The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass

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Intentions + Morning & Evening Rituals

I share my personal morning and evening rituals (aka routines), for you to create new powerful morning & evening habits to set you up for a powerful day and good night of sleep that don’t take up much of your precious time. Commit to them for 21 days and see what magic unfolds…

What are dreams

Learn what dreams are through the eyes of modern psychology and mysticism. 

Why are dreams important

Learn why it is vital that you (and we as a society) not only start paying attention to our dreams, but also learn how to utilize this precious tool we are all inherently born with.

Dreams in ancient history

Discover the wisdom, beliefs and practices ancient cultures around the world had about dreams, and how they use(d) them as a tool for personal growth, as well as to help guide the decisions of their communities.

Brain states

Learn about the different brain states you can utilize various tools to get you into your ideal brain state for sleep, dreaming, lucid dreaming, meditation, focus and creativity, etc. 

Inventions and Breakthroughs

This module is here for inspiration, so you can see that your dreams can literally help shape and evolve our culture. I’ll share some fun stories of inventions, scientific and medical breakthroughs that have shaped our world, as well as had an influence on our pop culture, all that have originated from dreams.

Creativity and Creative Inspiration 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a particular artistic or business project, or just looking to find the spark of creative inspiration in general, your dreams are full of inspiration, guidance and ideas. Use your dreams as a creative muse.

Remember your Dreams and more of them

If you aren’t remembering your dreams as often as you’d like, or you’d like to remember multiple dreams from one single night, these tips will help. 

Video For The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass

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