Lightweight Judo Techniques

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Here is Mohan’s Judo in Action:

With these techniques you will:


    This is the first ever online package made specifically for lightweight Judoka.


    With Mohan’s techniques and setups you will throw more people than ever before!


    The techniques included aren’t ‘muscle’ or ‘strength’ techniques, they all rely on techniques and timing so you can surprise people with really smooth ippon throws.


    After watching this dvd you wont be able to just survive against bigger, stronger guys but you will be able to dominate them.


    After your purchase you can access and download your DVD instantly. It comes in .mp4 format so it will work on any iphone or mobile device.


    If you don’t like this dvd download in any way email us at and we will refund you, no questions asked.

“After training with Mohan once I knew I had to learn his lightweight secrets. His technique is spot on and and his lightweight setups improved my Judo heaps, and it will help yours as well.”

Matt D’Aquino – Olympian

Multiple Seoi nage entries

Mohans’ main throwing techniques is morote seoi and ippon seoi nage. Discover multiple entires and setups to this throw including a seoi off the grip, a left on right variation as well as a really sneaky seoi variation when your opponent has pinned your sleeve and feels like they are in control. He also goes into great detail of how to enter for a seoi using footsweeps.

No power, all technique

Are you sick of learning Judo techniques more suited to heavyweights? You will be happy to know that Mohan stands at a whopping 5 foot 1 inches tall and a massive 122 pounds. His small stature means that he only uses technique and timing to execute his techniques. This will help you a lot especially if you are also a small Judoka with not much power.

Ashiwaza techniques

Watch and learn as Mohan uses Kouchi gari and Ouchi gari combinations to unsettle his opponents before he attacks with his main throwing techniques. He talks about the importance of squaring up your opponent and throwing in the direction where they are off balance.

Grip fighting strategies

Due to the fact that Mohan is a smaller than his training partners he needs to use his grips to the best of his ability. In this DVD download Mohan shows you how to perform a seoi against a top grip as well as a really nice way to get the inside lapel when you are fighting right vs left. Once you have the inside lapel you are able to throw your opponent almost at will.

Video For Lightweight Judo Techniques

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