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Dear Future Furniture Flipper,

It’s odd, isn’t it?

People talk about flipping houses, but they don’t talk about flipping what’s inside.

What’s inside, is where the treasure is at.

I’m referring to furniture, of course.

And you would think more and more people would take advantage of what I’ve discovered to be “The Great Furniture Boom”.

(I’ll explain more below)

But first, let me tell you how I, a wife and mother of two, accidentally stumbled upon one of the greatest opportunities yet.

It All Started When I Abruptly Lost My Job

If you’ve ever experienced losing your job, you know it can be a very stressful time. 

Not only for you but for your entire family. 

I quickly started the job-hunting process but quickly realized I was out of luck. With COVID-19 running rampant, not many companies were hiring. 

However, as stressed as I was, part of me was thankful to have a moment to reflect and to figure out what I really wanted during the in-between.

So, I took out a piece of paper and wrote out my burning desires…

✔I wanted to start my own business 

✔I wanted to work on my own terms

✔I wanted to work from home

✔I wanted to be my own boss

✔I wanted FULL control of my income

I knew it would be a tall order to fill – especially with no real plan in place. 

And the more research I did, the more I realized it came down to two options: 

Option #1: Brick & Mortar Business (aka Retail, Restaurant…etc.) The problem with that of course is the lack of capital it takes. Not to mention, the amount of TIME it takes. And lastly, this option was NOT “pandemic proof”; meaning, no control if the government were to call for another shutdown. 

Option #2: Online Business (aka MLM, eCommerce…etc.) The problem is having to be tech-savvy enough to build a website, and learn how to advertise to it. That’s difficult to do quickly and requires lots of capital as well. 

However, I need a much faster option that didn’t require insane amounts of capital to get started. 

The clock was running out. 

The bills were piling up. 

And not a single callback to interview.

I was at my breaking point and decided to take a different route home from picking up my son from school. 

That’s when I drove past…

Two Ugly Bookshelves That Changed My Life

For some odd reason, I had the desire to pull over and pick them up.

My 8-year-old son thought I was a bit crazy for doing so.

However, I had a gut feeling that with a little bit of paint, I could easily make them look brand new and flip them for a small profit in no time!

Or so I thought.

A week went by, and they sat in our garage, collecting dust.

ANOTHER week went by, and they ended up in our trash pile, ready to be picked up the next morning.

It wasn’t that I gave up on the idea of fixing them up and flipping them — it was just that I was still busy job hunting.

That night, my husband asked one last time if I wanted to keep ’em or trash ’em.

I hesitated to answer, but he could tell that meant I wanted to keep them (he knows me too well, lol)

So, he dragged them back into the garage because he’s just supportive like that.

The next morning my husband went to grab us coffee, and when he got back, he surprised me with a pint of white paint and a paintbrush.

That was just the push I needed to take a break from job hunting and get to painting!

I painted them that afternoon and decided to list them for sale.

Even my husband was impressed by how good they turned out! 

Here’s a picture of them…

Apparently, I wasn’t wrong because they sold the very same day for $50.00! 

I know what you’re thinking, that may not sound like much, but…

I thought to myself, “If I can flip those ugly bookshelves, then what else can I flip??”

So, instead of job hunting, I was on the hunt for MORE furniture.

In my first week, I made more than I made an ENTIRE MONTH at the previous job I lost.

The best part?…

I DON’T PAY A SINGLE DIME for ANY of the furniture I sell thanks to what I mentioned above: The Great Furniture Boom.

What Is The Great Furniture Boom?

Reason #1: Relocation. People are relocating more than ever, which is driving up the demand for furniture.

Reason #2: Cheap Furniture. Yes, people are getting tired of the cheap, particle wood furniture that takes all day to assemble. 

Reason #3: Inherited Furniture. The BIGGEST reason is that the elderly are moving into nursing homes, or passing on which leaves the burden on their children to dispose of their furniture. In many cases, they live out of town and don’t want to deal with it. The result? They give it away for free.

And because of these three reasons, I (and many of my students) are able to flip endless amounts of furniture CONSISTENTLY. 

Maybe you’re a stay at home mom (or dad) who’s looking to make extra money?

Maybe you’ve done some furniture flipping, but looking to do more?

Maybe you’re retired and looking for a new hobby to pursue?

Maybe you simply want to start a new business but barely have the capital to do so, and just not sure what to do?

If you said “YES!” to any of the above, then furniture flipping is for you!

It’s SUPER fun and fulfilling.

It’s SUPER addicting.

It requires very few tools (paintbrush, sandpaper, screwdriver…etc.)

And with those few tools, you and others will be SUPER impressed with the transformations you’ll be able to accomplish over and over again.

Here’s A Peek At Some Of My Flips!

That’s A Whopping Profit Of $1,145.00!

Yes, I made over $1,000+ flipping those pieces, and I did it in just under two weeks.

Insane, right?

And to think this ALL started from me randomly finding two ugly bookshelves sitting on the side of the road.

It’s worth asking yourself today if that kind of extra income would make a positive impact on your life as it has my life and many of my student’s lives.

If so, then keep reading, because as I’ve continued flipping furniture full-time, I realized one thing…

It’s Easy, But It Does Take Work

It’s My Duty To Help Others Do The Same

Something I Wish I Had From The Beginning

Someone I could go to for questions such as, 

“What should I sell this for?”… 

or, “How should I refurbish this?”

or, “How should I stage this?”

or“What should I pay for this?”.

These questions answered alone could have fast-tracked my success EVEN FASTER. 

That (and much more) is exactly what you get with my brand new 6-week furniture flipping program I’ve put together.

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