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Learn How To Make Fishing Lures, Spinners, Plugs, Spoons - Bass, Crappie, Trout, Muskie, Salt & Freshwater Water - In Minutes Using This Guide!

Hans Jacitza

You don’t have to be a skilled craftsman in order to make
your own fishing lures
, with a few simple tools, household materials and
using “How To Make Fishing Lures” as a guide, you can start turning out
lures by the dozens, and for only a few cents each!.

Includes Huge Free Bonus Package Of Fishing Guides

incredibly detailed
ebook is in pdf format, which basically means that you
can be
reading it within minutes on your computer
, or print it out so you read it
in your favorite arm chair, and be making your own fishing lures as soon as…
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Make Fish Lures

As well as building many of the popular lures described
in great detail in the book, that fish just can’t resist, and
getting hooked yourself on this fascinating craft, what many experts would say
is the key part of fishing success, you may also
  • Test out your own lure ideas as to design and color

  • Acquire a
    worth while hobby and past time

  • Save yourself some money

  • Find, like most anglers, that you’d rather catch one fish
    on a homemade lure
    than a dozen on a store bought lure

Learn Every Thing About Making Fishing Lures

FREE 32 Page Guide

Samples of Fishing Lure Designs

See for yourself just how easy it is to design and create your own fishing lures
in just minutes using simple household tools

Plus a free copy of “Fresh and Saltwater

This book details, step by step, the construction and assembly
of almost every type of lure used in fresh and salt-water fishing: plugs,
spin bugs, spoons, spinners, jigs, metal squids, and eel and eel skin lures
More than one hundred and fifty line drawings illustrate the tools that are
needed and how the various lures are put together. There are complete details
on how to make sinkers, leaders, and connections, and how to care for and repair

Whatever your sport, fresh or saltwater – pike, salmon, bass or
even ice fishing, there’s something in this guide for you.

Watch this short make
fishing lures video
for some more details

Arranged in 13 information packed chapters you’ll get the
authors life time
fishing lure making experience distilled in
incredible detail
as he gives the inside scope on:

  • Tools
  • Fresh water Plugs
  • Fresh water Spin Bugs
  • Salt Water Plugs
  • Spoons
  • Spinners
  • Jigs
  • Metal squids
  • Eel and Eel skin Lures
  • More Lures
  • Sinkers
  • Leaders and Connections
  • Care and Repair Of Fishing Lures
  • And much more!

About The Author

For less than the cost of a broken line and a few cheap lures you can gain
the life time experience of a master lure maker and fisherman and learn how to
make fish lures – Vlad Evanoff. He
is also the author a number of best selling fishing and angling books and
has written many articles on fishing for leading outdoor magazines and
newspapers. As a veteran angler, a craftsman in his workshop, and the author of
books on fishing and on fishing baits he is very well qualified to teach
you everything you will ever need to know about how to make fishing

Articles by him have appeared regularly in many leading outdoor magazines,
many about making fishing lures.
In this book, Mr. Evanoff combines his vast fishing know-how and his
ability to explain things simply and clearly with the experience he has gained
in making his own fish lures. Not only is every detailed explained, there are
nearly 150 make fish lure illustrations
which will help you to craft your own personnel
fishing lures
from your kitchen table or workshop.

Order your own copy – instant download

ONLY $4.99

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Here is just a fraction of what you will learn…

  • How To Make Fish Lures – from start to finish
  • Basic tools required – commonly found in almost every tool box:
    pliers, files, hammer, saws, vise
  • More specialized tools  – for those who want to do a real
    professional job: hand snipes, punches, lathes, power tools
  • Lure and tackle parts and accessories – how and where to find them
  • Fresh water plugs – the different types and how to make them
  • Wooden plugs – the easy way to make these, get started with a broom
  • The old time favorite plug – the wobbler
  • How to make 3 favorites – Propeller plugs, popping plugs and surface
  • Painting your plugs effectively – and how to add eyes
  • The most effective lures for black bass fishing – spin bugs
  • Everything about spinning bugs – complete details on building many
    different types
  • The best color schemes – for spinning bugs
  • The best ways of using cork – when making lures
  • Why you should be making – your own salt water pugs
  • The best wood types – for making salt water plugs
  • The deadliest type of plug – for salt water fishing
  • How to test your plugs at home – for the correct buoyancy
  • Different types of hook hangers – and how to fit them to your plugs
  • Full construction details – on the bomb type popper, the salt water
    popper, the Swimming type surface plug, the Flap Tail surface plug, the Torpedo
    plug, the Darter plug and many more
  • The oldest fishing lures – made and used by man
  • The best metals – for making spoons
  • How to design, cut and shape metal – for your own spoons at home
  • The eight most popular shapes – used for making spoons.
  • The two types of spoons – most widely used for salt water fishing
  • How to easily attach the hook – to your home made spoon
  • Dozens of drawings  – of different blades, barrel swivels,
    locking eyes and hook assemblies used in fresh and salt water spinners
  • Details of three old time favorites – the Propeller type spinner, the
    Cherry Bobber spinner and the Colorado type spinner
  • Why you can’t beat the “French” type of spinner – for easy casting
  • Why jig type lures are one of the deadliest – in salt water fishing
  • The four basic jig shapes
  • How to use inexpensive molds – for casting your own jigs
  • Tips on using plaster molds – you can make at home
  • How to add hooks and eyes – when casting your own jigs
  • How to add hair or feathers – to finish off your jig
  • The four basic types – of metal squids and why they are popular for
    surface fishing
  • Three ways of attaching hooks to a metal squid
  • Eel and Eel skin lures – details on making your own
  • Details about using sinkers, leaders and connections
  • How to care for and repair – your lures

FREE 32 Page Guide

Samples of Fishing Lure Designs

Plus you also get a free copy of “Fresh and
Saltwater Spinning”

See for
yourself just how easy it is to design and create your own fishing
lures in just minutes using simple household tools

classic fishing reference book,
written by Vlad Evanoff, will teach you
everything you ever wanted to know about how to make your own lures. Benefit
from the tips and tricks learnt over a life time of lure making
experience by one of the most creative anglers in this exciting sport.

Now available in pdf format for instant download you can be reading
this well written and lavishly illustrated 100 page ebook within minutes
after payment through our 100% secure online credit card processor.

If you aren’t totally satisfied with “How To Make Fishing Lures” you
can request a 100% full refund, so there’s really no reason not to read this
exciting book today.

How To Make Fishing Lures

Click here to download immediately

ONLY $4.99

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You will treasure “How To Make Fishing Lures”
as an endless source of “how to” tips and inspiration

  • Amaze your family, fishing buddies and friends – with
    your expert knowledge and skill

  • Making fishing lures can be an enjoyable hobby
    especially during the long winter months when fishing is slow.

  • The joy of designing and creating a lure  – offers
    as much if not more pleasure than the actual fishing.

  • Loose your inhabitations – about casting your expensive
    store bought plug or jig around rocks, logs, piles, and masses of seaweed.
    Cast with freedom knowing you can replace any lure for a few pennies

  • Carry plenty of spares – never run short of lures again
    on that fishing trip, mass produce your own and share with friends

All The Following Bonus ebooks Are Absolutely FREE

Bonus Fish Books

Bonus 1 – “Fresh and Salt Water Spinning”

The classic fishing book “Fresh
and Salt Water Spinning”
by Eugene Burns

This ebook is packed full of
information about fresh and salt water spinning, sells for $19.97 and is a
master piece of expert fishing know how Read more details about this free
fishing ebook bonus

Fresh And Salt Water Spinning

Fresh and Salt Water Spinning

Bonus 2 – Fly Fishing Basics – 101 Tips and Fishing Secrets

easy to read guide will transform you from a novice into a pro-angler after you
have read the incredible fishing secrets that this guide reveals.

Amaze your
friends with your new found knowledge that they’d only expect a master
experienced fisherman to know.

Read the full details of what is in this free bonus ebook below.

Fly Fishing Basics – 101 Tips And Fishing

Normally sells for $19.97

Fly Fishing Basics

3 – “101 Camping and Outdoor Recipes”

This 54 page
ebook, worth $14.95, contains some of the most delicious and easy to cook
outdoor and camping recipes that you’ll ever come across, they’re bound to
become family favorites for years to come. Blackened fish, Camp Cobbler
Delight, Camp Au Gratin Potatoes, Dutch Oven Trout and many more

Bonus 4 – “The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection”

This enormous 300+ page ebook, worth
$11.97, will satisfy salad lovers everywhere. More than any other dish, the
unique flavors of a salad is the perfect accompaniment to an elaborate dinner.
The simple combination of fresh ingredients in a salad can be more impressive
than even the most elegant dish. Read the full
details about this bonus ebook here

The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection

The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection gives you more than 350
easy-to-follow recipes
, including both classic favorites and fresh new
ideas. Inside you’ll find salads designed to suit any occasion throughout the
year — from a summer barbecue to an elegant dinner with family or friends.

Bonus 5- “Fish
and Shell Fish Recipe Cook Book”

Collection of Fish and Shell Fish Recipes

This pdf ebook worth $19.99 contains mouth watering recipes of Salmon,
Codfish, Haddock, Halibut, Turbot, Shad, Blue-fish, Black-fish, White-fish,
Sea-Bass, Rock-Bass, Sword Fish, Mullet, Mackerel, Eels, Lobsters, Oysters,
Crabs, Shrimp, Clams, Scallops and more…

Fish & Shell Fish Recipe Cook Book

Bonus 6- “Bass Fishing 101” – Great PDF ebook worth $27.95

Greatly increase your odds at catching that big bass when
you learn the following:

Discover what to take into consideration for finding the right bass fishing
hole, how to determine the best lure to use to catch bass, the techniques
the pros are using to reel in the big ones.

Bass Fishing 101
Discover the best time of the day to
catch a bass, how to know what rod & reel you should be using, discover what
water temperature is key when fishing for bass
, and much more
Bonus 7 – “Fishing Fun” – $9.99

A great little book to get you
started in the fun sport of fishing, ideal for the complete beginner,
children or wives Explains everything you need to know to get started

Getting Started In Fishing For Fun
Bonus 8 – “Aquarium Know How” – $9.99

A great little book to
get you started in the fun activity of aquarium fish. Explains
everything you need to know to get started. Easy read and ideal for

How To Care For An Aquarium
Bonus 9 – “Koi Care” – $9.99

A great little book to get you
started looking after your Koi fish. Explains everything you need to
know to get started

How To Care For Koi Fish
Bonus 10 – Sports Fishing – $19.99

Learn about the exciting
activity of sports fishing, includes popular fishing destinations, cabin
cruisers, fishing charters, choosing a boat, types of fish to hunt, when
to take your trip and much much more, 51 page PDF

Learn about sports fishing

“How To Make
Fishing Lures”
is available for immediate download, use the link below and
you will get instant access plus the all the bonus ebooks

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if it’s 2:00 A.M. !

You Can’t Lose With Our 100%

56 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Because we’re so confident you’re going to love “How To
Fishing Lures”
, we’re willing to extend an ironclad, 100%, you-can’t-lose
money back guarantee. Order “How To Make Fishing Lures” right now, read
it cover to cover, if you aren’t completely satisfied, then we don’t want your
money. Simply contact us anytime within 56 days and
we’ll refund all of your money!
Fair enough?

Hans J Jacitza

100% Guarantee

Even if you decide this guide is not right for you, please keep all the bonus
as a thank you for reviewing our classic fishing ebook.

Samples of Fishing Lure Designs

See for
yourself just how easy it is to design and create your own fishing lures
in just minutes using simple household tools

Plus you also get a free copy of “Fresh and Saltwater

Click Here To Order Now

ONLY $4.99

Order Now

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