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You’re officially a “nice guy”

You know that because you’ve been told a million times. “Oh you’re so sweet.” “You’re too kind.” Any of this ring a bell? I mean, if being seen as the “good buddy” to a dozen women was an Olympic sport you’d be a triple time gold medal winner right? You’re a nice guy. You open door. Your offer your seat. But you never get fucked.

Wait… What?

It’s right though isn’t it. You’re a boss when it comes to feelings and walking your “girls as friends” to the bus stop at night. But getting in her panties? That moment you slip her bra off and see her rack for the first time? That’s a distant dream.

So what’s the problem? What’s the stumbling block?

Why can’t you make that “leap”? You see tons of really dumb ass guys with hot ass women and think “Damn I could treat her better than him. Probably fuck her better too.” I bet you’ve sat for hours wondering what’s wrong with you. Admit it. You’ve sat at lunch time and watched the hoards of guys and girls going about their lives and thought “What about me?”

You know what the problem is?

Yep you heard it right. Women never respect a guy who isn’t willing to get in their game. And no self-respect? Means no panties off for you! You know that old chestnut “Treat them mean keep them keen”? Well I don’t recommend it. But striking a poised balance between being “too nice” and “mean” is exactly what you need to do.

And I am about to show you how. Buckle up buttercup. The next 2 minutes will change your life.

The names Manny and I used to be just like you. I grew up in the same street, saw the same girls, had the same fantasies. Yeah I “knew” women. I was good friends with some hot girls. Even got a couple of them into bed (all be it for a cuddle). But getting them into bed for sex? Not a chance. I was too nice. Too “friend zone”. Too likable.

I wasn’t a guy girls looked at and thought “Damn I’d love to fuck him.” I was more inclined to get that 3am call when a girl got dumped by her REAL boyfriend.

You’re such a good friend to me Manny. I’d hate to lose what we have.” Roll the credits, and the fucking crying on my shoulder and the endless tales of asshole men. And how “different” I was. So there I am, arm around a hot piece of ass doing the whole “There there, it’ll all work out.” routine. Meanwhile my dick is throbbing, her perfume is making me crazy and I can see down her shirt. Big juicy tits. All nicely tucked up. And that’s where they’ll stay. Fuck!

Any time I got a sniff of a relationship with a high school girl BOOM!!

I tried to be the guy everyone could trust and relate to. Even though it meant I was putting my own needs on the back burner. I even had thoughts. Those little thoughts that pop into your head like “Wonder what she’d do if I just grabbed her tits?”. Those thoughts became BRAIN CRACK. Brilliant little fantasises that I could go home and jerk off to. Meanwhile the assholes are fucking the girls I just spent 2 hours consoling.

It was a roller-coaster. A fucked up, screwed down, mental hell. My body wanted women. My mind wanted to keep people happy.

Let me tell you a story. Picture the scene. College.

I ended up meeting this beautiful girl in College and we actually hit it off. I thought finally I was going to use my penis! The first time I kissed her in front of my friends at a party, my face was literally glowing. I felt that I was in love and nothing could stop me! Unfortunately, I was the non-sexual emotional rebound.

We were in college together, saw each other constantly, cuddled, slept on the same bed, and my god every night I had such a boner…but would always fear to take charge and lead as a man. I remember lying down next to her in bed and she said — “Manny, you are the perfect guy, I want to break up!” and that shocked me. I went from being the “perfect” boyfriend to being put in the friend zone without getting laid!

Can you imagine the horror?


So I created Nice Guy With An Edge to STOP you guys going through what I went through. It took months of research and development. If you tried it yourself…. hell… you’d be in an old folks home before you got laid. But I did it! All the hard work has been done.

I went through hell and came out with this. Nice Guys With An Edge. The step by step psychological blueprint.

The COMPLETE digital audio guide to dragging your stupid weak ass out of the friend zone. And making girls take notice.

You know what? It’s fine to be a girls friend when you’re IN the relationship. But starting out that way will end in you being relegated to the “nice guy” pile.

This audio course will show you, in my own words

and with my own voice, how to stop the following

corrosive behaviors:

  • Trying so hard with a girl that you come off as needy.
  • Always needing to be the hero.
  • Being like a doormat for people.
  • Stop that corrosive behavior of validation seeking.
  • Getting rid of some of that emotion and centering you.
  • Neediness and greediness (wanting more of her time

    than she wants to give).
  • Approval Seeking.

This amazing package shows you step by step how to:

  • Dissect the mindset of the so called “nice guy” and teach you how to balance yourself when unproductive and annoying thought patterns affect you.
  • Break down the so called “nice guy syndrome” behavior habits such as approval seeking, trying too hard to be liked, being a doorman, and more.
  • Develop the proper conversational mindset on how to speak to women and people.
  • Bring out the edge in nice guys with a unique proven mindful system
  • MAIN PURPOSE – Being comfortable in your own skin in order to improve yourself with women, relationships with people, and getting PASSED THE FRIEND ZONE!


Here’s what Grad student Dan Reiser had to say:

Before getting this product, I was suffering from low self-esteem and confidence, especially with women. In my desperate attempts to seek approval from women, I became a weak beta male who allowed others to determine the way I felt about myself. The slightest positive or negative response from a woman would determine whether I was up on cloud nine or down at rock bottom. Women, sensing this weakness and vulnerability, would invariably put me in the friend zone. But thanks to Manny’s “Nice Guys With an Edge”, I am now in greater control over my emotional state. I’ve learned to achieve emotional balance, and as a result, I’m now able to determine MY OWN VALUE as a man. Women now see a more confident and self-assured man – Manny helped me to bring out this “Edge,” and it’s paying dividends!”

Here’s what Vick Thkif had to say:

“Hey Manny,

I finished Nice Guys With An Edge and I just wanna tell you how blown away I am with your program and with how much it has helped me.

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was skeptical, I’ve tried a few different products to help me improve my romantic life, and they have not brought me anything more than a few dead end phone numbers, so other than the recommendations of my buddy, I did not know what to expect out of your program.

Boy was I in for a surprise. I’m extremely thankful for what you are teaching here, as it has improved my game WAY above what I could’ve ever expected.”

Talking about price. How much would you expect to pay for this? I mean you are about to have great sex in a matter of days just by purchasing this course. What is sex with a hot girl worth to you?

I could charge $497 and I’d get a few takers right?

Maybe if I stepped into your game at $197 then a few more would buy.

But you know what? It’s completely shitty to price people out of the market. EVERY guy that suffers from nice guy syndrome needs this product.

So I am offering it to you. Today. For just $19.99. That’s right. You could have the best sex of your life for the same price as a shitty B-Movie on Blu-Ray. What would you rather be doing this saturday? Unwrapping a blonde girls rack or fumbling with the shrink wrap on Jaws 2?

I really got a kick out of producing this product. I mean why wouldn’t I? It allows me to help thousands of guys get over the “friend zone” bullshit. And it changed my life. But here’s the thing. I don’t want this out there for too long.

I think it’s fair to limit the offer. Since you guys are the one’s taking the leap and I’m trusting your ass with my work. You’re buying it now. So you get it for $19.99

I think I’m shutting the offer down after a couple more hours.

Let the smart guys get some first!

And you know what? It’s a ZERO risk purchase. No really. If you’re not completely happy with this product and you don’t get a girl in 60 days. You can have your damn money back. To be honest you’ll need it. To drown your sorrows. This is fool proof and fail proof. You cannot and will not fail. I won’t allow you to.

Bonus Offer

The Approach Anxiety Cure

As a special gift, to help you on your way, I am giving away my Approach Anxiety Cure. It’s a special system that will increase your probability of successful approach when talking to women in public.

“I’m going to share a simple structured model I created with you right now for FREE. There are 3 different levels of Approach Anxiety:

HIGH ANXIETY –when you have so much anxiety, where you can’t even ask a stranger for directions or the time.

MEDIUM ANXIETY – you can approach strangers or women, but you still have anxiety and cannot hold a conversation.

COMFORTABLE ANXIETY – the minimal anxiety that you want to feel when you approach with the ability to hold a conversation.”

You can even use the Edge System in order to identify what level of Anxiety you would be at when approaching women or strangers. With applying the model, this will bring you down to Comfortable Anxiety, which is where you want to be at.

You can even use the Edge System in order to identify what level of Anxiety you would be at when approaching women or strangers. With applying the model, this will bring you down to Comfortable Anxiety, which is where you want to be at.

If anything I have said above rings a bell. And you feel like my advice would change your life (I know it would but YOU have to feel it too) then let’s go for it. Buy this and let’s get started on getting you what you deserve.

But don’t dick around waiting for God to intervene on this one. Like I said this offer is going soon. If you enjoy nights on your own and waking up to Tori Lane playing on loop then fine. Leave. But if you’re serious. And god knows you SHOULD be fucking serious about getting a hot girl in your life. Then click the big button.

Extra Special Free Bonus

Sexual Personality Attraction

You know how they say a house is built on solid foundations? Guess what? So is a personality.

And if you get the foundation wrong then EVERYTHING else you learn will crumble in on top of you.

Now having too much or too little of any of these will slay your chances at getting laid. Seriously, it’s like building a house on uneven ground. This free bonus will show you how to dig out the foundations and cement a good solid base. And from there on out the skies the limit.

The four basic pillars of the sexually attractive male are:

  • 1: Warmth
  • 2: Affection
  • 3: Dominance
  • 4: Sexual Energy

This audio guide is the missing piece in your personality puzzle.


P.S – Beautiful women are born every second. Twenty years ago some lady had a little girl and right now, she’s out there. Waiting to be found. You owe it to yourself and to her. Find out where you’re going wrong. Fix it. Go get her. She’s waiting.

P.P.S – Jaws 2 is a terrible movie. Seriously. Just get a woman instead.

Bring Out The Edge!

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