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Carpet Buying Guide by Alan FletcherDid
You Know?

Most Carpet Warranty Claims Are Denied Because
Homeowners Make
Simple Mistakes That VOID The Manufacturer’s Warranty!

In less than one hour of
easy reading you’ll discover…

  • How
    to choose the Right Carpet for YOU

  • How
    to save time, money and avoid headaches!

  • Learn
    how to keep from making simple yet costly mistakes!

  • How
    to recognize & avoid scams & rip offs!

  • See
    which carpet dealers I recommend near you

  • Ensure
    your Carpet is Installed Properly!

  • How to
    measure your own home for Carpet!

  • Discover
    the secrets to negotiating your best Carpet deal!

  • How
    to care for and maintain your carpet

  • How
    to make your carpet last years longer.

In My 30+ Years…

learned a lot about the carpet business in my lifetime, and
whether you know it or not, YOU are
a major target for Carpet Scams by unscrupulous Carpet Retailers!
Before you buy new carpet, you must be well informed
and do your carpet homework to know how to select The Right Carpet
– at the Right Price, and to Avoid Being Ripped Off! 

Now in my
12th Year Online…

wrote my first carpet buying guide in 1998. Since then I’ve already helped tens of
thousands of internet-savvy homeowners choose new carpet wisely
and save hundreds. I can help you too! Take advantage of my 30 years of Carpet
knowledge & experience and allow me be your carpet buying
guide and advisor. You will Save Time, Money and Headaches!

New Carpet is a
Big Investment!

you have the time, you can surf the internet searching for honest
or accurate carpet information but the problem is, it’s almost
impossible to know what information is worthwhile and what
information is just plain worthless.

Carpet Buying Guide is revised & updated every year. It
contains everything you need to know about buying carpet from
start to finish.

are easy-to-use carpet
shopping forms, room yardage chart, stair yardage chart and
detailed measuring diagrams to help you quickly learn how to measure your home for
carpet yourself. 

do I need your Carpet Buying Guide?”

you are like most homeowners, you want to get the most value for
your money. The cost to carpet a typical 2-bedroom home with a
medium-grade carpet is about $2500. If you choose wisely and care
for it properly it should last about 10 years. Select the wrong
carpet or pad and it could wear easily out in half the time. If
it’s not installed properly it could also wear out very fast. You
can’t afford the let these things happen to you. My carpet Buying
Guide will help you make wise & informed choices. Folks who
have ordered and read my ebook are thankful they did, and I
promise you’ll be glad too. 

peace of mind is worth a whole lot more than
the small price I ask for my ebook so what are you waiting for…Order my ebook now and get started
on your journey to saving money, avoiding scams and learning how
to choose the right carpet & padding for you!

Email Responses…

to sweeten the deal, I will be available to you 24/7 via email anytime you have
carpet questions. You’ll
get my personal advice or opinion about the carpet or padding you
are considering – You can get my professional opinion about your
carpet selections BEFORE YOU BUY! – Expert advice like that is
worth far more than the cost of my ebook!

Back Guarantee…

I’ve kept the price of my eBook low
so every homeowner can take advantage of my knowledge and
experience and benefit from my 30+ back-breaking years in the
carpet business, (it’s
priced less than 1 square yard of cheapo carpet).

So do yourself a favor and order my
carpet buying guide right now and I’ll stand by ready to help make
sure you make wise carpet choices! And remember, your satisfaction
is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Download eBook 

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Reasons To Order Now…

  1. You’ll
    save money in ways you never dreamed possible!

  2. Learn
    3 Simple Ways to Make Your Carpet Last Years

  3. How
    to Avoid Over 17 Common Carpet Scams &

  4. How
    To Measure Carpet Yourself! 

  5. Plus: Stair, Landing & Room
    Yardage & Conversion Charts 

  6. Detailed
    Carpet Shopping Forms to Keep You Organized!

  7. Seven
    Questions You Must Ask Before Buying ANY Carpet!

  8. Learn
    is Best Fiber for You – NYLON or SMARTSTRAND?

  9. Where
    NOT to Buy Carpet! 

  10. Best
    Carpet for Kids &

  11. Best
    Carpet for basements!

  12. Carpet
    Installation Inspection Form – Making sure it’s done right!

  13. How
    to keep from Accidentally Voiding 
    your Carpet Warranty!

  14. And
    So Much More!!!!

is Quick & Easy

after your payment is received you will be instantly redirected
to my special download page. All you have to do is click on
“Download Now” and your ebook will be downloaded
instantly to your computer to view, print or save as you wish.
It is a Adobe PDF format ebook that is simple and easy to read.
You will also receive a “confirmation email” from me
to ensure you have downloaded your ebook successfully and to
provide you with my special email address for any carpet
questions you may have along your carpet buying journey. Click
the BUY NOW button below:

do homeowners have to say…

visitors and satisfied

  • I
    bought your very helpful ebook last year and am finally
    getting around to replacing my carpet. – Don

  • Thank
    you for your advice on buying carpeting.  Your ebook has
    helped me deal with the overwhelming choices. – Ben

  • I
    purchased your book a few months ago and am glad I did. Thanks
    for your insights and advice. – Sarah

  • I
    purchased your Carpet Buying Guide a couple of months ago and
    really learned a great deal from it. – Sharon

  • I
    have read your book inside and out and I truly appreciate it! 
    – Patty

  • We
    purchased your e-book and my wife has been going through it to
    digest all the information. Thank
    you for all your help and information contained in your
    publication.  – Al Barkan

  • I
    have studied the information on your website and purchased
    your e-book.  Thanks for the wealth of information. 
    It has helped immensely to educate me before making a carpet
    purchase.  Much of the information I could not find
    anywhere else. – Larry

  • I
    bought your ebook this week and it has been a great help. 
    – Scott

  • Thank
    you for the phone conversation the other day, it was most
    helpful as well as your guide. – Bill

  • Thanks
    for putting together such a great web site and EBook for
    consumer-oriented carpet information. I was bewildered when we
    started looking for new carpet, but thanks to you I am
    starting to feel like I know what I am doing. – Jeff

  • Thanks
    for the great info in your ebook. I read it, took good notes,
    and  headed for
    the carpet stores. – Ken

  • We
    purchased your online book , lots of good advice!. – Susan

  • Your
    ebook without a doubt saved me hundreds of dollars, let
    alone not allowing me to buy a cheaply made carpet. I found out,
    without your ebook, you more or less go carpet shopping and
    are at the mercy of the carpet salespeople selling you what
    they want to sell you rather than them selling you what you
    want to buy. Thanks a million, or should I say
    “hundreds” – Ken Palmer

  • Your
    book was a great reference 4 years ago when we replaced carpet
    in the basement. – Michael

  • I
    have enjoyed your book, it has helped me a lot.- Bruce

  • Hello,
    my husband and I purchased your E-Book and have appreciated
    all the info. –Jessica

  • Thank
    you so much for writing The Complete Carpet Buying Guide. I
    ordered it over the weekend and eagerly read every page. 
    I learned so much, and I’m grateful to you for making this
    valuable information available to us. – Carolyn

  • Thanks
    so much.  It’s great to be able to get some accurate
    information from someone who really knows their stuff. – Judy

  • I
    read your ebook and I must say that I did learn quite a bit
    about carpet. – Bob

  • Good
    eBook, very informative. – Don

  • I
    found your website this a.m. and I’m very happy that there are
    still good folk out there that is as helpful as you. 
    Thank you!  – Donna

  • Thank
    you for all the great information.  

  • Your
    book just saved me!  I was pressuring my wife to buy
    Berber carpet for our family of 4 (and growing). She asked me
    to research it and I found your ebook.  What a great help
    it is!
    – Victor

Risk Offer!”


Alan, Thanks for the
informative ebook. I had been shopping for carpet for months and with all the confusion provided by the sales
people I was unable to determine who really had the best deal
for me.  Then I found your website purchased your ebook,
read it the same day, and went back to the stores. The sales
guys weren’t ready for my new found knowledge and they had to
refer me to their store manager because they didn’t have the
experience to answer my questions about what they were trying
to sell me.  Thanks to you, I ended up getting a great
deal and peace of mind knowing that the carpet I have is good
quality. Thanks from Tim in Florida. (actual
email from satisfied customer)

Download eBook 

can Print, Save, or Read as often as you wish

Only $14.95


ebook without a doubt saved me hundreds of dollars, let
alone not allowing me to buy a cheaply made carpet. I found out,
without your ebook, you more or less go carpet shopping and
are at the mercy of the carpet salespeople selling you what
they want to sell you rather than them selling you what you
want to buy. Thanks a million, or should I say hundreds” – Ken Palmer

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