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Finally! An Easy Solution to Beating the Bookie – Only Takes 5 Minutes a day!!

Works Even if You Are 100% New to Horse Racing!

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  • Up to £4819 a Month Profit 
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  • 42% WIN RATE!
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Let Racing Genius Do the Hard Work…

From: Pete Thomson

If you’re anything like me you’ll HATE long losing runs.

When you’re losing it’s awful and can feel like you’re cursed and everything is against you.

No matter what the so called betting “experts” say and promise…you can lose a LOT of your hard earned cash fast.

If you have ever put on a big bet you know you shouldn’t have, chased losses or been let down by a rubbish tipster you’ll know that crushing feeling in your stomach when things fail to go to plan. 

What’s worse is often when you are down on your luck, you seem to be surrounded by winners.

There is always someone at the track flashing their winnings with a big smile on their face.

Or some big mouth on Twitter showing off their betslips on how they won £1000s on a simple accumulator.

How can some people win so easily, and others always seem to lose out??

Well the FACT is…

It’s easier to turn a profit of £100 into £1000 than it is to go from constantly losing to turning just £100 profit. 

This is simply because…

Once you learn the REAL way to win consistently, the sky’s the limit. 

Betting blind or with the wrong strategy is a recipe for disaster.

As is chasing losses and not knowing when to stop betting.

It’s no surprise that those in the know keep winning more, whilst those who don’t keep losing.

If you’re wondering why you struggle to get the winners you deserve let me reassure you that….

It’s NOT Your Fault.

Here are some very common reasons why you aren’t yet achieving big profits…

  • Bookies are incredibly tough to beat. 
  • Most tipsters fail to make you a profit.
  • You are using the wrong betting strategy.

Beating the bookies is EXTREMELY difficult.

Even when you learn how to win, they often frustratingly start limiting your stakes and blocking your bets.

Following tipsters can be equally troubling.

Often they start well, but you can find your profits dwindling as the tipster’s form sinks and you get loss after loss.

Also, finding a winning betting strategy amongst all the rubbish is like finding a needle in a hay stack!

What I want to give YOU is a completely new and different approach

It’s a real opportunity to join the winning side. 

I want the bookies to hate you, and your bank balance to grow and grow.

I want you to jump for joy as the winners flow and you hit the withdraw button repeatedly on your betting account.

Making a profit from betting does NOT have to be complicated for you.

It doesn’t even have to take a lot of your time. 

With the correct information you can be armed and ready to take on the bookies with the full force needed to win.


Why You Need a Racing Genius

On Your Side…

The internet has revolutionised betting and the amount of information is vast, but it STILL doesn’t provide many reliable winning betting strategies!

I have seen 100s of bad and misleading betting websites that promise the earth, but the ones I trust to deliver profits I can count on one hand.  

I truly believe that…

What you ignore is as important as what you listen to.

Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but to me it seems that so many of the so called “Betting Experts” you come across are unreliable and talk nonsense.

I regularly see people offering terrible betting advice that makes me cringe.

Sadly it’s taking advantage of a lot of good people who simply want access to regular winners and to make a few quid.

With Racing Genius I want to give you a no nonsense winning profitable service.

No smoke and mirrors, just a straight-forward proven easy to follow method to beat the bookies once and for all…


This is what Racing Genius Gives You…

Start with Just £10

Start with just £10 and make £2000+ or start with £100 and make £20,000+

ROI of 26.2%

Get high 26.2% returns with our razor sharp tips. A far superior return to almost all other rival tipsters.

Strike Rate of 42%

Forget long losing runs. We keep the winners flowing to keep your bank balance healthy.

£21,223 in Profit to date

These tips make serious money. Over £20,000 recorded to date at 1 point stakes.


We don’t take unnecessary risks. We only tip what we genuinely believe is a good bet. 

Great Support

60 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus we are only an email away whatever the query.

Yes, but I’ve heard all this before….Why should I trust you??

I’ve been betting on horses for 18 years and have previously made over £17,000 in profit on my betting service Racing Wins. This service has many happy members who continue to receive my winners everyday. 

With Racing Genius I have developed a brand new approach.

Its less rigid than my previous betting methods and has worked like an absolute charm. It is pure GENIUS.

Racing Genius has 3 basic rules. It’s not a “betting system” but its the basis of what I believe will turn you into a REAL winner and ensure you are always one step ahead of the bookies.

Racing Genius is straightforward whatever your level of knowledge of betting and most importantly it WORKS.

If you have ever wanted a genuine tipster who really cares about your success, whose prices you can get on at, who gives you regular winners with zero hassle then this is for you.

Fully tested since December 2017 you can be sure Racing Genius is on your side to deliver huge profits.

From £100 to £21,223 Profit in just 9 Months…

Expert Tips from a

Racing Genius.

Pete Thompson

Racing Genius shows you how to go from just £100 to making £21,223 in profit.  

Racing Genius is proven to make up to £4819 a Month, with no long losing runs!!!!

The 3 Racing Genius Rules..

Forget the previous tipsters you’ve trusted with your time and money who no doubt have produced little in the way of profit or expertise. Racing Genius is new and different. Here is how you can profit with us using our three pronged attack on the bookies. 

We bet at value odds. Price is everything in betting, unfortunately many punters are taken advantage of because the complex mathematics of odds makes choosing the right bet tough. Bet with us and you will always be backing the right bets.  

We bet to win. A lot of tipsters think only of getting a good odds price, but its not actually a value bet if it doesn’t win! You can be assured we bet to win and have an exceptional strike rate of 42%

Patience. Some tipsters back everything under the sun regardless of conditions, quality of racing or prices available. Stick with us and you will only be betting when YOU have a great chance of making a profit, not your bookie.

Check out the Feedback from

our Trial Members:

I’m up £1460 in profit already…

I was invited by Pete to trial Racing Genius and I’m so glad I did. I started the month with £10 a point and gradually increased my stakes and I’m up £1460 in profit already. At this rate you’ll have me as a subscriber for life. Well done Pete!

Robert Brown  

I hit a treble at Cheltenham that paid £1325 from a £10 bet

When I started all 3 bets won. Granted they were at short odds but a £10 treble paid me £215. I decided to continue to bet as accumulators. Well my patience paid off and I eventually hit a treble at Cheltenham that paid £1325 from a £10 bet. Thank you Pete it was an amazing feeling to watch those 3 horses come in.

Paul Wood  

I’ve made over £1000 in 2 days

I thought yesterday’s tips were good, but today was something else. I backed the ew bets at £25 ew and lumped on Laurina. I’ve made over £1000 in 2 days. Thanks again Pete.

Michael Hoy

Would definitely recommend to anyone

One month in, and I’m still very pleased with the tips. I have been pleasantly surprised with the winners received. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Chris Healy

I now have a profit of £2400

If you are fed up with fraudster tipsters that fail then give Racing Genius a go. I was a little bit worried at first after a slow start. I shouldn’t have worried I now have a profit of £2400. 

Richard Drake

But, Will This Work for Me?

YES! YES! YES! I truly believe my 3 rule formula will work for you as well as its worked for me. 

There is absolutely nothing to stop you, if you simply back my bets you can repeat my success.

I keep things simple and this has done wonders for my betting profits.

No silly stakes, just 1 point win bets or 0.5 each way bets, with tips delivered the morning of the race at prices

you can get on at easily. 

Now unlike some of the shoddy tipsters and betting system sellers you’ve probably come across I’m not going

to promise to make you a millionaire or get you a Ferrari or any of that nonsense. 

What I will promise is to work hard and graft week in week out to give you the very best racing tips available online.

Racing Genius is fully tested and proven to work since December 2017.

I have spent months perfecting this method as I want YOU to get the very best bets and make a decent profit.

I’m delighted to say my hard work has paid off and Racing Genius has made £20K+ to date at 1 point stakes. 

That’s a HUGE 28.6% Return on Investment!!

WAIT.. How much is this going to cost me?

Is it just me or is EVERYTHING overpriced?

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of rip-off Britain.

I want this to be accessible to EVERYONE whatever their level of income.

I’ve put together a very special deal that gives you access with a massive 63% discount.

This is a one-time deal and it is essential that we don’t have too many members to keep odds prices achievable.

Due to this the offer is STRICTLY LIMITED.

Simply scroll below to view my low price offer…

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you deliver the tips?

Tips are sent around 10AM each morning on tips days. Tips day run Tues-Saturday. Racing is generally poor on Sun/Mon and its good to have a break to recharge.

How much do I need for a betting bank?

We recommend starting at low stakes and reinvesting profits. We use a 100 point bank. So each bet is 1% of your annual betting bank.

Is this risk free?

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee to ensure if you are not satisfied you can have your full payment back. We also suggest betting at small stakes at first and reinvesting profits so you are betting with the bookies cash. Betting isn’t risk free so we advise to only bet what you can realistically afford to lose.

I’ve tried loads of tipsters who’ve let me down. Why should I trust you?

Unlike some tipsters we don’t tip the night before. This makes getting on at the odds easier as prices are more stable. Also we are fully tested since December 2017 and record all our results on our website.

If you’re making so much why are you selling me tips?

I enjoy being a tipster and helping others be successful. I can both back my own bets and provide a valuable service to like-minded people who wish to make regular profits from the bookies. I keep the service costs as low as I can, and take my responsibility as a tipster seriously.

Can I bet from my country?

This service is focused on UK & Irish Racing. You can use any bookmaker to place the bets you just need one which lets you bet on UK & IRE horse racing.

How many tips will I receive a month?

You will get around 50-60 tips a month it will vary depending on what opportunities are present. 

Will I be able to get on at the odds you advise?

We use oddschecker and time stamp the odds on the email, so they are always available when we send the email out.

How do I know this will work for me?

Anyone can potentially profit from our tips. There is nothing complicated to follow and you will have no problem getting the odds we give.

Can I just use Betfair to bet?

Yes certainly this will still be very profitable. Although we recommend using a BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) bookie for the best returns.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! If you wish to cancel just email us at and we will stop your membership.

I haven’t received my tips, what should I do?

Please email us at and we will make sure you get your membership set up correctly. Please allow us time to respond we reply to ALL emails.

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