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eGamers Party is a one of a lifetime opportunity for eSports gamers and fans to collectively learn some of the most effective and gameplay enhancing strategies across the most competitively played games across the spectrum. With a limited number of memberships to preserve some of the most sought after tips, tricks and strategies from some of the most highly skilled gamers, an eGamers Party membership secures your position in being the best gamer you could possibly be. 

More than for gamers, fans from all around the world gather inside the eGamers Party platform to learn from some of the best players in eSports entertainment to learn everything from the basics on how to play their favorite games, to taking on some of the most feared opponents in the world of eSports and video game entertainment. Watch your favorite eSports professionals and gamers live stream and get notifications before we go online.

Have you ever come across a widely skilled professional gamer and have become overwhelmed in frustration trying to find a workaround in your gameplay to secure a victory? You agree to a rematch, again and again, just to lose over and over. Maybe you’ve reached that point where you smashed your keyboard in frustration, “!$@*&@$*” or even mic spammed in grief. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Well don’t let it keep the best of you and tarnish the gaming experience with your favorite video games. Whether you’re a die hard fan for Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota 2, Minecraft, N64, Xbox, Playstation, the list goes on and that new update hits your notifications panel.

“A champion was released in your Summoners Area for League of Legends!” and you are itching to start playing. The trailer gets published by Riot Games and you quickly see the view count rack up 10s of millions of views.

With online streaming and live gameplay with millions of people playing simultaneously online, it only gets more and more exciting every time you hear the announcer scream “BLOODLUST!” It pulls you even closer to grab a keyboard and get gaming.

Beginners, amateurs and seasoned professional gamers use “eGamers Party strategic advantages” including the latest in tutorials to improve their gameplay. We cover everything from how to get started in playing the game, learning the basic rules, talking about sportsmanship and go further by sharing some of the most extraordinary strategies ever seen within the gaming community. The fact is, there’s a massive disadvantage with beginners because they think they’re smart enough to try to figure out everything themselves when the exact opposite is true. That’s why eGamers Party was built to help the average gamer get a running head start and play among the best, know exactly how the most competitive gamers play and in some sense, get inside the head and see exactly from their perspective what makes them the best player in each of their respective games. eSports has grown to be billion dollar industry with hundreds of millions of players worldwide that compete for millions of dollars in cash prizes across the most played video games in events played all around the globe, with an ever increasing number of players on live streaming websites like Twitch and YouTube, the gaming community seems to only grow.

Now’s your chance to join the fun and get started with eGamers Party so you have a chance to bump shoulders and go head to head with the best in the league. To compete you need to learn how to play. This is the only true online membership platform that reveals the megastar hit gameplays that beginners can learn from professionals and use right away to improve gameplay. We’ve sat down with the most respected and well known players for the most played games including Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft and more so you can get a behind the curtains look on real-life gameplay on what you can do to beat the competition at your favorite video games.


You’re about to witness behind the curtains access to some of the most brilliant and competitive gamers in the eSports industry. There’s no stone left unturned once you get access to some of the most “HOLY ST!” game-plays and guides for the most popular video games.

Included are the most popular games for PC, Playstation, xBox, Nintendo and more. Accelerate your gameplay for internet based video games like Fortnite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Skyrim, Supersmash Bros, Counterstrike and Hearthstone with newly updated content every week so you’re always ahead of the curve and learning the latest and greatest in eSports. 

     • Get instant access and an exclusive party membership with eGamers Party.

     • Private access to live streams and notifications in the members area when your favorite players go online.

     • Chat with a live group of hardcore gamers and talk strategy in each respective game.

     • Get email and SMS notifications with weekly updates, calendar schedules and daily reminders inside the eGamers Party members area.

     • BONUS: Get discounts and offers when games go on sale for huge savings.

     • BONUS: Instantly be added into special giveaways including Laptops, PCs, Keyboards, Mouses, Gaming Consoles, Games and more.

     • BONUS: Get free tickets delivered instantly by email to the next eSports event near your hometown.

     • BONUS: Get updates regularly to accommodate game updates and new releases.

     • MORE BONUSES: Inside get weekly bonuses and giveaways from your favorite live streamers.

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