Goal Setting Formula: How To Set And Achieve Your Goals Like A Winner

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From: Shawn Lim

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016

Dear Success Seeker or Goal-Chaser,

If you are the kind of person who loves to discover easy, simple and super-fast shortcuts to achieve anything you want in your life… then this will be the most electrifying and exciting letter you’ve ever read.

“Quick-to-read, comprehensive

and must-have!”

If someone were to ask me which book is worth reading to help you becoming a successful person, my answer would undoubtedly be – Shawn Lim’s Goal Setting FormulaTM.

This book has given me a clear picture on why goal setting is important, how to set goals and what should I do after I have set the goals.

Guess what? After finish reading his book in just an hour, I became motivated and dare to dream big. I realized that goal setting is mandatory if you want to be successful in life. Truly amazed at how inspired I could be in just a short time!

I am so glad that I have this eBook as a guide to my brighter tomorrow. Thank you very much Shawn, for such a lovely, clear, concise and highly motivational eBook.Anabelle LimA University Student

Because you are about to find out one of the precious formulas that you can use to transform your life into a super achiever and achieve basically any dreams and goals you want in your life.

Even Bruce Lee Knows This Formula!

The well-known martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee became supreme exponent of martial arts and was once the master of masters in kung fu.

Through a short but explosive film career he made the world aware of Chinese martial arts and he then became one of the highest paid movie stars in the world. For Bruce Lee to become successful he had to overcome incredible obstacles.

As you know, he had to overcome the obstacles of being the first Chinese movie star in the West. There was a lot of prejudice towards the Chinese so this was a huge challenge…

However, Bruce overcome all the obstacles and he even used his martial arts as a medium to unite the eastern and western culture and bring down the racial barriers at that time.

Here is the Proof of How Bruce Lee Did It!

In Planet Hollywood in New York City, there is a letter hanging on the wall that Bruce Lee wrote to himself many years before he was successful.

The letter is stamped and is dated January 9, 1970. Bruce wrote on this letter clearly what his goal was to be. It said:

“By 1980 I will be the best known oriental movie star in the United States and will have secured $10 million dollars. And in return I will give the very best acting I can possibly give every single time I am in front of the camera and I will live in peace and harmony”

Bruce Lee attained this goal and he became a mega superstar and attained huge wealth well beyond the goal he set.

“A Step by Step Life Changing

Guide to Goal Setting”

I have read your eBook, Goal Setting FormulaTM, to say the least I am impressed by the book. I would like to call it a life changing guide to a goal setting break through.

It offers a step by step guide through the process and giving a more participative and practical approach which is very easy to understand and apply. I would like to recommend this eBook to any aspiring persons who are serious about goal setting and achievement. Thanks to Shawn Lim.

– Lennimore Dauda

Harare, Zimbabwe

The formula that Bruce Lee used is called “Goal Setting” and many other successful people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Anthony Robbins, etc, etc, etc.

So how did all these successful people achieve so much in their life? The answer is plain and simple…

 “The people that achieve things in life have a clear vision of what they want, a clear plan of how they are going to get there, and the ability to follow this through to completion.”

This formula is as easy as drinking water:

  • You Can’t Climb Mountain Without Taking Every Step.

  • You Can’t Hit A Target Without Knowing Where To Aim.

  • You Can’t Reach A Destination If You Don’t Have A Road Map.

  • You Can’t Achieve Your Goals Without Knowing What You Want.

Let me show you another real-life example of what this guy achieved with goal setting…

“Mind-Blowing, Easy to Follow

And Understand!

I just finished reading your excellent book ‘Goal Setting FormulaTM’. I have to say I really liked it and did not put it down until I finished it. I literally read it from beginning to end in one sitting, and then read it again, step by step, as I thought

about my goals.

What I loved about the e-book was its simplicity, in language and presentation, making easy to follow and understand.

I highly recommend it to anyone who seriously wants to move ahead in life. Thank you, Shawn.

Best wishes,

Hani Al-Qasem

From Under Achiever to A Millionaire

At the Age of 26!

When he was 12, he was lazy, unmotivated, hated to study and labelled as a slow-learner. However, he still managed to turn the world around.

Today, he is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author and a peak performance trainer. A self-made millionaire by the age of 26, he owns and runs several businesses in education, training, event management and advertising, all with a combined annual turnover of $20 million.

Who he is? He is Adam Khoo. One of the youngest self-made millionaires in Singapore.

So how in the world can he achieved so many amazing results in his life? This is simply because Adam understands how goal setting works…

“Your Future Lies within Your Hand. You Have To Master Your Mind And Design Your Destiny TODAY!”

So now you might ask, if all of these are so easy, why don’t everyone achieve what they want in their life?

Why aren’t more people living the life of their dreams? Why doesn’t everyone have the perfect career, home, body and relationship?

The reason is that there is more to goal setting and goal achievement. Goal setting is not just a wishful thinking. You can’t just sit down for 3 minutes and write down what you want to achieve in your life, and hope that everything will come true the next day after you woke up.

It is not like one day you wake up, and you found that your bank has $1,000,000. It is not like one day you wake up, and you found that you have a slim body and a BMW is parking in your garage. Achieving your goals may not be complicated, but it is not that easy.

There is a formula that you need to go through, a short series of steps that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Providing you go through that process, in the right order, there is little that you cannot achieve.

“A Great Way to Go With Your Plans and 

Start to Live Your Life to The Fullest!”

From someone who learned about goal setting and success the hard way I can tell you that Shawn Lim outlines a great way to get going with your plans and start living life to the fullest.

Anyone who reads this book will move on with a clearer head about their goals.

 Andrew Maule

When you walk on the path that you designed, you will have the natural motivation that keeps you going all the time. You’ll live your life happier than ever before simply because you are living the life that you wanted exactly.

People who believe that they are the master of their life change their life and achieve whatever they want. People who believe whatever happen will be will be change by their surroundings. They are waiting for opportunity instead of creating opportunity.

Goal setting may not be new to you, maybe you have tried to set goals and achieve them before. If you didn’t succeed, there is a high probability that you would presumed that goal setting does not work.

Perhaps, Brian Tracy says it best…

So Why Most People Did Not Achieve What

They Want In Life?

Firstly, most people do not know what they really want in their life. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. If you do not know what you really want in your life, how in the world are you going to achieve it?

You need to find out what you really want to achieve in your life before you can achieve them. Don’t be a lost sheep and following the crowd. Find out what you truly want in your life.

If you’re not sure what you want to do with your life, don’t worry. You will learn how to discover your true goal with Goal Setting FormulaTM.

“A Great Way to Go With Your Plans and 

Start to Live Your Life to The Fullest!”

What would you expect from this eBook? That’s the first thing came across my mind, but after reading this eBook, it is giving me a crystal clear view about Goal Setting.

Why we need to set our goal? For me if you do not set any goal in your life yet and I am pretty sure you shall live your life the same before. I quote from this eBook:

“Goal setting is the powerful vehicle that can bring you to whatever you want, and action is the fuel that drives the powerful vehicle.”

I can tell you that this is not the ordinary information written in this eBook. It will guide you step-by-step to setting up your goal and I like the “What Should You Do Now” chapter and if you want to know why, then grab this eBook.

So my advice to you, for those who seeking a success in his or her life and dare to be extraordinary people, take your first action by getting this eBook and you would be thankful to Shawn by making this eBook.

– Hapiz Rajali

If you are given everything, what do you want to achieve in your life?

  • Increase personal income, build wealth?

  • Lose weight, get into shape, and build muscle?

  • Stop a bad habit such as smoking, drinking or biting nails?

  • Get out of debt, pay off car and home mortgage?

  • Travel to exotic locations, vacation in Hawaii, visit Australia?

  • Afford luxury items like a new car, boat or RV?

  • Learn a new skill such as writing, playing piano or guitar?

Secondly, most people are not committed to their goals. For them, earning $100,000 a month is just a dream; for them, losing 10 pounds is just a wish; for them, owning a luxury sport car is just a hope.

“My Approach to Goal Setting Changed!”

“It was only recently that I discovered goal setting. In a nutshell, it means setting a goal, writing it down and telling the whole world about it.

In the past, I did set goals, but I would do it only in my mind. In many cases, when the going got tough, I would compromise, or bargain with myself for a simpler goal, or conveniently “postpone” the goal for another time. Most of the time, the goal would not be fulfilled in its entirety. Sometimes, it never got fulfilled at all.

Now, when I set goals and tell people around me about it, my approach to the goal changed. I would be actively seeking for ways to achieve that goal, whether it is with the people I talk to, or the TV program I’m watching, or the article I’m reading. And I will take the initiative and go out there and do whatever needs to be done to achieve my stated goal.

In fact, when I’m in my “goal achieving” mode, it is as if every fibre of my being was tuned to getting my goal achieved. In everything that I say or do, I will be looking for ways of moving myself closer to my goal. It actually becomes very difficult to fail.

Goal setting works! With the “Goal Setting FormulaTM” eBook, you will learn to set goals and adopt the right strategies to go about achieving your goals. It outlines a step-by-step guide so that achieving your goals has never been easier.”

Warrior Forum Member


“It Put Me In The Right Prospective

In Life!”

“It is true that one need to set goals, in fact it is of utmost importance if you have any intention of being successful in life. Taking the time to read this eBook has most definitely put me in the right prospective as to areas in which to set my goals after all most of us just think along the line of financial goals and not necessarily marking out a balance field, prioritizing, successful keys to goal setting, setting goals i love, as when you really love what you do you will give it your all.

I believe that one can truly inspire another and this eBook has done it for me. Thanks Shawn, every time I come up short of reaching my goals I will come back to this place to remind myself of the direction to take and the ways to go about it.”

Denise James

Therefore, if you are not committed toward what you want to achieve in your life, you will never going to achieve them. I know that you want to achieve great success and create amazing results in your life.

But the question is, “Are you 100% committed to achieve them?”

Last but not least, most people do not know how to achieve what they want. If you are just like most people, you are so eager to achieve what you want but you do not know how, this is the right moment for you…

“Experts Reveal 97% of People Who Set  Goals Fail To Achieve Them… What Do the Other 3% Do To Guarantee Their Success?”


Let me show you what is inside this eBook. It took me such a long time to figure out in writing this because I want to add in real and great value for you:

How to set and achieve basically anything you want in your life (As long as you follow through the steps in my eBook)!

  • How to live a balance life by achieving great success in every areas of your life.

  • Learn how to stay focused and put in 100% concentration in what you do.

  • Help to find out who you really are and what you really want to achieve in your life.

  • Learn how you can craft and design your own destiny.

  • Develop strategies how to drive yourself and keep yourself motivated all the time!

  • Learn how to deal with feedback and change your strategies to align with your goals.

  • Learn how to make your goals actionable that you can actually act on!

  • How you can set empowering goals that drive you all the time.

  • How to put yourself on the line and become a super achiever!

Your No-Brainer 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

I’m not crazy, however I want you to… download “Goal Setting FormulaTM” eBook now and apply every formula and secrets for the next 60 days! (More than 8 weeks!)

And if you think that my “Goal Setting FormulaTM” eBook does not help you in your journey to success, I don’t want your money. I’ll gladly return every single cent you invest here with no questions asked!

So How Much Do You Think Achieving

Your Goals Going to Cost You?

No, I’m not going to charge you $197 for helping you to achieve your goals.

Your Total Investment on Yourself is Just a Measly $7!

YES Shawn! I want to download and discover the Goal Setting Formula secrets! I want to transform into a super achiever and achieve my goals like a winner, every time!

Click The “BUY NOW” Button Below To Start Today For A Single Investment of


*** There’s no BEST TIME or RIGHT TIME to set goals and create your own destiny. When you have the chance, you should GRAB IT!

You don’t have to repeat your last year this year. Make a change. This is the best time for you to decide and to transform your life.

Don’t let this great opportunity slip by. This is your chance, grab it NOW…

To Your Success!

Shawn Lim

PS. If you are really serious in achieving your goals and success in your life, then I will be serious with you as well – You are investing for your future.

PPS. Do this for me and for you, there is no risk involved. Test out my “Goal Setting Formula” guide with totally zero risk for the next 8 weeks!

If you’re not completely satisfied with it, just let me know and I’ll immediately issue you a full refund with no question asked. What’s more, if you like it (and I’m sure you’ll do), keep the eBook plus the bonuses and use every tip, every secret, and every tool included in there.

Either way, you WIN. So what are you waiting for? Click here now to get everything you need to transform yourself into a Super Achiever!

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