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Boost your powers of manifestation with this beautiful pendant featuring the 12,000 year old blueprint for the creation of matter, sound, and consciousness, the Sri Yantra. 

This most ancient form of mystical diagram is said to represent the supreme creator that transcends the Cosmos itself.   

Used as a tool for meditation the Sri Yantra connects the user to the cosmic consciousness that creates all that is, ever was, or ever will be. In the Hindu religion it quite literally connects you to the divine mind of the goddess of creation. 

In Sacred Geometry it is the mathematically precise design that is the basis for everything that exists in nature, and is known as the Golden Ratio, hence the golden frame that encloses the sacred symbol in your pendant.

This mathematical relationship has been used through the ages to create masterpieces in architecture, ranging from the Pyramids at Giza and the Parthenon in Ancient Greece, in art, DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man are perfect examples, and in music with the works of Beethoven and Mozart among others. In more recent times Nikola Tesla is said to have seen the Sri Yantra in blinding flashes as he brainstormed new inventions.  And even the tech giant Apple use the Golden Ratio when designing their products.

Now you too can connect to the divine mind of creation when you wear your sacred geometry Sri Yantra abundance manifestation pendant. You’ll have an instant gateway to focus your powers of conscious creation no matter what you’re trying to bring through the Cosmos and into your life.

And you can get yours free just by clicking below.

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