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Brain fitness grew out of the study of neuropsychology and is the science of maintaining and training cognitive abilities.

Its training principles are based on concepts derived from phenomena contributing to neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Cognitive abilities like attention, memory, visual/spatial processing, auditory processes and language, motor coordination, and executive functions like planning and problem solving can diminish or become out of sync for a variety of reasons.

Brain fitness typically seeks to improve attention, memory, thinking, and stress management.

Companies such as Lumosity, Posit Science, and Nintendo are leading the way in cognitive therapy tools and research.  The REST Therapy system is an excellent complement to these fine programs.

“Neuroplasticity” refers to the physical changes that are continually taking place in your brain as you experience and adapt to the world around you.  “Neurogenesis” refers to new brain cell formation and growth.  During every day of your life, neurons and the connections between them change to encode information. By influencing this plasticity with the right activities, it is possible to train your brain to function better. Learning new things and challenging yourself frequently may promote more constructive neuroplasticity, and help prevent or off-set the negative effects of brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, or aging.

The exercises in the REST Therapy brain health program are designed to stimulate the neuroplasticity that leads to improved cognitive ability and a healthier brain.

REST Therapy focuses on the stress aspects of brain fitness with the idea that one must sync the body and mind and clear out extraneous processing before cognitive training can be truly effective.

The Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study, funded by NIH, demonstrated that older adults could improve their cognitive abilities with proper training, and that some of these gains were maintained several years later. In this experiment conducted by a number of researchers across the US, over 2800 adults aged 65-94 received training in memory, reasoning, or processing speed. After about 10 hours of training, each group improved significantly in the area that they trained. Even 5 years later subjects maintained many of their improvements.

Fundamental cognitive abilities – such as memory, attention and processing speed – can be improved with appropriate training.

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