Progressive Yoga From The "world’s Smartest Workout" Coach

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The most dangerous communication problem we have with our body is that we don’t listen to it to understand; we only scream commands over the quiet messages it feeds back.

If you listen to your internal messages, you can adjust your yoga for the explicit purpose of functionally adapting to all the stressors in your life, especially exercise stress, and you minimize dysfunctional adaptation. You get more out of when you exercise, work or play, with less undesired outcomes (like tightness, soreness, aches, and restrictions).

Progressive yoga has spread throughout the highest stress occupations, surgeons, operators, pilots, tactical first responders, hostage negotiators, etc… It has proliferated because yoga was never the goal. Progress was. How can you progress from the stress in your life, and become a better, stronger, healthier person from anything you encounter in life? Progressive yoga is your map, your torch, and your compass.

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