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Introducing a real-world, step by step sales hiring e-course
for hiring top performing salespeople

Dear Sales Manager,

Most sales hires turn out to be mediocre. In fact only one out of four sales hires is a self-starter. Given the way most sales managers have been trained to hire salespeople it’s no wonder.

You simply cannot rely on your gut to flip through resumes, then interview with no plan. Maybe it worked in the good old days, but that is not the case anymore. Art Sobzcak at Business by Phone says “gut hiring usually just gives you a pain in the gut.”

In the Advanced Hiring System E-Course “Sales Hiring Secrets – A Step by Step Guide to Hiring Great Salespeople,”  you’ll discover:

    • The biggest pitfalls of sales hiringand how to avoid them

    •  How to create a sales hiring system that puts you in control

    •  Proven tips for knowing whether your applicant is full of BS

This is real: know how they’ll sell before you hire them 

Today, hiring a salesperson who can really sell after you hire them, is the key to success. The economy is challenging, things aren’t as they used to be.

It takes a real salesperson, not someone masquerading as a salesperson to make it long-term in this environment.  Sales techniques can be trained, but “the heart and the blood” of a salesperson is either there or its not.

Even if you’re been hiring salespeople for years, most sales managers admit being “tricked” more often than they like. This course shows you how to sift through what they say to find out what they have done to find the “doers” from the “talkers.”

Proven sales hiring system from a sales hiring expert

I wrote “Sales Hiring Secrets – A Step by Step Guide to Hiring Great Salespeople” as a course guide for clients. The plan outlined in the course has been successfully implemented by me in my own business Radio Profits Corporation – where I had a sales team of more than 200 salespeople. Since 1994, I have used this expertise to help thousands of sales managers and businesses identify and hire the right applicants.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

In “Sales Hiring Secrets – A Step by Step Guide to Hiring Great Salespeople,” you’ll learn:

  • How to pick out those applicants from a stack of resumes you should focus on
  • How to know almost immediately whether your applicant has what it takes to sell 
  • The right way to conduct a sales hiring interview — is so powerful the fakers will never come back for a second interview
  • How to figure the real ROI of a top performer vs. an average performer – and how to get a top performer
  • Why most sales hiring strategies can actually damage your company’s reputation – and how to plan smart.
  • Which sales hiring strategies will give you the best return on investment – and which are a complete waste of time
  • Why creating a phenomenal sales hiring system is the key to hiring top performers (and how to do it.)
  • Tried and true tips for picking the top salespeople from the average ones.
  • Why adding social media to your sales hiring system can warm candidates up to you, even if they are superstars and your company has never had a superstar! 

Written for our 500+ clients,

available to you now
for just $47.

Guaranteed or it’s free.

And here’s what some of our clients says

We learned about your system from our sister station and decided to see if we could get the kind of results they said they had gotten. The last two hires we’ve made, with the help of your System have turned our Sales Department around. Their enthusiasm and aggressiveness have totally changed the culture here for the better.

Lynn Kinuko Nishimoto,

Sales Manager Apple Valley TV

“It’s working great. We feel like you’ve turned us on to a gold mine. we can really tell with the last few people that we’ve hired how well the System works.”

Jamie Futrell


I can assure you that we’ll be using your system to advertise for, interview and hire all prospects. I am a firm believer in the fact that your system greatly increases the odds of us making a hiring decision that gives us successful sales representatives.

Joe Bergfeld


Overall, the process gives me much more confidence that I have attracted, chosen and can manage successfully the right candidate—cool stuff.

Dennis P. Flannery,

CMP Director of Sales and Membership

Development Virginia Chamber of Commerce

A roadmap to hiring a successful salesperson

“Sales Hiring Secrets – A Step by Step Guide to Hiring Great Salespeople” is the most straightforward guide to hiring a great salesperson you’ll ever get your hands on. I have condensed the knowledge gained from my real life experience into a road map for sales hiring success. 

This course contains everything you need to succeed at hiring a top sales performer. In a brainstorming session with a business consultant friend of mine, he said I am giving it away too cheaply at $47. However, I’ve found that buyers of this course are so impressed with the value they often become our best clients. It’s time to get busy and hire some great salespeople for your business.

Some business owners will decide to retain Advanced Hiring System for additional help after reading the e-course. However, after reading the course you can do the work yourself and avoid all of the pitfalls.

If you too believe you need some great sales hires, this course is for you. It is 100% guaranteed. There is no risk to you. If you sign up and decide it is not what you want, your small $47 investment will be cheerfully refunded. No questions asked. I cannot be more fair.

Toward great sales hiring,

Alan Fendrich                   

Start Hiring Salespeople Who Can Sell!

GUARANTEED to work for any business

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