Naturally Remove Kidney Stones – Surgeons Hate Me For This!

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Former Kidney Stone Sufferer Exposes Jaw Droppingly Simple, All-Natural System To Dissolve Kidney Stones In Under 24 Hours, Using Everyday “Superfoods” Found In Your Kitchen…

NO Expensive Pills, NO Dangerous Surgery, NO Crazy Exercises And NO Electronic Gadgets Frying Your Insides!

Dear fellow kidney stone sufferer,

Picture the scene…

It’s 2.45am, and pitch black. You’ve just woken up to an agonising stinging sensation in your groin along with a desperate urge to pee. You stagger to the bathroom, bleary eyed and doubled over with the pain.

You finally make it and flick the light-switch, instantly dazzled by the blinding glare which only makes things worse. Eventually you get to where you need to be, and then comes the worst part… yep, that’s right: peeing through your kidney stones.

You screw up your face trying to block out the scorching pain that cuts right through you. But there’s no getting away from it. It hurts, and it hurts a lot. And this is the third time tonight!

Does that sound familiar?

That’s what happened to me most nights when I had kidney stones.

Luckily, I found a way out. While I was desperately searching for a solution to the nightmare of my kidney stones, I accidentally stumbled across an incredible secret that changed my life forever.

And because I know the pain you’re going through, I want to share it with you.

But first I feel I should warn you…

Your kidneys clean your blood. They filter out waste water, minerals and other products, and produce urine to get it all out of the body. So far so good.

But sometimes those waste salts and minerals collect together and harden, turning into tiny little crystals and stones which get lodged in between your kidneys and your bladder, in the bladder itself, or between your bladder and the outside world.

The tubes that connect your bladder and your kidneys (and of course your bladder and the outside world) are very small and narrow, so these stones can get stuck and cause excruciating pain. As you know, it’s incredibly unpleasant.

Now I didn’t know it when I developed my stones, but in fact they can do more than just cause you pain.

Depending on where they are located, they can cause various long lasting infections and even permanent kidney or bladder damage.

Experts also believe waiting for the stone to pass on it’s own (sometimes through brute force on your part!) is not a good idea since it tends to make the condition worse, and exposes you to high levels of stress and trauma.

The real danger from kidney stones lies in their unpredictability and potential for damage. It’s vital that you dissolve kidney stones quickly, and not just because they hurt like hell!

Simple: you have to break down the stones so that they are small enough to pass to the outside world without getting stuck.

Sounds easy, right?

The hard part is actually doing it. They’re stuck somewhere inside your body, so it’s not like you can just grind them up by hand yourself.

Here’s some ways NOT to do it…

1. Ultrasound (Or Other Various Gadgets And Laser Guns)

The basic idea with these things is that you point them at your kidney stone, plug them in and turn them on. They shoot a variety of rays through your body to zap the stone and break it down.

Some use sound waves, some use ultrasound, some use infrared beams, and I’ve even heard of some that use much more dangerous rays like X-rays! Most also require patients to be under anesthetic because it’s so painful!

While the theory might sound OK, can you imagine what these things are doing to the rest of your insides? Whatever it is, it’s not good. There are much better, safer, natural ways to dissolve kidney stones than this!

2. Exercises

Many alternative health practitioners, usually involved with Yoga or Pilates, suggest that doing some crazy, “tie yourself in a knot” exercises can dislodge the stone enough to allow it to pass naturally.

Well, I don’t know about you, but the idea of tying my body into a pretzel shape with a kidney stone squeezing around inside me does not fill me with joy. That’s going to hurt, and it’s going to hurt a lot.

Plus, who knows if it’ll even work? If it were as easy as doing a few situps, or wobbling your stomach around, don’t you think we’d all know about it by now? Forget it!

3. Pills

People will try and sell you bottles and bottles of pills to cure your kidney stones and outrageous prices. They don’t work, plain and simple. These are the same people who spam your email address with pills for all sorts of unsavory reasons…

Plus, who knows what ingredients the manufacturers put in there… Steer well clear of pills – they’re a waste of money and a waste of time.

4. Surgery

Unless your stones are massive, confirmed via X-ray by a qualified doctor in a hospital, and absolutely require surgery to have them removed (probably less than 0.01% of all cases), don’t even think about it.

Surgery is risky, expensive and an absolute last resort.

You can help avoid the chances of needing surgery by dealing with your kidney stones at home, as soon as you first notice them. The earlier you catch them yourself, the easier it is to use my technique to clear them, and the quicker you can be back to your normal healthy self.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

The answer is in the secret that I literally tripped over when I was blindly fumbling around my living room in the middle of the night…

I had just knocked over one of our bookshelves on the way back from the bathroom, and decided to ignore it and sort out the mess in the morning. As I gingerly tiptoed past, I loudly and angrily stubbed my toe on a particularly large and uncomfortable book.

Bending down to see what I’d hit, I could just about see the cover in the faint glow coming around the corner from the bathroom. It looked ancient – all dusty and beaten up. It was called “Home Remedies For Housewives”.

Heaving it up off the floor, I took it back to bed. I hoped that these housewives might be able to help me out with the small matter of the kidney stones that had been giving me grief for the last couple of weeks.

I knew it was a long shot, but I opened the book and scanned through the chapters anyway. I couldn’t believe what I saw. They actually had an entry for kidney stones!

I read it quickly, and went to sleep as fast as I could.

The next morning I woke early, grabbed the book and hurriedly flipped it open to the right page. I followed the remedy. It was easy… all I had to do was find a few well known and easily available foods, eat them in a particular amount and order, and then wait.

The foods were specially chosen for their healing properties. When you eat them together in this particular combination, they form a stone-busting remedy like nothing else!

Within hours, I could feel it getting to work. Quite suddenly, the urge to pee crept up on me. I was dreading it, but I had to go. To my utter surprise and amazement, I could pee with much less pain, and…

In fact, I almost looked forward to going to the bathroom because I knew it would be such a change from the nightmare of before – imagine what it would be like to pee wherever and whenever you like without stress, worry or pain… bliss!

The secret is in the “superfoods” that the housewives recommended, the combination of taking those foods together, and the timing of it all for maximum effectiveness.

When you combine everything, it’s like a dedicated kidney stone crushing machine that works naturally inside your body, right from the moment you’ve swallowed the first bite.

When I realised that I was cured, I couldn’t keep it to myself. I began running around and telling everyone I knew the incredible story. I was almost literally “shouting from the rooftops”…

My friends’ immediate reaction was, “how did you do it?”. Some of them had suffered from kidney stones in the past, even for as long as a year before they naturally (and very painfully) passed the stones themselves.

They wanted to know how it worked, but they didn’t believe me when I told them it was so simple! A few were interested though (the clever ones), and they asked me to write it down for them.

So I did. I wrote the whole system down into a concise, step by step book that they, or anyone else, could follow. It was quick and easy. It had to be: some of my friends are very lazy indeed!

My guide turned out to be very popular! Then I had an idea – because kidney stones are a living nightmare for so many people, and because I want to help you get through it, I decided to make the book available to the general public.


A simple, step by step procedure for banishing your kidney stones overnight. All you need is a few household ingredients, and a few minutes spare in your day. Follow the guide, and you could be completely pain free as soon as tomorrow morning!


I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. My wife and I have been looking for good information on kidney stone treatment for some time. For a while I had bloody urine. After receiving your kidney stone guide I gave it a whirl. Let’s just say the next morning I felt good. The pain went away!

— Mark Stevens

Honestly, it’s that easy. I’ve done it, my friends have done it, and thousands of other people world wide have done it too. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Dissolve The Stones

As soon as you begin, the ingredients are filtered into the urine in your bladder and rushed to the site of the stone. They get to work immediately, dissolving any mineral clumps or hard deposits.

Kidney stones are held together by a sticky substance known as mucin. Specialized ingredients in the “superfoods” can cause the stone to disintegrate because they attack the mucin and break it down. Smaller stones hurt less, and can be passed more easily.

Step 2 – Flush Them Out

One of the foods contains specific herbal extracts which has a cleansing effect on your urinary system. Basically, it increases the flow of water you pass. Thanks to the stone dissolving effect in Step 1, you can easily clear all blockages and flush out all your stones in no time.

Step 3 – Protect Delicate Tissues

The carefully chosen ingredients ensure that you are able to pass your stone without discomfort or danger of an infection.

Anti-microbial activity sets up a defence “wall” which prevents bacteria from invading your urinary system. Anti-inflammatory ingredients also keep your urinary tracts from swelling and becoming inflamed if they’re irritated by any movement of your kidney stones.

That means less pain, no damage on the way out and no infections to deal with afterwards.

Step 4 – Prevent Redevelopment

Kidney stones recur in over 80% of all cases. Unless your kidneys regain the ability to keep minerals dissolved in urine, your kidney stones are more than likely to come back.

Active compounds in the housewives remedy introduce important and natural substances back into the urine and help resume normal function, and prevent stones from forming in the future.

And that’s it – that’s all there is to it. You simply grab a few simple ingredients (which you’ll probably already have), or if you don’t have them you can pick them up at the nearest grocery store in a few minutes for less than $5.

Once you’ve got them, just follow the step by step “idiot-proof” instructions I’m about to give you, and say goodbye to your eye watering kidney stones forever!

It’s all thanks to the secret “superfoods”. They do all the hard work, and they’re very good at what they do.

Thanks for the home remedy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much sleep I got last night! Your treatment helped me by leaps and bounds. I could not have done it without your detailed Kidney guide. All I need to do now call my Doctor to give him the great news. I beat kidney stones! I am actually going to lower my medical bills from here on out.

— Catherine Price

I must say your remedy is perfect. I had no idea how effective this would be. I had burning pee but It stopped after using your guide. It was well worth it, and It worked fast! Thanks for helping me. I feel no more pain.

— Eric Allen

You’d be crazy to NOT try this. So many people have , and it’s worked for them. Imagine it… getting rid of your kidney stones right now, and knowing that they’ll never come back to haunt you again.

  • This treatment is all-natural and perfectly safe for diabetics, pregnant women, the elderly, children and everyone else. Even your pet could do it!
  • Medical bills are expensive. Home therapy is much cheaper, much easier and more convenient. Think of how much you’ll save in medical and doctor’s bills.
  • No more pain! You will feel refreshed and revitalized, and finally be able to get a good night’s sleep without being interrupted by that horrible stinging sensation…
  • You don’t have to take any prescription pills – No more haggling with the pharmacies or shoving fistfuls of pills into your mouth every morning for weeks on end.
  • You don’t have to struggle with new-fangled modern gadgets that zap a variety of potentially dangerous rays into your body. Just eat a few readily available foods according to the instructions, and you’re done.
  • Naturally, gently and safely pass your kidney stones without any scratching, tearing or damage to your bladder, kidneys or urethra.
  • You can get started in minutes. You’ve probably already got everything you need, and if you haven’t you can grab it from pretty much any grocery store for a few cents.
  • Any time that kidney stones DARE to try and creep up on you again, you can stop them dead in their tracks with another quick run through the remedy.

With the “Beat Kidney Stones” manual, you can cure your kidney stones in record fast time. You’ll be pain free and back to peeing like a baby as early as tomorrow morning. How does that sound?

The original Housewives remedy was developed a long time ago, and the original ingredients are pretty hard to find now.

But don’t worry, I’ve brought the whole remedy up to date. Using the same principles as the Housewives used to pick their ingredients, I’ve managed to track down some modern alternatives which work just as well.

I’ve compiled everything into a simple, easy to use, step by step guide which you can download immediately, and use straight away. I’ve done all the hard work, all the research, all the trial and error and I’ve finally nailed down the perfect formula for busting kidney stones. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

So how much does it cost? Well…

How much would you pay for kidney stone dissolving pills? (which might not even work) Currently, you can buy bottles of these things around $100.

How much would you pay to see a doctor? Average rates for doctor’s visits are $100-$300, and you might have to go several times.

How much would you pay for ultrasound or other futuristic mumbo-jumbo treatments? I’ve seen some going for as much as $500 per session. That’s right, $500.

Lastly, how much would you pay for surgery to have your stones removed? I’m only guessing here, but it’s probably going to be at least $1000, right? Even if it was only $800, that’s still a huge amount of money.

My guide is different. First, it actually works. Second, you can do it yourself, at home, in minutes. Third, it costs less than all of the other treatments on the market because I wanted it to be affordable for everyone.

The manual is available today as an instantly downloadable document for just $47. That’s less than half the price of a cheap doctor’s visit, and a tiny fraction of the cost of any other treatments.

Because my kidney stone busting manual is brand new, I’m offering a special discount to celebrate the official release.

Everyone that buys before will receive $20 off the regular price – that means you can get the full guide for a recession defying $17!

But please hurry. My guide won’t be new forever, and I can’t keep this discount up forever. I don’t want you to come back tomorrow and find that the price has gone back up to $47 or more.

Just think… you can get a discount now, and be back to peeing without pain by tomorrow. Or, you could wait, and possibly have to pay the full price tomorrow. Which would you rather do?

I know this kidney stone home remedy works. It’s helped me, it’s helped thousands of other people, and I know it can help you too.

While I’m 100% confident it will do what I’ve promised you it will, I want to give you some time to try it out for yourself. After you buy, you can try the guide for a full 30 days.

At any point in that 30 days, simply send me a single email and I’ll refund every penny of your purchase without a word, and we can still be friends.

But it gets better – here’s why it’s a DOUBLE guarantee.

If you’re still undecided after 30 days, you can have ANOTHER full 30 days to try it out. The same applies for your second trial period – simply send me a single email at any time and I’ll refund your entire purchase with no hard feelings.

How’s that for fair?

There’s nothing else left to say, except good luck, and please let me know how fast you cure your kidney stones. I’m waiting for someone to break the current record… will it be you?

Download your copy now and find out!

Instant Download, Even If It’s 2.45am!

YES! I am fed up of suffering with kidney stones

and painful pee, and I want to get rid of my

kidney stones overnight using the powerful

“superfoods” found in the Housewives remedy,

which I can download immediately after payment.

Your privacy and security is guaranteed. The “Beat Kidney Stones” guide is sold through, a well known and respected digital marketplace. Your order will be safely processed through their military-grade secure servers, and your details will never be shared with anyone.

You have two clear choices at this point in time.

  1. Do nothing. Suffer in silence, and keeping on dreading peeing. Eventually, your kidney stones may pass on their own, but it won’t be pleasant. Plus, in a worst-case scenario, they may develop and get worse, perhaps requiring surgery to have them removed. And that’s something you absolutely don’t want.
  2. Grab my “Beat Kidney Stones” guide, and get started with my all natural home remedy which is guaranteed to break down and flush out your kidney stones, effortlessly, painlessly and safely. You’ll be right as rain by tomorrow morning (or sooner), and protected forever against pesky kidney stones.

I don’t need to tell you which one of those is the right choice. You already know. And since you already know, may I congratulate you in advance on destroying your kidney stones with my remedy!

Nathan Peterson

P.S. – Some very clever housewives cracked kidney stone pain many years ago. Unfortunately, their secrets got buried along with the “old wives tales” in ancient books that no-one ever read. That was until the fateful night when I had one of the worst attacks in kidney stone history…

What I discovered in that dusty old book changed my life forever: and I’ve never suffered from a kidney stone since. Now you can discover the same secrets, revived and brought up to date in my brand new guide. Order now and beat YOUR kidney stones today.

P.P.S – As many as 80% of people successfully cure their kidney stones. If you haven’t cured yours yet, it’s probably because you’ve been trying the wrong approach.

Pills are are a rip off, doctors are expensive, surgery is dangerous and electro-sonic shock wave therapy devices that “zap” you with cosmic rays are painful (the procedure is usually performed under anesthetic it hurts that much!)

My “Beat Kidney Stones” natural home remedy is different, and in another league to everything else. Not to mention it’s only a fraction of the cost! Try it today, and enjoy peeing pain-free tomorrow.

P.P.P.S – I offer a full, no-questions-asked money back guarantee for a whopping 60 days. Plus, I’m currently running a $20 discount to celebrate the completion and launch of my new book. If you’re suffering from painful kidney stones, don’t wait. Grab the guide now before the price goes up. Ordering is safe, secure and your privacy is guaranteed. What are you waiting for?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can finally pee and it doesn’t kill me. Enough said.

— Teresa Evans

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