Texting Girls Super Dating Guide

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”I took a dating course about 3 months ago which went over text game. It was a complete wast of time and I didn’t really get anything out of it. This guide [The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls] broke everything down in a very easy to understand way. In a matter of two hours, this guide did more than my 3 day dating course.

-John T., Univ of Cal., Irvine

texting girl

”Every guy needs to learn how to text a woman the right way.”

-Elizabeth G., Student

texting guy

The best part of the guide? Seeing the results. Well worth the small investment.”

-J. Wagner, US Marine Corp

texting girl

“If a guy sends me a lame text, he’s pretty much out of the picture.”

Jordan, Teacher

texting guy

…My dating went through the roof! Its so easy now to get dates just by texting. When I first meet a women, I’ll send out a few texts to generate some attraction and then..bam!…go for the date. And I rarely get turned down. Most amazing book I’ve ever read. And its short and sweet.”

-F.T., College Student

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Instant gratification because there are actual text messages that you can use within minutes of opening the book.”

L. Lee, IT Manager

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“As a guy you have to know how to turn me on through text.”

Lane B., Actress

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Over 100 text message examples that get great reactions. I haven’t even gone through a quarter of them and now I’m starting to write my own witty text messages.”

-Michael A., Business Owner

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“This is by far one of the best investments I could have ever made.”

-Matt D., Personal Trainer

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“As the owner of www.Seductioncoaching.com, being married and a pickup coach, I would not follow through with all the #s I would get! When I 1st separated, I immediately reached for Artisan’s Texting Guide, and used the replies exactly as he suggested. I was mass texting girls from the tread mill at the gym, and got immediate answers from all my texts.

With Artisan’s text guide, I genuinely can say that I near 100% text and call backs.

He has by far the best text game in the world.

Use it and get miraculous results.”

-Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin, Kings of Pickup, Project Hollywood

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