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What you missed if you missed the 2019 NAB Show?


Yikes! I was surveilled in Las Vegas! (Waving, lower-left.)

ContentLifecycleThe Big Idea: There’s more to broadcasting than feeding audio to a transmitter. Read what I heard here.

“Social Media usage appears to have stalled.”

Meanwhile, podcasting is on-a-roll.


On my TV show, we talk Podcasting with Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine and host of The Michael Harrison Interview and Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs.

video_bubble Launched by Edison Research in 1998, “The Infinite Dial” is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior in the USA, tracking internet audio, podcasting, and audio consumption via smartphones and smart speakers. click here to watch Edison’s “Infinite Dial” presentation; and here for their “Podcast Consumer 2019” presentation.

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