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You know when you look at your betting account and think, “this is hopeless”, that was me earlier this year.

I’d pick a couple of winners and think I’d turned the corner only to hit a long losing run. What kept me going is my picks were almost winning. I should have seen it sooner but you get consumed by what you know and what you are used to.

In May it hit me. Why have the ups and downs of winners and losers when I could bag a profit over and over again by looking at smaller odds.

Now you may already be thinking, “this isn’t for me”, I don’t like small returns, but just give me a few minutes as the returns using my Power Place Tips are not small at all.

I saw my betting account go from having the odd green winning bet with lots of red losses in between the wins to seeing screens full of green!

And all it took was one small tweak…

Making one small tweak to my betting saw my strike rate boost from 22% to a staggering 88%

A very simple tweak at that. I went from backing horses to win to backing them to place in the race.

For anyone not familiar with Place Betting thats when the horse finishes in the top 2, 3 or 4 places in the race. Its really simple when you think about it. Having 2,3 or even 4 chances of seeing a return instead of just 1 makes sense. Obviously the odds are reduced but when you’re winning that often its not an issue.

And when you’re winning that often, there is only one thing to do.

Double & Triple Up

Low odds suddenly turn into much bigger returns. If you’re still not sure that a winning place double would pay out that much, take a look at this one…

That’s better than hitting a winner at 12/1

Start looking at trebles and you can go even bigger…

That’s like a 31/1 winner coming in!

And all the horse has to do is finish in the paid places.

The bookies offer multiple options on the place markets once they open in the morning. Normally you’re looking at 2 paid places in a race with 5-7 runners, 3 paid places for 8 and over and 4 paid places for the big races with loads of runners, I think its about 16. But you don’t only have that option, they will often offer other place markets, like 3 paid places on a 7 runner race. The odds are reduced but you’re only looking for a top 3 out of 7 runners.

This gives us an even bigger advangate, instantly increasing our ability to pick up the win.

So why don’t more punters and tipsters use this method?

There’s one crucial factor that stops people winning with place betting!

They start picking horses they think will place. If you don’t see the problem here its ok, you’d assume that is what you should do. This is where many place tipsters fail!

The crucial factor, is that you should always pick for the win. This is when the extra places come into play. Pick the horse you think would win the race, if it comes 2nd or 3rd, we still win. Picking a horse thinking it has a “chance” of placing is the main factor most place tipsters and punters fail.

This is what I saw happening over and over again with my win bets. The odd one would win, then I’d have 4 out of the next 5 finish 2nd or 3rd. Backing these “win picks” to place saw me jump from 1 win in 6 to 5 wins in 6.

How much can you make from my

Power Place Tips?

The quick answer is a lot but I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so here are the results for the last 13 days.

Wednesday 5th June

1 Winning Treble From 3 Bets… Profit Of £77.50

Thursday 6th June

1 Winning Treble From 3 Bets… Profit Of £62.14

Friday 7th June

1 Winning Treble + 1 Winning Double From 4 Bets… Profit Of £285.83

In just 3 days since I started using this method I’d hit 4 winning bets (3 trebles + 1 double) from 10 bets, seeing a profit of £425.47 to my £20 stakes or 21.27pts profit. Most importantly my bank grew every single day.

Ready to see what a full week could pull in?

Here we go…

Monday 10th June

1 Winning Double From 3 Bets… Profit Of £50.00

Tuesday 11th June

2 Winning Doubles From 4 Bets… Profit Of £194.06

Wednesday 12th June

2 Winning Doubles From 4 Bets… Profit Of £308.12

Thursday 13th June

1 Winning Treble From 3 Bets… Profit Of £331.88

Friday 14th June

2 Winning Doubles From 3 Bets… Profit Of £185.33

Another 5 days added 8 winning bets (7 doubles + 1 treble) from 17 bets. A weekly profit of £1,069.39 or 53.46pts. That’s over 70pts profit and over £1400 profit in just 8 days betting.

Think its luck? Is it look when it keeps happening?

The week after looked like this…

Monday 17th June

2 Winning Doubles From 3 Bets… Profit Of £179.72

Tuesday 18th June

1 Winning Double + 1 Winning Treble From 4 Bets… Profit Of £189.56

Wednesday 19th June

1 Winning Double + 1 Winning Treble From 3 Bets… Profit Of £165.83

Thursday 20th June

1 Winning Treble From 4 Bets… Profit Of £335.08

Friday 21st June

1 Winning Treble + 1 Winning Double From 3 Bets… Profit Of £742.50

In 5 days I hit a further 9 winning bets (5 Doubles + 4 Trebles) from 17 bets. A weekly profit over the 5 days of £1,612.69.

If you’ve not been keeping count that’s…

£3,107.55 Profit In Only 13 Days.

21 Winning MULTIPLE Bets From 44 Placed

and most importantly…

Profit. Every. Single. Day!

See the power of place betting yet? Now I’m under no illusion, losing days will come, but you have to admit those are pretty amazing results, the equivelent of 155.37pts profit in 13 days betting. Over 10pts profit per day on average. 47% of bets won but taking into account the winning selections from the losing doubles and trebles the strike rate is up at 88%.

If you are serious about making profits from your betting then here’s what you need to know about the service I offer:

– It runs Monday to Friday.

– Bets are sent via email.

– Emails will be sent each morning.

– The place markets do not open til mid morning at most bookies.

– You can use most bookies to place your bets.

I suggest you go to your bookie at about midday and open up any given race and see if the place market is available before purchasing a membership, or be willing to open a new bookie account. Using the exchange is possible but they do not allow you to place multiples so it would mean placing bet by bet and putting the full return from the first bet on the next and so on.

If you’re eager to get started…

Join My Introductory Offer Of Only £97.00

This is a one time payment for a full 12 month access to my service, available to the first 100 members only.

After 100 members have joined the annual subscription cost will be £260.00

If you do not want to commit to a full 12 month subscription you can take a 60 day trial of the service

for £40 by clicking here.

Both offers are covered by a full 60 day money back guarantee. All I ask is that you give the service the full 60 days to show you what it can do.

If you have any questions you can email me on mick@powerplacetips.com

…and here’s to making a bunch of cash together!

– Michael Ellerby

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