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Only a few people ever get the chance to see these kinds of moves all in one place (yes, even so-called “black belts”). These are self-defense moves that work against opponents of ANY size, VERY fast – and frankly – they will make you dangerous (if you know how to use them).

Read a few of the emails from my students from around the world at the bottom of this page, and see and hear what others have to say by watching the video below – this should help convince you that what I’m saying is absolutely true (here are some people on video and I have several more at the bottom of this page).

On the way of helping bigger and bigger military and law enforcement groups, I’ve not only built a massive online following of “regular” people who have learned KILLER martial arts techniques from me, but I’ve also made some enemies…

Some people don’t like that I don’t teach years of curriculum before revealing what I think of as the “good stuff” of top “high leverage” moves. Some people like to practice “Wax on, Wax off” exercises for YEARS without ever learning a technique they can use to actually DOMINATE an opponent

That’s all well and good – but it’s never been my style. As a “smaller street fighter”, I’ve had to “go for the kill” when it comes to effective and powerful techniques, and I’ve never taught my students any other way…

LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT: In the Streets, Your Attack Will Probably Be BIGGER and STRONGER Than You Are… and many more than you think will be more experienced

And if you want to “put up your dukes” against someone twice your size with arms longer and stronger than yours – GOOD LUCK!

The fact of the matter is, it’s often a LOSING strategy to try to “stand and deliver” against someone who can bench press twice your body weight. Most fights between an attacker and a victim result in both parties ending up on the ground, because people don’t know how to fight effectively standing up! Do you really want someone who is stronger than you, and has 50-150 lbs. on you, sitting on your chest, pounding away on your face? For many people, that might seem like a death-rattle, a scary mental picture that freaks them out.

With a small arsenal of just a few deadly self-defense moves, however, a smaller or even average person has an ability to make someone TWICE his size look like a fool – breaking his face, limbs and rendering him unconscious.

The Kind of Confidence That People Just See In You

With the power of the world’s most effective moves in your hands (and the knowledge of exactly how and when to use them), you walk with a confidence most people never feel.

This isn’t about turning YOU into the kind of “bad ass”… the point is to make the “bad asses” look the other way and mind their own business – because you give off the vibe that you know EXACTLY how to handle yourself. The same kind of vibe that makes your family know they have a real protector on their side.

Inside this amazing Free DVD (sent through digital download, so you’ll get to watch and learn immediately),  you’ll get the 9 Insta-Moves used by some of the best combat soldiers – with the simple details to let you shatter an attacker’s will to attack you like a porcelain dish – even with NO previous experience.

Here’s Just 10% of What You’ll Learn in This “9 Simple Holds and Locks” DVD:


WARNING: These are NOT “sport” techniques, each of the techniques shown on this DVD can be carried out to an extent to permanently cripple to literally kill a street attacker – sometimes with minimal force or effort. These moves have been tested by the world’s best fighters, but their deadly potential in the street in absolutely NOT to be questioned. These moves are not merely for “fun” or for “sport,” but for LIFE or DEATH circumstances when you need to DESTROY an attacker Lightning-FAST.

Insta Move #1:  One step takedown

This is not a “wrestling” or “MMA” takedown move… No… you need solid training for that.  This move cuts your attacker down, and will take them right to the ground with one strike.

Insta Move #2:  How to deliver an “injuring” to a degree kick

Move #2 can be used to deliver an unbelievable amount of pain to your opponent – instantly – or literally maim him.

Insta Move #3:  Maim low line ballistic strike

So basic – so devastating – so adaptable… but so many people do it wrong.  I’ll walk you through step by step through this move which few people know how to do correctly.

Insta Move #4:  How to turn a common kick into a debilitating “scoop” move

I love doing this move against people who would dare choke me.

Insta Move #5:  This “stealth” slap is vicious, and if you ever fear getting attacked by a taller opponent, you need to learn this one. 

I love the variations of this move… you’ll love how we turn it from a slap to a punch, and the immense pain we can bring on anyone who attacks you.

Insta Move #6: The STRONGER than a punch move

When I watch movies, and see a guy punching another I yell at the screen saying they could have done this move and gotten much more bang for their buck – way more.  You’ll find no “punches” in these 9 moves, but you need to learn this one!

Insta Move #7:  How to really “jab” an attacker

I know I just said there are no “punches” in this program, and there are not… but I’ll show you a quick jab I love to show my 350+ lbs. students, when even used lightly takes them down to a knee.

Insta Move #8-9:  Undisclosed moves

You might take a guess at what the previous moves, but I can’t give any hints here to the last couple.  If I even mention it, I’ll get some people who think they know how to do it.  Ha!  Just wait till I teach you it the right way.  For the other… it is the move which is BETTER than a punch!

Insta Move #10:  Bonus move

I originally wasn’t going to put this in here, but I have to, it is my FAVORITE move!  You’ll love it to, and know it is always there when the sh*t really hits the fan!

Phew…. that’s a LOT of Killer techniques, and to be honest, I don’t think there’s EVER been an easy-to-learn collection like this of REAL-DEAL self-defense moves proven in real martial combat situations… and certainly nothing like this course which was created to teach TOTAL beginners the FAST-Destruction tactics of the world’s best fighters.

…but I didn’t stop there.

Video For Insta Self Defense

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