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Here’s why you’re going to LOVE Passive Income Sumo…

If you’re ready to start making profits from your passions, then Passive Income Sumo is ready to help you achieve your goals! Here’s what you’ll get with these 12 modules:

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Passive Income Sumo is a 12-module package where you will learn 12 DIFFERENT ways to create “set it and forget it” passive income streams from the SAME website. Each module provides you with with step-by-step instructions that show you how to set up and install that particular income stream.

Here’s what is included…

Module 1

The MONTHLY Membership System

Join now, and you get INSTANT ACCESS to the first module, which shows you how to create a profitable membership site using my proven MONTHLY system. Here’s what’s covered:

Map Out Your Topic

Organize Your Outline

Navigate Creation Options

Tend to the Backend

Help Your Customers

Limit Cancellations

Yield More Profits

In short – you’re going to find out how to create membership content that puts a profit in your pocket and keeps your customers coming back for more. Plus, you’ll find out how to mine the gold that lays hidden in the backend of your membership site!

 Module 2

The Evergreen EMAIL System

Inside this module you’ll discover a hands-free system for turning your autoresponder into the very best sales tool you own! You’ll find out how to attract targeted prospects to your lead page, get them to join your list, and then turn them into cash-paying customers who buy from you again and again!

 Module 3


Running a blog can be very profitable – but it can also be a huge time suck! That’s why you’re going to want to drop everything to learn the Crowdsourced BLOG system, where you’ll find out how to get other people to create your content for you… for FREE! Let others do the work while you make the money – this exciting module shows you how to do it!

 Module 4

The Lead Magnets LICENSE System

Lead magnets licensing is where you sell the giveaway rights to lead magnets such as reports, infographics, checklists, worksheets, templates, swipe files, planners and similar tools. That way, your buyers can give these products away to build their mailing lists.

The benefit of this strategy for you is that you profit in two ways:

1. You make money on the frontend. You’ll make a chunk of change every time you sell a license to another marketer!

2. You make money passively on the backend. That’s because you’ll embed your offers in these lead magnets, so you’ll make money whenever someone buys one of your offers!

And you’ll find out how to make this system as profitable as possible inside this Passive Income Sumo module!

Module 5

The Profitable System For Selling RESELL Rights

The RESELL Rights System is where you evaluate your existing products, choose a popular one, and license other people to resell that product.

The benefit for you is that you generate money in two ways:

1. You generate money on the frontend through charging a premium for a resell rights license!

2. You generate a passive income on the backend whenever someone buys one of the offers embedded in the product!

You can see why this is such a profitable system both on the frontend and backend of your business. And this module shows you how to put this profit stream to work for you!

 Module 5

The UDEMY Passive Income System

Video training is huge right now! People are making thousands upon thousands of dollars selling their video courses on Udemy. And now you too can learn how to create a passive income using the U.D.E.M.Y. system – it’s easier than you think!

 Module 7

The KINDLE Success System

You’ve probably heard the stories about people making a lot of money using Amazon’s Kindle platform. It’s true. And you’re about to find out the same tips, tricks and secrets these authors use to sell a lot of ebooks on Kindle – just think of what these strategies will do for you!

 Module 8

The Profitable AFFILIATE Program System

This exciting system is all about setting up an affiliate program, and then finding marketing partners to sell your products for you in exchange for a commission. Once you get this system all set up, it runs virtually hands-free. At that point, you can just kick back and watch as your affiliates fill your coffers with cash!

 Module 9

The Hands-Free COURSE Publishing System

Imagine for a moment if you could take other people’s knowledge and turn it into a tidy profit in your pocket. In other words, you profit off the expertise of others – and you don’t even have to know anything about the niche.

Sounds interesting, right? That’s exactly what you’ll learn inside this module, where you’ll find out how to make a lot of money as a COURSE publisher!

 Module 10

The System To SELL WordPress Accessories

WordPress is extremely popular. Experts estimate there are about 37 million websites powered by WP.  And many of these users are professionals and business owners who are looking for faster, easier, and better ways to manage their websites. And they’re willing to pay good money for these advantages.

That’s where you come in. What you’re going to do is step into this steady stream of money and pick up your fair share.

How?  By creating and selling in-demand WP accessories, such as plugins, themes, and templates. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do inside this eye-opening (and very profitable!) Passive Income Sumo module!

 Module 11

The Passive Income SERVICE System

Selling a service (like ghostwriting) is a really profitable endeavor – but trading time for dollars certainly isn’t a passive income strategy!

So consider this: what if you sold services, but you recruited a team of freelancers to do the actual work?

That’s right, now you can turn a time-consuming business into a hands-free profit maker! And this Passive Income Sumo module shows you how to put this SERVICE System to work for you!

 Module 12

The Quick And Easy STORE. Setup System

This passive-income strategy is all about setting up a storefront on a platform like Zazzle or CafePress, which handles everything (payments, fulfillment, shipping). Once your storefront is set up, all you have to do is sit back and collect the cash! And your customers are going to absolutely love these products!

So there you have it…

That’s a 12 passive income strategies that are sure to boost your bottom line!

So, you have discovered 12 surefire ways to turn a one-time setup into regular orders that flow in for months or even years to come!

You’ll get the marketing strategies that are working right now – in 2018 and beyond! No fluff, no outdated methods, no junk!

You’ll discover how to build your business in the absolute simplest, yet most effective (and profitable!), way possible!

You’ll get business-building information and marketing strategies that will work in ANY niche!

If you’re not absolutely chomping at the bit right now to grab your copy of the Passive Income Sumo package, then you haven’t read a word of this letter!

​Purchase Passive Income Sumo today and get 5 Bonuses at no extra charge! You need traffic. The bonuses show you how to get different types of traffic you need for your products and services.

1. SEO Checklist

2. PPC Checklist

3. 7 Day Guide to Making Money with Facebook Advertising   4. The Effective List Building Checklist        

5. Winning the Buy Box on Amazon

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