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Too many people are afraid of the gym and have misconceived notions about health and fitness, but with so many rumors flying around who can blame them?! It’s hard to know what to believe. A few of the common Health and Fitness Myths which I dispel in my program are:

  • Eating more can’t make you lose weight
  • Cardio is better for weight loss than weight training
  • Working out, especially weight lifting and strength training will make you look manly
  • You can’t work out if your body is sore
  • Calories are the most important part of being healthy

If you’ve believed any of these or other myths about health and fitness, don’t feel bad—I once did too!

At one point in my life I was desperate to lose weight but I didn’t want to quit drinking. And because I believed that counting calories was the key to a healthy diet, I pretty much stopped eating so that my caloric intake was entirely alcohol and small snacks. Although I was skinny, I was NOT healthy! In fact, I felt sick and out of energy all the time; it felt like my body was just wasting away.

Once I started following the same diet plan that you will receive with my program, I became so much healthier and full of energy! Even though I was actually eating more food, my body started to look better than ever before. This is because I was finally getting the nutrients that our bodies desperately crave and that are essential to building muscle.

I’ve realized that the type of drastic, calorie cutting that I did before is SO DANGEROUS. But like so many other people, I just didn’t know any better so I really believed I was being healthier.

Now, I want to prevent others from repeating my mistakes by educating them about proper diet and exercise strategies with my program! 

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