Tattoo Designs For Muscular Men

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Thinking of Getting a Tattoo? Read This Important Information BEFORE the INK Touches Your Skin…

Avoid Common Tattoo Blunders Which Could Leave You Looking Undesirable, Scarred, and Out of Pocket…

You’re about to discover how to get the right tattoo placement for tattoos you’ll never want to “hide”

If you want a tattoo that makes you look more Manly, Muscular & Desirable. Learn the Art that displays your muscular adorning tattoo in all the “right places”… then you’re going to be blown away with “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men”.

A tattoo can enhance your body’s muscular image – OR become a painful, costly and annoying body art if you don’t heed the warnings.

Here’s WHAT happens when tattoos become a blunder…

  • You choose the wrong design
  • You put the tattoo on the wrong part of your body
  • You pick colours which make you look pale and sallow, or even fat
  • You trust a dodgy tattoo artist
  • You could totally misplace your tattoo on your body. . You could miss out on creating your tattoo design to help you look like a strong, attractive muscle man.
  • You change your mind when it’s too late…

Fact is you’re stuck with a crappy undesirable tattoo… FOREVER!

UNLESS you want to waste hundreds of dollars paying for painful removal, or having your tat covered up!

I’m going to show you how to avoid these common “tattoo disasters,” so you get the tattoo of your dreams instead – in the perfect location – with no complications or remorse.

And I’ll tell you how your tat can visually bulk up your body, create that muscular winning destination for your tattoo placement, and give you, your sexy looking image your friends would kill for!

Take a look at what our clients say

If are interested in getting a tattoo of any kind in your body, then Tattoo Designs for Men is the ultimate resource you should use to assist you with that. The eBook covers almost any tattoo type and it will greatly help you choose the right design, spot and way for your tattoo. Great Work!

L. Leggatt

This eBook was fantastic. It contains so much information about Tattoos and really helped me choose the best one for me. What I liked the most is the detailed descriptions and the numerous pictures it contains, that helped me visualize my dream Tattoo. Highly recommended!

Charis R.

Tattoo Designs for Men is a must if you are looking to get to know Tattoos better. The author seems like she well-knows the subject. You’ll learn everything about different types of Tattoos for each body type, each body part that you can get it and also all about the whole procedure. Fantastic eBook!

Gemma M.

So why should you listen to me anyway?

My name’s Jodie Balfour, a self-confessed tattoos adoring maniac and skin aesthetician.

For years I’ve been borderline obsessed with everything ink! During that time I’ve discovered some little known secrets of the tattoo trade.

The one I’m about to reveal will change the way you look at tattoos FOREVER!

In fact, whether you’re a parlour chair veteran or ready for that extra special first tattoo, this information can change your life… and simplify your tattoo experience

A Long Forgotten “Secret” Revolutionises the Tattoo World!

There’s a “stealth” technique top fashion designers and make-up artists use to create illusions with colour, shape and design. They use it to enhance your body’s best features, and hide the… well… not so good ones!

But what’s this got to do with tattoos?

Well… tattoo artists “in the know” can use this technique to make you look more muscular, more toned, and tighter. Thanks to the clever use of colour and shade.

How shades give your body definition & transformation

Light colours enhance parts of your body, and dark colours make them “less obvious.”

In the hands of a pro artist, a tattoo won’t just make you look buff… it will totally help to transform your body image. Imagine being able to look more defined, without visiting the gym frequently or spending thousands of dollars on surgery!

Aside from ending up with a tattoo resembling your vision you’ll save hassles, money and efforts thanks to these muscle enhancing artistic techniques.

You’ll achieve a sexy new look – with a buff body – without going near a stinking gym!


You should know, not all tattoo artists understand these breakthrough 3D tattoo design tricks.

Some barely know how to tattoo you without leaving you with a nasty infection. Book your appointment with an artist who knows his or her stuff – before you get a tattoo.

The consequences can be dire, because…

… You wouldn’t want to be scarred for life by a “random” make-believe tattoo artist.

Can you answer these questions now?

  • Is a body-enhancing tattoo actually right for you?
  • What to do for Tattoo’s to Enhance Skinny Men?

  • Stretch Marks & Tattoos.?
  • What Tattoo designs to use for Men with Muscle?

  • Muscle Enhancing Tattoos with Shading?

  • Where should you position the tat for optimum effect?
  • What colours should you use to enhance your body’s shape?
  • What happens to a tattoo if you lose/gain weight?
  • What do girls really think about Men with Muscle and Tattoos ?

  • Painful spots for Tattoos? Does it really hurt and how can you stop it from hurting?

  • Do you know the signs of Normal healing and Bad healing?

  • How should you look after your new tattoo?

If you cannot confidently answer these questions right now then do yourself a favour and invest a little bit of your money into my eBook “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” to save yourself a lot of hassles down the track.

Why? Because tattoos are permanent!

And I urge you from experience… don’t go near a parlour until you have these answers!

My years in the beauty industry have shown me there’s an even BIGGER threat to your tattoo experience. A lot of the info you’ll find online is very unreliable… dangerous even.

You’ll find plenty of places to check out tattoo designs, but few that give you real tips and advice you can use…

So I’ve written my 40-page guide “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” to give you all my knowledge, all these tricks in the one convenient guide.

It’s the ultimate tattoo resource, whether you’re getting your first tattoo, or add to your “growing collection.”

Make no mistake: tattoos change the way you look and feel about your body…

But too much can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A tattoo that looks and feels amazing takes more than scribbling a design on a cigarette packet, then dashing to the nearest backstreet parlour.

“Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” takes away the guesswork, and uncovers the secrets to a powerfully effective, meaningful, and sexy tattoos.

One you’ll want to show off 24/7!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

  • Tattoo Placement on different Body Shapes.

  • Why a tattoo’s colours have such a dramatic effect on how you look… If you want a slimmer waist and rippling, sexy muscles, then this section’s a MUST READ!
  • Tattoos for Muscular Men- There are popular tattoo designs for muscular men that are pleasant to the eyes.
  • Muscle enhancing Tattoos with shading… Uncover the truth about what you can do with shading to enhance your muscular looks.
  • Where should the TRUE placement of your design be… Avoid the embarrassment of a tattoo that means something “shocking” or “childish or is placed in the wrong area.”
  • Tattoos for Skinny Men…How to create the illusion of a bigger muscular body with tattoos…Get the right tattoo design to not look funny with Skinny build.
  • How Weight Loss and Body Fluctuations can Affect your Tattoo designs… learn all you need to know on how weight loss and gain can affect your image investment tattoo.
  • Stretch Marks and Tattoos.. Before you decide to get a tattoo on an area that is prone to stretch marks or already has stretch marks in it, you need to know a few basic things.
  • How to care for your new tattoo properly… Avoid uncomfortable, smelly, pus-filled infections by following these simple tips.
  • Painful spots for your tattoos… A simple guide for overcoming the fear of getting your tat… No more backing out at the last moment or throwing up at the thought of needles. You’ll walk into the parlour confident, comfortable, and ready to become a walking work of art.
  • And a whole lot more…

Download Your Copy of “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” INSTANTLY

A tattoo is a huge commitment. Get stuck with the wrong one and you’ll end up frustrated, embarrassed, and even resentful. So many people make the wrong decisions about their tattoos, simply because they don’t have the right information.

I don’t want to see you make the same mistakes!

They’re painful, expensive, and in worst-case scenarios pretty dangerous.

I wanted to make the price of my guide tiny compared to the real cost of ending up with an ugly, badly positioned, bacterial ridden tattoo.


You can download “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” instantly for just $47 by clicking HERE.

Your investment is less than the cost of your average two weeks gym membership. A tattoo can save you year’s worth of gym fees – so what’s two weeks worth over the span of a lifetime, right?

Order your copy now…

… Within minutes you’ll find the guide in your inbox, ready to devour.

You Won’t Risk $1 to Get This Amazing Resource

Sound fair?

See I’m so confident you’ll thank me later for this incredible resource I’m even gifting you a number of…

Special bonus guides

Order your copy of “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” now, and you’ll also receive 4 exclusive bonus tattoo products…


“Body Sculpting ebook” What you should know in “How to Sculpt Muscles” How to get a Stunning Physique.

Helps you see what you need to avoid while working to sculpt the muscles and reach astunning physique. Now, learn what you should know about sculpting muscles, stunning physiques, diet, and exercise.


“Perfect Tattoos ebook”

Keep your Tattoo looking young, hot, and sexy whatever age you are with these amazing tattoo care tips. A question and answer guide that does not leave much out about Tattooing.


“Tattoo Designs ebook”

How to be a Successful Tattoo artist. A look inside tattoos for women, Celebrity Tattoos. Finding an apprenticeship to become a tattooist. Where to find tattoos.Tips for working with a tattoos artist to get the right design.


“Tattoos ebook”

Bonus Ideas of Tattoo designs to peruse, including tribal to get you started with your tattoo to enhance your muscles for men. All about religious tattoos, tattoos for celebrities, tattoo removal and tattoos from around the World! Great starting point to get inked!

100 Reasons to say YES now

Armed with all this information you’ll be able to make all the right decisions about your tattoo. And with my money-back guarantee you have 100 reasons to say yes now. Because you really have nothing to lose – unless you choose the DIY way.

With the Body changing tattoo info found inside “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” you’ll be dying to unveil your new image the second you leave the tattoo parlour. There really isn’t anything like the confidence and sexiness you’ll feel. In fact, I’d be surprised if you weren’t back getting another tattoo within the year!

Click here to get “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” now, and I can’t wait to see your awesome results!

Happy Tattoo-ing!


P.S. Remember a tattoo is for life! Don’t make the mistake of sitting in a parlour chair without arming yourself with the information in my guide. I don’t want you to risk hating the result because it will devastate you.

P.P.S. You can order “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men” HERE and completely risk free with my 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like the guide, let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund!

P.P.P.S. Order now and you’ll also receive 3 bonus products, “Tattoo Designs and How to Become a Tattoo Artist,” “Looking Ageless,” and top mobile app “Tattoo Share.”

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