How To Buy An Established Turnkey Business For Immediate Success

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“Discover How To Buy And Take Over An Established Turnkey Money
Making Business Like A

Seasoned Pro Using No Money Out

Of Your Pocket Techniques”

Quickly become
financially successful and secure

with an established turnkey business that you buy!

From: Frank DeJohn

RE: Buying businesses
for immediate success

Buying an established business
is far much easier and less risky than
starting a business from scratch and is the shortest route to realizing
the dream of owning your own successful business.

Most entrepreneurs will agree that
there is much more advantage to buying an existing business than to
starting a new one. The main reasons most often given for this


it is much easier to finance
an existing business – trying to finance a business startup can be
very difficult


an existing successful business is less
risky because it has a proven track record – you don’t have to
speculate about its ability, it is already making money


an existing business is free
of numerous start-up and organization problems – you don’t have to
guess or use trial and error methods to see what works


an existing business has an
established break-even point – when you start a new business you may
operate at a loss for months or even years. On the other hand, when
you buy an existing business you start making money right away.

The problem with buying
a business is not knowing what you are doing.

Do you know:

-what questions to ask the seller?

-how to value the business?

-how to negotiate a business buying deal using no money down financing

If the answer to these questions
is no, you will find yourself in major trouble if you attempt to buy a
business by winging it as you go along!

Buying a business is one of the
most important decisions you will ever make in your life, and you better
know what you are doing right from the beginning. WARNING -Not knowing what you are doing can be one of
the biggest mistakes you will ever make.

Sure, theirs free articles on this
topic all over the internet that you can try to piece together yourself.
But you don’t get the details, especially on financing business
buying deals using no money down techniques.

New Business Buyers Guide Will Save You Time
And Money!

Discover exactly what you need
to know step by step when you look for, investigate, finance and
negotiate a business
purchase deal in
this new easy to follow guide:

“How To Buy An Established Turnkey
Business For Immediate Success – Including: No Money Down Financing

How To Buy Businesses

In this new easy to follow
169 page guide , I will
reveal hundreds of creative business buying and financing
strategies for you to use when negotiating the purchase of any

With this guide, you will know exactly how to
find, investigate, finance and negotiate a business purchase

Many business buying guides
and articles show you how to purchase a business when you have money. This guide will show you how
to do it when you have no money or very little money, that is the difference.
I’m not just talking about seller financing here, this guide goes way
beyond that. In fact, I reveal hundreds of business buying and no money
down financing techniques you can
use to put together nothing down deals like a seasoned

This New Business Buyers Guide Will Show You:


how to make sure a
business is right for you


how and were to search for
the best businesses for sale


how to use all the
players in business buying deals


how to find businesses
and make offers for businesses that are not listed for sale


the exact questions
to ask a seller and how to interpret the answers


how to investigate a
business and what to look for when going over the business financial


how to properly
determine the true value of a business


examples of legal forms
and contracts you can use


hundreds of
financing techniques revealed including nothing-down and very little


how to negotiate the price
down or up depending on the terms and financing of the deal


major points to
making nothing-down techniques work for you


real life examples of
nothing-down business takeovers


techniques to
increase seller financing as part of the deal


how to use suppliers as part
of a nothing-down deal


how to use the
sellers liabilities, assets and accounts payables as part of a
nothing-down deal


how to renegotiate the
businesses existing debt as part of the financing for a 
nothing-down deal


how to use the
businesses accounts receivables as part of the financing


dirty tricks to watch out
for or that you can use when working on a business takeover


plus many many more
business buying and financing techniques revealed

Invest For

When you invest in the
“How To Buy An Established Turnkey Business For Immediate Success”
, you will have rock solid information from respected and
successful entrepreneurs that have purchased businesses using no money
down techniques.

With this guide, you will
discover the many techniques you can use for your own business takeover
deals and you will know exactly what you have to do.

Why waste time and money
guessing or using trial and error methods when you can simply follow in
the footsteps of smart entrepreneurs.

It’s like having you own
personal business buying and financing consultants at your fingertips.
You get the professional information to help you succeed in buying a
money making business!

Look, even if you have the money
in your pocket to purchase a business, you will be much better off doing the deal
no money or very little money
out of pocket financing techniques. Why
put your own money at risk? You could save a lot
of your money using these techniques!

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Buying a Franchise

How To Invest Into A Franchise For
Your Business Success

This guide will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages
of operating a franchise, and provide you with the information
and tools to
locate, evaluate and negotiate a franchise business buying deal.
Find and buy the franchise that’s right for you. (PDF – 43 pgs.)

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Franchise Your Business

How To Franchise Your Business To
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franchising it to others.  (PDF – 64 pgs.)

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Creative Business Financing

How To Use Creative Business
Financing Techniques – “over 100 techniques revealed”

Discover over 100 business financing techniques for starting or
expanding your business. If you are like most people who want to
start or expand their own business, you probably are not aware
of the many sources of financing available to you. Entrepreneurs
offering real value will always find funding. But in today’s
market, you have to look to unconventional, as well as
conventional sources of funding from a growing network of
potential investors. The purpose of this guide is to make you
aware of some of these sources of money and to show how the
money can be obtained. (PDF – 89 pgs.)

Retail Value: $19.95

Winning Bank Loan Proposals

How To Write A Winning Bank Proposal
For Business Loans

Discover exactly what the banker needs to know about you and
your business in your loan request so you can obtain the needed
capital for start-up or expansion of your business. You must
construct a businesslike loan proposal answering the 7 C’s of
Credit. (PDF – 48 pgs.)

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Government Business Money

Government Money Master

Complete directory to federal, state, and local business
assistance and programs like grants, loans, counseling, and more
for business startups and expansion! Plus hundreds of “how to”
publications on business topics!  (PDF – 57 pgs.)

Retail Value: $12.95

Business Forms Package – “over 500
legal documents, forms and contracts”

This ultimate business forms collection gives you more than 500
legal documents you can edit and print for your own business needs.
Save money on legal fees! (Note: this software is for Windows operating systems

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Having this guide and bonuses
will give you the edge and know how you need when buying an established
money making business, then plan and finance the growth of the business
to make even more money. No guess work here, you’ll no exactly how to do
it using the techniques revealed to takeover a business and become financially successful
in the quickest way possible.

How Much Does This Cost?

Since there are no printing
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How To Buy a Business

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