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“97.5% of our clients were happy as clams last year. And this is how they ALL began …”

Can you spare $9.97 and a lunch-break? Then open this guide and discover a relentlessly tested, proven plan for boosting sales 68% … 331% … even 551%

It’s so simple you may scoff in disbelief.

But if what I send you in the next 2 minutes doesn’t deliver fast, dramatic profit increases you get your $9.97 back – no quibble.

What can you lose?

Only a lunch-break. And this is what business-owners pay me upwards of $1500-an-hour to do for them.

Your lunch-hour marketing breakthrough could be anything: A new headline … a different appeal … a budget change.

Everyone is unique.

The point is you find the answers by looking inside your business. That’s what makes it different from all those bandwagon theories which don’t apply to you or your customer.

When you follow the simple questions in this guide, you see your business as a customer would. So you instantly know what needs to change.

Over the past year, we’ve served 130 clients. 97.5% got better results, with sales increases of 68% … 331% … even 551%.

You can’t do that unless you follow a plan guaranteed to work every time.

A method proven to boost sales in any industry – FAST.

I want to order now – I’ve read enough

So let me explain how it works …

3 Steps to Profits and Promotions

Your lunch-hour marketing breakthrough is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 helps you write a simple plan for sales success with information already under your nose.

You build a profit-pulling campaign, following a simple 2-part creative principle. Just follow the easy-to-answer questions about your product, customer and market.

In Part 2, you use this information for instant improvements. You see how facts in your plan connect to …

  • Position yourself against competitors.
  • Build a stronger brand.
  • Choose the right creative talent.
  • Know with near certainty which ideas will work.
  • See a clear profit on your advertising.

Finally, Part 3 helps sell your marketing breakthrough to others in your organisation. If you’re in a large company, this is how you get a well-earned promotion.

Your Lunch-Hour Marketing Breakthrough even includes our agency’s briefing template.

This has been handed to thousands of clients across dozens of industries. Over the years, it’s been carefully tweaked to give you every possible chance of success.

I want to order now – I’ve read enough

Now I wasn’t born yesterday …

I know there are other “marketing plan templates” on the internet. I’ve seen them.

But I doubt any have gone through the same rigorous tests as this one. I’ve been in this game 57 years – longer than most marketers have been alive.

This template has proven itself year after year.

And it works any time, in any industry, selling to any type of customer. Here are just some of the markets where this has worked for us:

  • Software
  • Natural horse care
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Boilers
  • CNC tooling
  • High-quality tea
  • Menswear
  • Holidays …

“Drayton Bird Associates promises “Results – nothing less” and that is what they’ve delivered consistently …” – Huw Williams, Marketing Director, Leger Holidays

  • Health insurance …

“After reviewing the current performance of all marketing creative we have come to the scary realisation that your creative is the only material we have that consistently meets and exceeds its targets.” – James Perrin, PruHealth

  • Windows …

“As one of the country’s largest mailers only three things matter. Results, results and results. We were doing fine – but needed a fresh input … For three years we’ve tested their work against alternatives. Nothing else has had the endurance, flexibility or potential.” – Paul Mitchel, Everest

Isn’t it worth $9.97 to do the same today?

Here’s a question to help you decide:

I want to order now – I’ve read enough

Do you get a 10% response from your advertising?

(This student with no business experience did.)

Ask anyone in business.

They’d kill for a 10% response in their advertising. Imagine …

If every banner, every TV commercial, every letter … attracted 10% of EVERYONE who saw it. The results would change your life forever.

Yet a Canadian MBA student got this result – with no practical experience – and less than $300 to invest.

She needed restaurant owners to take part in a survey:

  • During their busiest season
  • On the WORST mailing month of the year
  • With hardly a benefit in sight

That didn’t stop her letter attracting 10% of EVERYONE who saw it. Her success is almost entirely down to a simple process you can have for $9.97.

I want to order now – I’ve read enough

The very first chapter explains how. And here’s what else you get …

FREE Bonus if you order now!

The ‘Customer Mind-Hack’ course

Ogilvy … Hopkins … Reeves …

… every one of them would have loved working today.

Because they had to risk millions getting information you can find online …

… for free …

… in a single afternoon …

… without leaving your armchair.

This 8-Part email course shows you how.

If my time in marketing has taught me anything, it’s this:

Those who understand the customer best, win.

It’s the most important part of your lunch-hour marketing breakthrough.

This email series finds your customer’s hidden buying emotions. In 8 days, you know your prospect so well, you can write a page of their diary.

When this comes across in your advertising, sales soar.

This offer is only available for a limited time. I’m ready to pull it down any moment. So you’d better order now to avoid disappointment.

Full 30-day guarantee – as you’d expect

I always guarantee results.

And while it’s only $9.97, this package is no different. If you don’t reach a marketing breakthrough within 30 days, claim an instant, no-quibble refund.

Just as a reminder, here’s what you get for $9.97 …

  • Your 132-page guide, ‘The Lunch-Hour Marketing Breakthrough.’ Get the answers to your marketing problems by looking inside your business.
  • Our agency’s marketing plan template – handed to thousands of clients in dozens of industries. Perfected over my long career.
  • The ‘Customer Mind-Hack’ email course. Discover the hidden buying motivations of your customer. When they read your ads, they say “This person really gets me.” Nothing is more powerful.

… but if you want all this, you need to order NOW.

You’ve so much to gain and only a lunch-break to lose.

Why wait a moment longer?

Drayton Bird


© Drayton Bird Associates 2015

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