Oil Painting Lessons

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Andre Grobler was a worldwide acclaimed professional artist, mentor and art teacher for more than 43 years and has produced over 20,000 paintings during his lifetime. His passion was the use of colour and his unique broad impressionistic style. Thanks to technology you can now receive his insightful instructions via video recorded lesson plans. The words and images on this website are his, just as he left them, before his passing on November 15, 2011.  

Oil Painting Lessons

These lessons cover all aspects of oil painting from beginners level to more advanced artists and include: rules of colour, tone and intensity, brush and painting knife techniques…

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You Tube Preview

Sample: Please note that my voice instructions have been replaced with music for preview purposes only.

Painting is a skill that can be mastered by anyone. 

It is not dependent on talent

. Any skill can be learned and practiced, and painting is no exception. Let Andre show you how to paint and

save years of trial and error!

Learn how to paint in Oils step by step

as Andre Grobler takes you through every step from canvas preparation, colour mixing, brush techniques, painting knife application, composition and most importantly tone and intensity. Create your own master piece by following this maestro. There is no better way to learn a new drawing or painting technique than through the medium of video. 

A professional artist observes relationships – the relationships of colour, value, tone, shape and texture. Once you know how to see these relationships more clearly your painting technique and skill will literally advance to the next level. Look and Learn how a professional understands and uses these relationships to create paintings that SELL.

Video For Oil Painting Lessons

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