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For a LIMITED TIME we have dropped the investment from $1997 to only $197.  Buy NOW before it’s too late.

I used one of the more simpler strategies they teach and saw my client retention rate skyrocket.  This means i now have happier clients who stay longer.  Thank you guys.” – Mike of Espirit Talent Agency

Due to the follow-up system, we’ve been able to cut our refund rate by over HALF which increased our PROFIT HUGE!!!  This by itself makes this product GOLD!

– Daniel of The N.S. Spine Center

There is so much depth in each lesson it’s incredible.  Once i started i didn’t want to get up as i was glued to the info!

– David of The Bradford Holdings Group

For years you could only work 1 on 1 with our firm and as demand has risen, we knew the info we shared with our private client base was changing the way they ran their business which lead to a direct increase in profits.  

For the first time ever, we are putting our proven methods in an online format and teaching them at a fraction of the normal investment.  This information is too good to keep private so for a limited time we are offering them to you.  

It doesn’t need to be a daily struggle just to keep your doors open!  It can be overwhelming for those that try to grow alone.

Maybe you’re stuck and don’t know where to start so your business isn’t reliant on you alone…

Maybe you find yourself working late nights just to play catch up before another day starts…

Maybe you are just one simple strategy away from breaking out to total freedom…

Maybe you feel like you need to just go back to a desk job because it’s more stable…

Maybe you just need the right tools to  change the game…

Ex: Meditate into a relaxed state of being.

Ex: Practice the basic flow of multiple yoga styles.

Ex: Feel your body’s restraints and how to work past them.

Ex: Channel energy to your chakras to open your spirit.

Ex: Speak the basic Sanskrit language every yogi needs.

Ex: Grow your strength gradually, avoiding injury and pain.

Ex: Understand inversion techniques for advanced poses.

Ex: Rehabilitate from various joint and ligament pain.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll gain with this program…

  • Learn how to leverage social media for additional growth.
  • Learn how to remove the risk so clients will buy.
  • Learn how to avoid lawsuits by making your clients the VIP!
  • Learn how to navigate an angry client.
  • Learn the power of the Outcome Based Model
  • Learn to avoid what we call “internal hijacking”.

You don’t have to take our word for it, hear what real business owner’s have to say…

The Business Growth Experts are the real deal.  I had a 1 on 1 session with them and just from that day alone, we covered strategies that i implemented right away and will at least double my revenue this year.  

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[Testimonial ]

I turned to yoga for my back pain and now I can do things I have never before been able to. This is the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself and I don’t know how I lived without it.

This program has opened my eyes to so many methods in growing my revenue that we had never even tapped into…and all were simple to implement.  My only regret in working with these guys was not doing it sooner!

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[Testimonial ]

This is a very enlightening program to go through. It’s caused me to make life changes I never had the courage or mental ability to do, simply by liberating my mind and letting me channel my inner needs.



Thank you so much for putting in such heart and soul into this program. Your energy radiates and is entirely captivating.



Very thorough and comprehensive. Truly is a mind, body and spirit program that will transform you from the inside out.



The support and genuine care in this program is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Exceeded all of my expectations.

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