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I’m going to keep this short and sweet. The word is out already and over 800 orders have come in.

Russell Stutely, a worldwide Martial Arts authority and The World’s #1 Pressure Points Coach has broken the mould of what instructional videos should be.

This is a GAME-CHANGER that will forever change how martial arts instruction is filmed and presented.

You probably already know that Russell’s lifetime in Martial Arts and multiple Black Belts make him a walking encyclopia of violent know-how.

When you add his countless real-world altercations in security and streetfights, it’s like throwing a bucket of gasoline on an open fire.


Russell decided to take Martial Arts instruction to a whole new level by adding this Explosive Reality in real-world violent attack scenarios.

You will see attacks occur in one of the most dangerous bars in the Philippines. You will see blood and teeth fly as he stops attackers cold with a flurry of devastation and pressure-point destruction.

Then, you’ll see Russell SCIENTIFICALLY break down what happened for you – so you can understand it and learn it for yourself at your own rate.

Each technique, each move laid out in perfect order from multiple angles.

Here’s a list of the techniques you get on 3 Digital DVD downloads.

Look At Just Some Of The Techniques You Will Master:

  • Enter Under Cover – Safely Attack the Attacker
  • Gorilla Pull – This is PURE EVIL
  • Lung Collapser – This is Just Plain Nasty
  • Bladder and Bowel Release – OMG – See the bad guy urinate in a heap on the floor after being hit
  • One Arm Strangle – Multiple Attacker Technique
  • Brachial Stun – Instant K.O Baby
  • Thai Strangle – You NEED to learn this one – Multiple Attacker Technique
  • Much More


Just IMAGINE knowing all of those techniques!

Well, guess what?

You can. They’re right here for you. And even if you knew just a few of them… do you really think your attacker would even stand a chance?

Exactly. Look, Here’s the Bottom Line:

You get all of this in a perfect package you get to keep forever

The above would clearly be a great deal at 4 or 500 bucks, but this info is so great, so phenomenal, we’re going to let you have it at a HUGE discount on one condition! 

After you’ve seen it, you must promise to tell all your friends about it!

Is that fair?

Okay then, here’s your discount price for all of the above: $247.00, $197.00, now only $147.00

So Order Now! and save 100.00 bucks!

Praise is coming in from around the world from top Martial Artists who were sent advanced copies of Hardcore Fighting Secrets.

We know you’ll feel the same way. 

In fact, we GUARANTEE it: 

Russell is so confident you’ll love this material he’s backing it with a 

Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

With nothing to lose and the best fighting skills to gain, go ahead and order your own set of Hardcore Fighting Secrets right now!

Video For Fight Survival

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