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Click the screenshots below for larger views

Main screen shows data at a glance

Moon and Sun positions during the day

Positions of Moonrise and Moonset

Positions of Sunrise and Sunset

(incl. compass directions)

Monthly Ephemeris Screen

Moon Visibility Screen

Moon Phases Diagram

Date Data

Equinox & Solstice Information

Used by amateur astronomers, military people, photographers, gardeners, fishermen, hunters, hikers, researchers, psychologists, astrologers, stockbrokers, Wiccan, new-age, religious groups and more!

The Moon has seen a resurgence of interest in the last few years, both in space exploration and among amateur astronomers. Of course, it’s always been of interest to military people, hunters, fishermen and gardeners as well as to those where the Moon plays a large part in their religion.

Telescope sales have exploded in the last five years as the cost of a decent instrument has fallen so low that very good ‘scopes now only cost a couple of hundred dollars. This has opened up the skies to a whole new generation of skywatchers.

As our cities grow ever larger, the amount of lighting has also increased and many city-dwellers are hard-pushed to see anything but the brightest stars in their neon-glow skies. But the Moon, being the second brightest object in the sky (after the Sun) suffers no such indignity. It serenely crosses the sky, ever visible (providing clouds allow!) regardless of the amount of light pollution.

Take a look at the screenshots to the right

The software offers the following features:

  • Always opens up to the current phase of the Moon
  • Moon rise and set times
  • Sun rise and set times
  • Times of morning and evening twilight
  • Times and dates of the major moon phases for the current month
  • Daily phases for the Month diagram (can be printed out on calendar)
  • A diagram showing the compass directions for the rising and setting Moon
  • A diagram showing the compass directions for the rising and setting Sun
  • A screen listing the Moon’s nearest and farthest distances to the Earth
  • A monthly ephemeris of Sun, Moon rise and set times, twilight times and Moon phase
  • Display the Moon as seen through different types of telescope/binoculars/naked eye
  • A screen graphically showing when the Moon is above your local horizon during the month
  • For the amateur astronomers, it gives libration and colongitude information
  • An inbuilt calendar that lets you see data for different dates and times
  • A Daily View diagram that shows where the Moon and Sun will be in the sky for the selected date
  • The Daily View diagram and information can be printed out
  • A calendar for the selected month (showing rise/set times and daily moon phases) can be printed out
  • Lists Equinox and Solstice information as well as the length of the seasons for the selected year
  • Gives the date of Easter Sunday for the selected year
  • Provides data on a selected date – day/week no.; days till Christmas
  • Links to online resources on the Moon and Moon Missions

The Daily View screen shows where the Moon and Sun will be during the day, overlaid on a blue band that shows morning and evening twilight and the hours of daylight. In addition, the height of the Moon and Sun on the day in question are also shown.

Anyone interested in sunrise and/or sunset will benefit from the the Sunrise & Sunset Positions screen as this shows where to look for both (as seen from your location) and also gives the compass bearing (azimuth) of both. Times of Nautical and Civil twilight are also provided as the available light around these times of day can make for great photographs.

Photographers and anyone intersted in the Moon’s cycle will appreciate the Moonrise & Moonset Positions screen as this shows where to look for both (as seen from your location) and also gives the compass bearing (azimuth) of both.

So What Do People Use LunarPhase Lite For?

  • Amateur astronomers use it for planning observing sessions – either to plan when to look at the Moon or to find out when it’s out of the way so they can study the deep sky
  • Astrologers use it to predict various Moon cycles and to find when the Moon and Sun are up in the sky
  • Military people (e.g. the U.S. National Guard, Swedish Air Force) use it to find out when the Moon is New and plan night-time exercises around that time
  • Hunters use it to plan night hunts
  • Fishermen use it to find the best times for fishing – when the Moon is high in the sky or around moonrise or moonset
  • Gardeners use it to plan when to sow seed by the Moon
  • Stockbrokers use it to plan when to buy and sell stocks (there appears to be some correlation between Moon phase and finance!)
  • Religions that use a Moon-based calendar use it to find the Moon’s cycles and times of phenomema
  • Photographers use it to plan photo shoots around the golden hours of morning and evening twilight and to plan photo shoots that contain the Moon.

Mankind is also going back to the Moon within the next 15 years. Many nations now have Moon programs underway, either in the planning stage, as exploratory spaceprobes or as fully commissioned ventures to return humans there. It’s about time! It’s been 36 years since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon and 33 years since Gene Cernan, the last man on the Moon, removed his foot back in 1972. It’s been far too long! LunarPhase Lite will let you dip your toes in the water and learn about the Moon’s various phenomena. Get acquainted with our nearest neighbor!

But That’s Not All!

This package also contains the Our Moon ebook

Our Moon eBook

If you’re new to Moon phenomena and cycles or Moon observing and don’t know where to start or you want to learn some historical tidbits or about some misconceptions about the Moon, this 25 page ebook will give you that information.

Some of the topics covered in this PDF eBook are:

  • Why the Moon Always Looks the Same
  • The Nature of Tides
  • Has Anyone Ever Seen a Meteor Strike the Moon?
  • The Distance between the Earth and Moon
  • Phases of the Moon
  • The Lunar Month
  • Observing Projects
  • Does the Moon’s phase affect the crime rate?
  • What is a Lunation
  • Lunar Libration
  • How the Moon looks below the Equator
  • Moon Illusions
  • Photographing the Moon
  • Who Was the First Person to Point a Telescope at the Moon?

LunarPhase Lite will work on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

No matter what you’re interest in the Moon is,

this package has something to offer you!

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