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Losing weight is stressful and hard. You’ve put in hours at a gym. You’ve tried counting calories by downloading complicated apps or even software.

And you probably know deep down that you want to lose weight not just to “look better”, but to be healthier — to feel better and be more energetic.

But how do you translate what’s in your head into finally losing those 10-15 pounds or more? How do you stop losing motivation or know what to eat?

My name is Bruce, and I have been spending my last 6 years helping educate people about eating healthier for weight loss to eventually regain their energy back to get the respect you deserve, whether it be from your friends or family. Or to the best mom or dad for your kid.

And today, I’m excited to announce a brand new way to lose weight and trim that stubborn belly fat by following my essential strategies in a new program I call…

But first, let me into introduce you to Melanie.

Melanie came to me exhausted. She had been overweight for many years and it was the usual story.

Her back hurt and she was always quickly running out of breath after just walking up a flight of stairs.

She felt joint pain and stiffness when riding a bike. “I’m tired of being tired, and I want to have the energy to play with my 4 year old.”She was ready to a better mom and someone her 4-year old son could look up to.

Because at the end of the day, she wanted her kid to have a better future and life. So we got to work…In the matter of 3 weeks, she started seeing results.

In fact, Melanie messaged me from the beach with her family to thank me for changing her life. And I hope to do the exact same thing for you inside the Flexitarian BluePrint™.

The product is digital and the image is only for visualization only
  • More energy and less of that “congested” feeling so that you can spend time playing with your children, without losing your breath
  • Feeling fuller longer so that you won’t have to succumb to those sugary carb carvings before lunchtime.
  • A slimmer belly, leaving you to feel more confident and get the respect you deserve during social gatherings
  • The respect of your peers and friends, but most importantly your family and kids.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

See What Others Have To Say

You know there’s not many silver linings that don’t have a cloud but this guide offers you one. Follow his plan and you will not only save money, help save the planet but also save yourself too because there is a much healthier way to eat and here it is! This is a well written and extremely useful system for all of us and not just the over weight! Still enjoying the original recipes but so far five stars for this excellent resource.

Mary Lusardi

The subject of a flexitarianism should be something that all who enjoy a balance of meat and vegetables should consider researching. This system gives you a great amount of information that makes easy for cooking, preparation and examining how you can improve your eating habits. Frank Lucianus

I love having recipes that are very specific, so this is very helpful, would have like to see some pictures. Will use this a lot in the future. Marlin Alicea Fernandez


The product is digital and the image is only for visualization only
  • 4 Key Benefits of the Flexitarian Diet
  • The calories you need to consume on the Flexitarian Diet
  • The 5 other food groups you need to be Flexitarian
  • How many ounces of meat you need to consume per week

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The product is digital and the image is only for visualization only
  • 3 less commonly known benefits of Flexitarianism aside from its health benefits
  • The chronic diseases excessive meat consumption is typically associated with

Value $14.00 – Yours FREE!


The product is digital and the image is only for visualization only
  • A shopping guide so you know what to buy at the grocery store
  • Help give distinct 5 spices you can add to you dishes to help increase the flavor, but doesn’t add excess weight to your belly like other condiments
  • A link to a super helpful Calorie drink tracker so that you can track your calories from what you are drinking
  • The Protein Content CheatSheet that contains a list of 23 vegan food sources, saving you precious time digging around looking for this information.
  • 2 foods that are as filling as meat, yet can provide the same amount of protein as meat

Value $20.00 – Yours FREE!


The product is digital and the image is only for visualization only
  • A Meal Planning CheatSheet to streamline your shopping and cooking time that also allows you to quickly reference recipes
  • 20 curated and healthy recipes to help you lose and maintain your weight that are fun to make
  • Of your product
  • The 5-Day Flexitarian BluePrint Meal Plan to guide you along what to eat throughout a busy work week

Value $30.00 – Yours FREE!

Shedding that stubborn weight and reclaiming the energy you deserve is not out of your grasp.

You just need to get out of your own way.Throw away those previous misconceptions about weight loss and let me show you how it’s done.

This is why I’m excited to bring you Flexitarian Blueprint™ for just 1 payment of $17.00 today.

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Stress and Depression Management Blueprint

Weight gain is often linked to stress and depression. In this Blueprint, I will show you how to manage stress and depression so that you stop eating to “feel good” or go on “emotional eating” binges.

Normally $50.00 – Yours FREE!

20 Bonus Recipes from Flexitarian Cookbook You’ll also get 20 bonus recipes from our beginner cookbook. These range from breakfast, lunch, dinner, all the way to snacks and desserts.

Normally $30.00 – Yours FREE!

  • My “Habit Breaker and Building Protocol” that walks you through how to break bad habits and replace them with good habits, such as eating healthier.
  • The “Inside Scoop About Sugar” that highlights little known facts about sugar to help even the most severe sugar addict end their “sweet tooth” once and for all.
  • My “5 Golden Rules of Weight Loss” that distills all the conflicting and complex nutritional advice into 5 simple rules that you can always refer to
  • My “30-Minute Meal Prep System” that helps you save TIME by teaching you step-by-step how to meal prep.
  • My “Pantry Essentials Cheatsheet” that gives you a list of common and healthy ingredients you need for your kitchen. Shopping for these does not have to be expensive!

If we were to take you into our classroom and go over these concepts and information 1 on 1, it would easily take over 10 hours to cover all this information.

Not to mention the amount of time to review and make sure you understand them. At nearly $50/ hour, it would turn in a pretty expensive day.In fact, if you look at how other nutrition related courses are handled (e.g. Cornell Plant-Based certification) it’s not uncommon for them to cost over $1000.

Although it is true that many of the teachers are highly credentialed, these courses spend too much time focusing on the science and theory behind nutrition and diets rather than practical applications in day to day life.I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not waste time trying to understand some theoretical information regarding nutrition/dieting and go straight for a step-by-step manual.

If someone had handed me this blueprint back when I was starting out, I would have paid hundreds of dollars for the amount of the time I spent researching and compiling this information together.

One of the reasons why we can offer this system at this price is because we don’t ship you anything.

You get all the text and information and all the bonuses (INSTANTLY) with lifetime access and new updates when made available.Because of that, we’re releasing The Flexitarian BluePrint™ for the lowest rate possible…

How do I access the product?

After completing the order form below, you will get instant access via Download.

Are there recipes and a meal plan?

Yes. We included a good list of curated recipes and a 5 Day Meal Plan

What if I’m not happy with this product?Check it out, give it a shot for 60 days, and if you don’t like it, simply send our team an email and we’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price.

What if I don’t have time?

There’s something called meal prepping, and our BluePrint contains suggested shopping list of foods to streamline this. Plus, you have a whole 30 days to try out everything, and if you don’t it, you’re welcome to request for a refund and keep our product.

Isn’t nutritious food expensive? 

It doesn’t have to be, you can buy in bulk, plus Flexitarianism focuses more on vegetables, which is often much cheaper than meat. There is no “extra” add-ons or products you have to purchase on top of this product.

Here’s All You Need To Do Now…

Only $17

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