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Your ‘Why’ for Writing, Will Also Be Their ‘Why’ for Reading

Are you struggling to take your story to the next level? Would you like to know the best ways to create intrigue and have your readers rave about your book? This module is a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of developing compelling plots from beginning to end.

With tips and tricks taken straight from professional writers, the novelist will learn how to use plotlines for maximum effect, while retaining creative freedom.

Making Conflict Real

This module helps the author weave suspense through improved conflict-writing, centered around a developing plot. Characters are challenged, affected and emerge changed in ways that infuse emotions in your readers, so that they cannot help but be personally invested in the welfare of your protagonist.

The course explains in concise straightforward language and with clear examples, the benefits of knowing where you are going with your novel; where the plotline starts (exposition) to how it ends (resolution) and how working with an overview, helps to captivate readers in terms of the lessons learned and the experience of life through the eyes of your characters.

8 Steps to Conflict ResolutionThis bcourse acts as a go-to framework for all levels of writers and introduces an 8-Step Process to adding substance to your story through plotting; these include:

  • Get Inspired

  • Getting Direction

  • Turn Your Ideas into a Story

  • Create Your Story Arc

  • Start with the End

From understanding the basic principles of a plotline, to placing your characters into situations that will help you get inside their head more, the course demonstrates the ways to make a plot event a more profound experience for the reader, to activate emotions and keep them engaged until the end of the book.

Having a Strong “Why”This module imparts pro-writing knowledge to elicit genuine resentment against the antagonist while showing the real “why” behind your characters’ actions. This aspect of plotting, captures the importance of allowing the characters to resolve their own conflicts and to keep the reader on the edge of their seats with excitement.

Creating an effective plot is not easy, however, the course unravels the secret formula and presents it in her own alluring way, and through the opinions of seasoned-writers she presents the methods to take your storytelling to new heights.

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