
consistently …

you could put money in your
and achieve the financial success in your live betting

If you seriously want to win consistently, you simply
need to ACT NOW
while this

special price of $50
is still available.

If you’ve any doubts or questions,
PLEASE feel free to
contact me at
. I would be
most delighted to make your acquaintance and be of
service to you.

My goal is to help you to make money at football
betting, and enjoy winning and laughing all the way to
the bank.


Stanley O

Quitters never win and Winners never quit?


Remember, with my 100% satisfaction guarantee, I’ll be
the one taking all the risks for the next 60 days.
You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click Here to download Right Now!


Don’t “put ordering off?and come back tomorrow to find
the price has risen to $100.
Act Now before it’s too late.


Start punting like a winner instead of just
thinking about it. Remember,
profitable live betting isn’t really that hard, once you
know what to look out for
! That’s serious money
to be made.

All you’ve to do is reach out and grab the
opportunity. So order and
download now
and start winning.

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