Escapoly – Escape Room The Game

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What is Escapoly®

Escapoly is a mystery, co-operative, detective experience created especially for escape room, treasure hunt and logical game lovers. In this challenging, story-driven game for 1-8 players, you will try to stop a serial killer in order to save his next victim by finding clues, solveing puzzles and decrypting codes. In this first edition Escapoly takes you inside a real crime scene left behind by a serial killer named the Enigmist Clown. We will send you 3 envelopes containing the evidences of 3 different crimes and some photos that were collected at the crime scene. You are going to gather information, deduce clues, and follow leads…

Let’s just hope that you will be able to stop the clown, before there is another victim…

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Tick, tack… the time is up… But do not panic: you do not need to be the new Sherlock Holmes to win!

This game is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced … This is not a board game, there will be no dice or playing cards, but only a challenge between the killer and your investigative skills.

So what will you do …

Will you accept the challenge and stop the killer clown or close yourself in a closet hoping the clown never finds you?

Ok, I accept the challenge

Can you save the next victim before it’s too late?

Try it now

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