The Shoestring Gardener – Frugal Eco-friendly Gardening Tutorial

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100’s Of Wonderfully Frugal, Eco-Friendly and Highly Resourceful Ideas, Techniques and Tricks with Detailed Instructions for Just About Everything Having to Do with Gardening

Do You Enjoy Gardening?

Are You Interested in Learning New Ways to be More Creative

In All Aspects of Caring & Tending for Your Garden?

Well then, let me show you how you can:

Dramatically Increase the Quality & Fertility of Your Garden Soil

Use Awesome Homemade Soil Amendments

Grow Robust Organic Vitamin Rich Vegetables for a Healthier Diet

Learn the Ins and Outs of Successfully Growing Tasty Organic Produce

S..T..R..E..T..C..H  Your Family’s Budget

This Book is Packed with Oodles of Cost Saving Methods and Techniques

Protect Your Family’s Wellbeing & Health

Eliminate the Use of Toxic Fertilizers and Pesticides by Making

All-Natural, Affordable, Effective, Homemade Preparations

Save Lots of Money on Garden Tools & Gadgets

Become a Conscientious Recycler!

I’ll Show You Ways to Repurpose a Multitude of Items for Gardening Use

That Would Normally End Up in a Recycling Bin

And finally ….

Do You Love DIY Garden Projects?

This Book is Full of Creative and Inventive Ideas

That People of All Ages and Skill Levels Can Do!

A Compendium of Hundreds of Eco-Friendly,

Creatively Frugal Gardening How-Tos, Remedies & Tips

The Shoestring Gardener

Whether you’re a novice or well-seasoned gardening enthusiast, I’ve put together a how-to guide that is brimming over with hundreds of creative ways to save money in all aspects of caring and tending for your the garden. I’ve also made sure to keep an emphasis on providing environmentally friendly and non-toxic gardening techniques, methods and procedures throughout the book.

In this information packed book you will be shown how to become a more successful and eco-conscious gardener while saving lots of money at the same time. The readers of my book will benefit from my years and years of extensive research on gardening techniques; from my participation in Master Gardener training; from my continuing attendance in a multitude of gardening workshops; and of course from my love for reading lots of gardening related articles and books.

Everything I’ve written about in The Shoestring Gardener has been pre-tested by me – though trial and error in my own garden. Believe me … I am constantly on the lookout for new ways, ideas and methods to find simple and easy solutions to my gardening problems. And I’ve passed these on in The Shoestring Gardener.

My focus is always geared towards finding new ways to have the healthiest, happiest flowers and veggies possible while using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly methods. I also like to see if I can discover a way to streamline a gardening task or chore so that I don’t have to put in as much back-breaking effort as is sometimes necessary!

Anyone of Any Age or Skill Level Can Start Putting the Information in this Book to Use Today!

Whether you’re young or old, super handy with tools or almost all-thumbs … it doesn’t matter! I’ve presented the projects and techniques in The Shoestring Gardener in a way that allows for almost anyone to be successful. But, if you’re very adept with building and making things – as example you happen to be quite handy with woodworking tools – then you’ll see right away how you can tweak a project and embellish it because of your advanced knowledge of craftsmanship. But rest assured, I wrote this book for those of us who don’t have a garage full of tools or extensive construction abilities … and this includes me! I’m not super handy with building things, but I can follow easy directions and I am semi-creative. So if I can do it … I KNOW you can too!

Honestly, none of the projects, recipes or other information that you’ll read in my book are difficult to do, nor is anything complicated. Nope! I’ll show you easy doable ways to not only improve your results in the garden in an environmentally friendly way but also how to be a clever and frugal gardener too. Gardening isn’t supposed to be tedious and tiresome work, though at times it might be. Rather, gardening should be a way for us to relax and enjoy ourselves no matter what the task is that we’re engaged in, to help us get our minds off the trials and tribulations of daily life, and to get closer with nature.

Whether you’re brand new to eco-friendly and frugal gardening

and want to learn all about it;

or you love to learn new DIY garden projects;

or you just love to putter around in your garden …

everyone will enjoy this book!

Not Eco-Conscious Yet? Would You Love to Learn How to Repurpose More Recyclables?

I’ve written this book with a focus on how to be a responsible recycler – we must work together to help Mother Earth not become a vast dumping ground! With so many of us wisely becoming more and more budget minded in all areas of our life, it’s not difficult at all to save a considerable amount of money in our gardening pursuits if you follow the helpful creative tips and instructions found in The Shoestring Gardener.

And really, it’s so easy to be a “shoestring gardener”. Sometimes homemade is much better than “store bought”.

Money Isn’t Everything, but Creativeness, Resourcefulness and Ingenuity Is!

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Frugal-minded Pricing Just for YOU – Only $10.95!

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You are purchasing an electronic PDF book – you will download it to your computer or eReader device.

I’m proud that not one single tree was killed to make this book! It’s 100% eco-friendly!

Just what does The Shoestring Gardener have to offer?

I’ll tell you! Here’s a sampling of the terrific information you’ll find:

  • Learn how to greatly improve your garden soil beyond belief with simple, very easy methods. Nutrient and microbe-rich soil produces happy vigorous plants! You’ll have healthier veggies and fruit that contain more nutrients, flowering plants that give you more and bigger blossoms, and your trees and shrubs will benefit from richer soil as well.
  • Stretch your food-dollars by learning how to plant a vegetable garden that includes seeds or cuttings taken directly from the produce you’ve purchased at the grocery store or farmers market. You don’t have to spend another penny to do this! Even apartment dwellers can have a mini veggie garden using cuttings or seeds from store bought produce.
  • Extend your growing season by building a cold frame or row cover from free or almost-free reclaimed materials so you can start to garden earlier than the normal spring planting date or after the normal fall planting date for your zone.
  • You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on (often expensive) gardening tools and equipment. I’ve included lots of easy-to-do DIY projects that will save you lots of money. Learn how to make a multitude of very useful garden tools and other implements from materials and items that normally end up being discarded in the trash or the recycling bin.
  • Stop bugs, pests and destructive garden critters from destroying your plants and lawn by using safe non-toxic remedies! Don’t use unhealthy chemicals and pesticides to fight your war on garden pests! I’ve included a large assortment of simple to make, highly effective non-toxic sprays, drenches, and dusts that address about every destructive bug and critter you’ll probably have to deal with. Most of the recipes use ingredients that are more than likely sitting in your kitchen cupboard. You’ll save a lot of money by making your own concoctions and you’ll also be assured that your family and pets are kept safe because they’re not being subjected to harmful chemicals.

  • Learn simple but effective non-toxic methods to help control or eradicate weeds from your lawn and garden.
  • Conserve rain water and greywater for reuse in your garden. City water bills just keep going up and up! Learn how to make your own rain chains and rainwater collection barrel systems from materials that can be reclaimed or purchased very affordably.
  • Learn which insects are wonderful to have living in your garden and which ones aren’t. And learn who eats who! This is just one more non-toxic and organic way to control pest problems. Let Mother Nature give you a helping hand.

  • Make sturdy plant cages and supports using reclaimed materials that will last for many years.
  • Stop throwing out fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps – that’s gold you’re throwing away! I’ll show you all sorts of different, easy-to-do methods to recycle that nutrient rich kitchen waste into an amendment for your garden soil that’s far superior to expensive store-bought products.
  • Learn all the techniques you’ll ever need to know about making loads of FREE compost. Learn how to: make very efficient compost bins; the ins and outs of “cooking” it properly; and how to use it for maximum benefit in your garden. I don’t know of another more eco-conscious and frugal way to help improve our garden soil than by utilizing refuse – “greens” and “browns” – that normally gets thrown out or put down the garbage disposal. I’ve even included information on composting techniques that most people don’t know about!
  • Save money! Learn how easy it is to be more frugal … more eco-conscious … more respectful of Mother Earth. I’ve put it all together in this 300 page comprehensive compendium …

The Shoestring Gardener

Buy Now

I’ve Priced This eBook At A Frugally Low Price of Only $10.95!

Instant Download in ZIP Format


You are purchasing an electronic PDF book – you will download it to your computer or eReader device.

I’m proud that not one single tree was killed to make this book! It’s 100% eco-friendly!

Hundreds of Answers, Remedies, Solutions, Techniques, and How-Tos

For a Multitude of Gardening Obstacles, Dilemmas and Headaches!

Whether you’re using this book as a springboard to learn eco-friendly and more cost-saving ways to enhance your gardening know-how or you’ve got some gardening problems that you want to jump right in and solve … I truly believe you’ll find those answers and more in The Shoestring Gardener.

I do hope I’ll help you to become frugally creative and enthusiastically frugal, that you’ll learn many new ways to approach gardening challenges, and that’ll you’ll really be able to stretch your gardening budget in ways you never thought you could. And I surely hope that I will plant a seed of awareness to be kinder and more considerate to Mother Earth. Within the pages of The Shoestring Gardener I’ve imparted literally hundreds of ideas that should help to spark a greater awareness on how we can be more eco-conscious.

Even if you do something as simple as the next time you’re ready to toss out a plastic jug or container, you wonder instead if there’s a way you can recycle it for a new purpose – such as turning it into a terrific seedling mini-greenhouse or great garden scoop – then rest assured you’ll get two thumbs up from me!

For the Novice or Well-Seasoned Gardening Enthusiast,

Here’s the How-To Guide That Provides You with Hundreds of Creative Ways

To Save Money in All Aspects of Caring & Tending for Your Garden

Your Satisfaction with The Shoestring Gardener eBook

Is 100% Guaranteed & Backed by My

No Questions Asked 60 Day Refund Policy!

Read the eBook at your own pace for a full 60 days from the date of purchase.

If before the end of that 60 day time you aren’t 100% convinced of the quality and usefulness of the information,

simply contact me. I’ll personally make sure you get a prompt refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Eco-Friendly Dusts & Baits to Rid Your Home of Pests

And … as a sincere “Thank You” for purchasing my eBook, I am including a FREE GIFT – a complimentary booklet “Eco-Friendly Dusts & Baits to Rid Your Home of Pests”.

Instead of using toxic sprays or bug bombs, or hiring a professional exterminator to rid your home of unwanted bugs, I show you how to make simple, non-toxic, cheap, and effective dusts and baits that will completely get rid of them. Yes! You’ll be doing you, your family members and your pets a wonderful favor by not resorting to toxic chemical methods.


Order Now and Immediately Begin Discovering

A New Way, A Better Way To Approach All Aspects of Gardening …

Buy Now

Frugal-minded Pricing Just for YOU – Only $10.95!

Instant Download in ZIP Format


You are purchasing an electronic PDF book – you will download it to your computer or eReader device.

I’m proud that not one single tree was killed to make this book! It’s 100% eco-friendly!

Client’s Testimonial

I ran over my good water hose with the mower. It wasn’t the first time. We have miles of water hose at Hungry Holler because we have TWO faucets for 6 acres. Half of those acres require watering from time to time to daily. I will never run over another hose, thanks to The Shoestring Gardener, Claudia F. Brownlie’s fabulously practical new ebook.

I found hose salvation in Chapter 2. Claudia says dig a hole to fit a galvanized tub and store the hose in the tub. A light bulb went off in my head. I saw the beauty of this solution immediately. I am a gardening fiend and only another gardening fiend would come up with this solution. There are a few details, of course, drilling drain holes in the tub being the major one. The solutions and ideas in Claudia’s book are real life-practical and doable on a shoestring. Having a heap of hose in the yard is a pain. You gotta mow around it, move it, mow where it was. With the hose in the tub, you can mow right up to the tub opening. It’s a small thing that’s huge to those of us who are anal about our yards and gardens.

Claudia is a hands on author. I found this out years ago when I turned to her hypertufa books for help. She’s been there. She’s done it. And she writes the book on it.

The ebook is easy to navigate. There are seven chapters on everything from starting and growing plants to making practical garden art. Within each chapter are descriptive links that take the busy gardener right to the chosen subject. I love that. No hunting. No scrolling. I’ve got a head of steam up. My hands are dirty and I want to check something. I go right to it. I find the answer. I complete my project. Then I wash my hands using one of Claudia’s great eco-friendly cleansers (Chapter 5).

I’m visual. The Shoestring Gardener is illustrated with charmingly simple drawings. One glance and the reader sees what the clean writing is describing. I can make a rain chain in my sleep (and have since reading Chapter 4) because I saw it in Claudia’s ebook.

One of my manias is concrete. I’ve read countless articles on making your own concrete garden art. For the most part, they leave me thinking, this person doesn’t have a clue about DYI concrete work. Claudia does. She comes right out and says don’t bother with little dinky batches of concrete made in buckets. Whomp up a whole bag of mix in a wheelbarrow (Chapter 4). It’s easier in the long run, and it’s better to have too much than too little. This is a mortal lock fact.

Making compost. It isn’t that hard. Claudia’s real life recipes and techniques are spot on (Chapter 3). She explains what compost is (amendment to soil) and what it isn’t (fertilizer).

Do not throw away a mousetrap nor old guttering until you read The Shoestring Gardener.

Jan Meng

The Shoestring Gardener

A Compendium of Hundreds of Eco-Friendly,

Creatively Frugal Gardening Techniques, Remedies & Tips

Buy Now

Frugal-minded Pricing Just for YOU – Only $10.95!

Instant Download in ZIP Format


You are purchasing an electronic PDF book – you will download it to your computer or eReader device.

I’m proud that not one single tree was killed to make this book! It’s 100% eco-friendly!

I wish you increased gardening enjoyment, lush flowering plants, bountiful crops, more money saved, more items recycled and repurposed, and a heightened awareness of how you and your family can be more eco-conscious.

All the best,

Claudia F. Brownlie

Claudia F. Brownlie

P.S. Let me give you one more reason why you should buy this book today:

It gives you all the very best advice and information in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know about frugal, eco-conscious, organic gardening methods in one convenient, inexpensive eBook? Click here to purchase today

P.P.S. Still questioning whether this book is right for you? Please contact me to discuss how The Shoestring Gardener can directly benefit you.

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