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headshotHello fellow traders,

My name is Steve Margison and I’m the author of “The Book On Forex Trading,” in which I reveal my Forex trading plan and the little-known trading systems I’ve successfully used as my own personal ATM machine.

This step-by-step guide contains EVERYTHING you need to know to be a profitable Forex trader!  Also included are my money-making, custom programmed indicators and templates to make trading my systems a breeze.

This is a rock-solid Forex trading system that really works, month after month, in all market conditions, but I’m not JUST going to teach you a single trading system!  My book, “The Book On Forex Trading” is not one of the thin, 10 page “eBooks” you’re used to reading.

It’s a full-color, illustrated 177 page trading blueprint that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a professional Forex trader RIGHT NOW!

Many people would regard me as successful. I’m fortunate to have my financial freedom and to be living my dream. I can get out of bed any time I want. I don’t need an alarm clock any longer, and commuting to work is a thing of the past. I choose to live my days as I like.

I once lost everything and even though the experience taught me a great deal, I would not recommend it to anyone! However, on this journey, I did find the real solutions to financial freedom, happiness and well-being. I lay out these solutions for you in my new guide, “The Book On Forex Trading.”

You can also achieve the same level of success as me, and I can help you, if you want it badly enough. I can give you the keys to unlock the door to financial freedom. I’ve cracked the code and can teach you to do the same.


  • My 177 page how-to book, “The Book On Forex Trading,” where I teach you everything you need to know to be a profitable trader.
  • The SM Squeeze Indicator, used in my Fractal Squeeze Strategy trading system, which make trading a snap!
  • The Key Levels Indicator, also used in my system, which will help you predict how far the markets are going to move on any given day.
  • The Asian Session Indicator, which allows to take breakout trades after the slow Asian session is over.
  • East-to-follow Video Tutorials to help you install and learn use the Indicators.
  • Hundred of pips per month!
  • Everything you need in one package, right here!
  • My proven and safe money management system that keeps you in profit.
  • A system at works on any currency pair.  This isn’t a silly system that only works on one or two pairs.
  • Strategies that work in all market conditions.
  • Full control!  You don’t have to worry about some automated trading robot going haywire and losing all your money.

Buy now and you’ll get my personal Chart Template Pack and my BONUS INDICATORS, worth over $100, for FREE!

I make a 6 figure income trading my systems, and in “The Book On Forex Trading” I share all the knowledge I’ve gained in my 10+ years of Forex trading.

My systems can trade ANY currency pair and most brokers allow you to trade 50 pairs or more… And what if you were trading at $10 per pip? Do the math!

Forex trading has brought me:

  • A life-changing income level.
  • Freedom!  I can work when I want, and as much or as little as I want, and YOU can too!
  • Enjoyment! I love trading, and I love not having a boss to answer to (besides my wife). Don’t you want that same freedom?

My system is a safer and smarter way to make steady money, something that’s immune to most broker’s games and deceptions.

You can start trading with confidence!

What you need is a plan, a PROVEN plan that works, so if you’re a frustrated trader like I was, read this: “The Book On Forex Trading” contains my entire Forex Trading plan, not just a few pages of generic trading advice.  The plan in this book has taken me (and hundreds of my customers) from a curious gambler to a professional trader – and YOU can join us!

The SM Squeeze:

The SM Squeeze is, in my opinion, the best way to get positioned for the big market moves.The book describes the system in detail, and The SM Squeeze Indicator that comes with it tells you when the market is transitioning from low volatility to high volatility.  In other words it tells you when the market is going to switch from an oscillating market (sideways) to a trending market and vice versa.

The markets spend a lot of time in trading ranges, building up energy for their next major move. By the time the move fires off, it is usually out of the blue and violent, leaving many day traders behind.The markets never break when they are expected to, and they will do so only when they are good and ready, usually when the greatest number of traders are unprepared. So as traders we need to be positioned ready for when the market volatility increases.

The SM Squeeze Indicator helps us to be prepared for a market move.

I spent thousands of dollars to hire a programmer to write the SM Squeeze Indicator for me, and now I’m including it, along with all the other indicators, for free when you purchase “The Book On Forex Trading!”

Trix Ichimoku Strategy (TIS):

This strategy is a scalping system, although it can be used on higher timeframes for longer term trades.

It uses the Trix indicator, the MTF Trix, the Ichimoku Cloud (IC), and the Coral Indicator, all of which are included for FREE with your purchase.

Fractal Swing Strategy (FSS):

The FFS Strategy uses a combination of the TIS method above and the natural rhythm of price action.

My mentor called this natural rhythm the “melody of the markets” and this system is the perfect blend of reading price action (which I teach you) and using the FREE indicators included with your purchase.

  • How to turn the tables on the banks, brokers and institutional traders by doing precisely what 99% of retail traders like you are NOT doing. I reveal to you what they have been hiding.
  • When to trade and when not to trade.
  • How the market works for beginners.
  • How to choose the right broker and why this is important.
  • Why money management is crucial in Forex trading.
  • How to read Forex charts in an easy to understand manner.
  • My little known Forex trading strategies that produce consistent profits.
  • How to think like a professional trader. This is a much underrated subject and another reason why traders fail.
  • When to exit a trade – something most gurus conveniently forget to mention!
  • …and much, much, more.

Today I’ve told you what’s included in “The Book On Forex Trading” and why this how-to guide and indicator package is so valuable and important to you, and now I’m going to make it even easier for you now, because you get a guarantee!

Go through the book step-by-step, connect the dots with a few simple actions and if you aren’t seeing the long-term value of my system within 60 days I’ll give you 100% of your money back.


YES Steve, I want to join the hundreds of other traders who are growing their income and improving their lives by learning your trading systems!

I’m tired leaving money on the table in my Forex trading! I want to make regular pips with your system instead!

On a technical note, I understand that the indicators require MetaTrader 4.0 software (MetaTrader is supplied FREE by most Forex brokers), the book is delivered in PDF format, and that they will be delivered in a .zip file.

I also understand that I have 60 full days to Decide if The Book On Forex Trading Will Give Me the knowledge and systems I need to become a successful trader and keep my income growing and growing for years to come!

Simply click “ORDER NOW” below to checkout and download your templates, indicators and 177 page How-To Guide Right Now! Digital Download means Delay-Free!


If you need any help, please contact me


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