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professional sounding home recording

Label Artist Shares His Exact Home Recording Method
Step By Step, So Any
Songwriter Can Easily Learn To Make Pro-Quality Recordings At Home

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Faster & Cheaper Than You Ever Thought Possible”

easy home recording blueprint success stories


TODAY, with your
Easy Home Recording Blueprint, you will also receive 4
things that
can actually change everything for you and your music. 

I will explain everything below


“What is
Home Recording Blueprint
and what is the Blueprint
Getting Heard

Together they can change your recording

Make sure to read the information on this page:

  by Owen Critchley – Warner, LoudThud Recording

On this page you’ll find out:

  • How
    hit songs
    being recorded right now in a shockingly simple
    HOME studio
  • The “professional”
    home recording
    equipment you NEVER have to use (that can

    actually make your recordings
    sound worse)
  • The
    opportunities that are wide open right now for getting
    heard by thousands

  • #1
    simple pro trick to make
    room-filling home
    recordings immediately
  • If
    you have a computer and ANY kind of recording software (even free) I
    will show you exactly how you’re going to be able to easily record and
    produce pro-quality home

how to home recording studioClick
or just press play on the video below for your

video presentation

showing how The Easy Home Recording Blueprint method fools the best
ears in the music business every day.

  • This special presentation ALSO
    answers the #1 question songwriters have been asking for
“Is there a easy, clear, step by
step method to record studio quality songs at home, without complicated
studio equipment?”
  • AND keep
    watching for a very
    special opportunity for you and your music to be heard by

    of new fans every month. 

Reports Are Already
Pouring In

Proof the Easy
Home Recording Blueprint Method

Will Work For You

What Do Some of the Best Ears
in the Business
Have to Say?

Home Recording Blueprint Testimonial 1


me get this straight…

Owen, you recorded two versions of this song,
that. One
you recorded at the studio we sent you to, and one you recorded at
home? And you’re telling me that I just picked the one you did at home?

Holy $*@&! How the heck you manage that?!”

– Former Head of Publishing – Warner Bros/Chappell

great. Sounds like someone really
knows what they are doing. Mind me asking what studio you recorded them

– Brian “Big Bass” Gardner – (Mastering Artist for No
Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc etc)

How to Home recording

recognition of
your recording

‘Before the Waves Come’

“Only the highest quality songs make it to the
This honor
demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a ‘Hit Song’”

– Billboard Song Award

“Are you
ready for your music to

‘stand up and stand out?”

now you
have the chance to make pro-quality recordings using just your own
home computer and any
recording software you like.

In fact, my records are made using free recording software! Sounds nuts
doesn’t it? But it is 100% true.

  • I just recorded a song for
    a U.S. tv series and another for a major compilation project featuring
    a bunch of major label artists. Those artists spent a ton recording
    their tunes. Not me… I recorded right here at home using myhome
    computer, 2 mics, just 3 cables and the Easy Home Recording Blueprint
  • Another song was just
    signed by Midfinger Records for release across Europe and it was
    recorded with, you guessed
    it, free recording software.
  • A
    ballad has been recorded by 2 separate major
    label artists.
    Where was the song recorded,
    that sealed the
    deals with these artists?… At home. Using the exact
    methods I have put together for you in the Easy Home Recording
  • How
    about a Billboard Music Award?
    Yes! For a song recorded
    using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint method, just a few months ago.
  • There’s a song called “Come to London” that was recorded
    using the Easy Home
    Recording Blueprint, and it got featured at the biggest music
    conference on Earth. (The MIDEM conference in Cannes, France.) And
    then? It was picked up and 20,000 copies were released across Europe by
    a large record label there.

More Proof?

Home Recording
Blueprint’s Ultimate

wanted to give the Blueprint method a real-world test for you. Here’s
what I did…
I recorded 5 new
songs, NOT in a professional studio, but instead, in my astonishingly
stripped down studio at HOME, using the very simple methods laid out
step by step in the Home Recording Blueprint.

I knew my new methods would be literally a fraction of the work and
price. BUT, I wanted to really test The Blueprint so I let the industry
folks believe that I recorded the 5 new songs in a professional studio.

In other words… I didn’t tell any of them that I recorded these songs
at home.

Would these pros notice?
What would they say?

Well, when I played the new songs, NOT ONE of the industry guys could
tell I had changed my studio or the way I was recording.

In fact, three of the songs were used right away in film and tv
projects. Like I said, I did not tell these industry folks any of this
and my new simple recording methods have been my little secret.
(Well… until now anyway!)

professional quality home recordings

Why Does the Easy Home Recording

Blueprint Work so Well?

The Secret is…

probably heard me say this before but I’ll say it again: “Recording clear, room-filling
sound is NOT rocket science.”


are certain simple details, when recording, that must be taken care of.
I guarantee you that 99% of people recording at home are totally
unaware of the little things that make a great sounding recording.

The Easy Home Recording Blueprint makes sure that every step of the
way, every single one of these very simple, but very important details
are covered.

Believe it or not, simply taking care of certain little details, in the
right sequence, will instantly put you miles ahead of the 99% of
aspiring recording artists, who let simple detail after simple detail

Easy Home Recording Blueprint’s step by step, “copy me as you record”
method, takes you through every one of the little things as they come

owen critchley recording book

step we take together will take you, and your music, a step closer
to stunning sounding home recordings.

We Continue…

I Think
You Should See
You can probably tell that I’m passionate about
this… that I believe in the Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method and
what it can do for you and your music right now.

But I created the Blueprint, so of course I would feel this way. No
surprise there right?

BUT… there are
people who can tell you, better than I can

what using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method  can
really mean for your music and your immediate recording future.

easy home recording blueprint review Who are these

These people are Easy Home Recording Blueprint users
and they have asked me to forward a message
to you

(** If you think I’m passionate about the Blueprint method, wait until
you hear what “Blueprinters” have to say to you about it.)

Click HERE to open a new window to
see messages from Easy Home Recording Blueprint users

Are you ready?
Because it
will happen FAST.

Even after only your first couple of tracks are recorded, right before
your eyes (and ears) your recording will sound like it was produced in
a professional studio.

home recording blueprint review

advice is to be
ready for
people’s jaws to drop when you play your first recording after using
the Easy Home Recording Blueprint.”

Getting great sound is
NOT about:

 How much equipment you have
 And it’s NOT how much your
recording software costs

A pro-sounding home recording IS

  • A specific combination of simple steps
  • Doing the steps in the right order
  • Getting used to the idea that you CAN make pro-quality
    recordings using dead simple recording software and your own computer

Do I Get Started?”

You’ve got 3 choices to start making hit-quality recordings at home:

1. Easy Home Recording

The Standard Edition includes the full Blueprint method without
embedded audio.

Home Recording Blueprint STANDARD EDITION

2. Easy Home Recording
Read along and
listen too! Audio tips and tricks with my step-by-step commentary and
music from real recording sessions in my studio.

You’ll be able to listen to step by step tips and examples. Including:

Building a monster drum track in less than a
* Hear
and follow along as I build a huge vocal texture using just 3 or 4
tracks. AND…
You’ll hear how to make spacious 3 dimensional mixes as I take you
through the mix of a Billboard Song award winning song recorded using
the “Easy Recording Blueprint method.”

Home Recording Blueprint PREMIUM EDITION

3. Free 6 part mini-courseIf you like, you
can take your first step to becoming a “Blueprint Artist” by signing up
for my mini-course and get a sneak peek at the simple Blueprint method.

Free home recording lessons

“Easy Home Recording
Blueprint is a complete copy-me-as-you-go
learning method.”

The Easy Home Recording Blueprint was designed to get you recording
pro-quality recordings right away. This is possible because you will be
copying me step by step.

* Even total beginners will achieve high
quality recordings…while they learn.
* The Blueprint becomes your recording
companion as you keep it open as you lay down your tracks.
* You’ll be confident and excited to
start, because you’ll know that this is the exact method I use to
record songs and music for movies, tv, cd release and licensing.

So, to help get you signed as my
newest “Blueprint Artist”…

“I’ve added 2 very
important bonuses to go with your

copy of the Blueprint.”

When you act today, I’m also going to include…

Bonus #1

‘The Blueprint to Getting Heard’

How to promote your songs

BOOK 1: The Organic
Fan-Building Method and

BOOK 2: The
Fan-Building Method
Blueprint artists start making their great sounding recordings at home,
they are going to want the world to hear them.

My ‘Musician’s
Blueprint to Getting Heard By Thousands’
will show you
exactly how to be found and heard by thousands of new fans and

Follow the steps and I’ll show you exactly how to create your online
presence that will be MILES ahead of virtually every indie artist on
the web.

“With the
‘Blueprint to Getting Heard’ you WILL be found and heard… not by one
or two people, but
hundreds of new listeners every day

AND, as always…

prove the results right before your eyes by showing you
real world test promotions
using the simple steps in the
Blueprint to
Getting Heard
by Thousands.
to Getting Heard,’ combined with the great sounding recordings you’ll
be doing with the ‘Easy Home Recording Blueprint,’ has the potential to
be a game changer for
your music
Heard” is so popular that it is actually being sold separately here.
right after you pick up your copy of ‘Easy Home Recording Blueprint,’ YOU will get the
‘Blueprint to Getting Heard,’ FREE.

You will find
out how to lead
thousands of new listeners and new fans to you and your songs.

Bonus #2

“The Featured Blueprint
Artists Page”

Submit your songs to get heard by new fans every day

about getting seen and heard by thousands…

As a Blueprint Artist you’ll
be able to submit your recordings to my

Featured Blueprint

* You
and your recordings will get MASSIVE exposure to listeners from all
over the planet.
* ‘The
Featured Blueprint Artists Page’ will work hand-in-hand with ‘The
Musician’s Blueprint to Getting Heard’ bonus series
* Including
links back to your own site or artist pages, driving even more new fans
toward your music. 

Bonus #3

‘Private email access
directly to me

Home Recording Blueprint free bonus 3

Did I
say 2
bonuses? Let’s make it 3 bonuses

As soon as you get your copy of Easy
Home Recording Blueprint I’ll give you a special email address, just
for Blueprint artists, where you can contact me.

I’ll always be here, just
an email away for any questions, tips or
… or even if you just want another set of ears to
listen to
your recording.

I can give you a 4th bonus that can be an instant game-changer for you

You see, I am about to release a Deluxe Edition of Easy
Home Recording Blueprint that will include “copy
me as you record”

But Today, included with your
Easy Home Recording Blueprint,  you will get lifetime access
to this unique video series that will guide you straight to
your own hit-quality home recording

You have this opportunity today to be present, every step of the way,
as a song is recorded for worldwide release.

home recording videos

You can literally copy
every step I make as I record a new song that
has been commissioned for a film release.

seen anyone provide anything like this to home recording artists.”

I’m happy to invite you to have free access today to these unique
‘copy-me-as-you-record’ videos with
your Easy Home
Recording Blueprint.

owen critchley recording book

much is all
this worth? Let’s compare…

It’s really a shame
but this is what others spend trying to get pro sound in their home

* Typical recommended recording software – $300-$600

* Extra software “plugins” – $250-$600

* Mixing board – $600

* Effects and compression hardware – $900-$2000

* Multiple expensive microphones – $700-$3000

* Cables – $150-$250

It just gets worse
This is what others spend in a typical professional recording studio

* Professional studio by the hour – $250-$1200/day

* Professional mixing studio and engineer – $40-$75/hr

* Re-mixes and alternate versions – $200-$400/song

* Professional producer/arranger – $500-$2000/album


Let’s look at the
thousands you’ll save using the simple methods in the Easy Home
Recording Blueprint

Easy Home Recording Blueprint guides you through step-by-step to
recording the kind of pro-quality tracks you always wanted, except all
you’ll need is…

* your own

* free (or
really cheap) recording software

* 3 cables and

* almost NO
extra equipment.

Getting pro-quality sound at home
easier, faster and cheaper than
you ever thought was possible.

consider what it would really
cost you to learn all you need to know
about getting pro-quality recordings at home, as well as tips, tricks
and advice from a professional producer and recording artist… let
alone learning how to gain exposure and be found and heard by thousands
of new listeners.

Picture yourself a
month, or even a year from now.

Do you see a future with a CD or computer full of great sounding songs
and recordngs?

That’s great… what were your plans in achieving this before you came
here today?

* Have you been
saving for recording software everyone says you need?
* Have you already
been recording, but it just doesn’t sound professional?
* Have
you been assuming that you need expensive equipment, or even rent some
time in a professional studio, to get the sound you want?

** Add all that
stuff up and see how much this future that you’ve imagined really costs.


Imagine that same future, full of great sounding recordings, except
this time, imagine that you have achieved all this, and much more,
using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint.

Home recording blueprint savings

How about this…

If you take action today, I am only going to ask you for the (very low)
one time only investment in the future you want, of just…


$98? No!

$58? No!

That’s right! Blueprint Premium Edition


for Recording Blueprint Standard Edition

That’s $49 for EVERYTHING described above… including embedded
audio of the Blueprint Premium Edition!

That means the Blueprint Standard Edition (no audio) is just $43

All available by instant
, and designed to give you a massive
shortcut to making your great records at home and making that future
you pictured closer than you ever imagined.

Regardless if you’re a beginner or you just want recording pro-quality
tracks at home to be simpler, cheaper and more fun.

But that’s not all.

Because anyone who knows
me at all, knows this…

always more…

When you take action today, I am more than happy to eliminate any bit
of risk for you with my…..

Home recording guaratee

Limited time offerPlease realize that this
is a Special Offer.
You’ve arrived
here today in time to take advantage of this special price
for Home Recording Blueprint Premium and Standard Editions.

If you come back and this price is gone, there’s nothing I can do…

What will happen if
you don’t grab The Home Recording Blueprint today?

Well… nothing much will change.

The sky won’t

The busses will
still be running

And the quality
of your recording, and
your dreams of recording pro-quality tracks at home, will remain as
they were yesterday, 2 days ago and last month.

BUT, by placing
your risk free order today, you’ll get EVERYTHING you
need to learn how to record monster, room-filling pro-quality tracks
FAST, EASILY and using free or really cheap recording software and
almost NO extra equipment.

You will be able to match
the recording quality of virtually any song
you hear by established recording artists.

And of course… blow away your friends AND yourself.

reviews easy home recording blueprint

Will you take the
next step and start recording your great sounding record?

The step-by-step Easy Home Recording Blueprint will teach you
everything you need to know to learn how to record pro-quality records,
so simply, so quickly, that
you will literally be starting right away

And you’ll have the confidence of knowing the method works, because it
is the EXACT method I use to record songs for movies, TV, CD release,
compilations and licensing.

The Home Recording Blueprint is available via instant download.

When you click the order button below you’ll be sent to a secure
payment page at ClickBank.

Easy Home Recording

Blueprint method is the most powerful learning system for recording pro
quality sound at home… simply, and so affordably that the
next big hit may well come from someone’s home computer”

mosted trusted and secure vendor

and services provided by RecordingHomeStudio.com.

Sold by ClickBank
Inc., Boise, ID USA.

Owen Critchley

That’s it from
me! Here’s to your great home recording future.

Owen Critchley

– Remember, I guarantee that you will get great results, otherwise you
can return it next week, next month, or even up to 8 weeks from now for
a prompt, courteous, 100% refund.

– If you don’t order Easy Home Recording Blueprint right now, how will
you discover the exact, astonishingly simple and dirt cheap methods
that I use to record hit-quality recordings at home? The Blueprint
hands you ALL the step-by step shortcuts that will have you recording
your own great sounding tracks right away. (If you do order today, you will
receive lifetime access to the Deluxe Edition videos at no charge.

– A very popular question I get from Blueprint students is, “Will The
Blueprint method and all its bonuses work for any style of music and
recording?” This is a good question and the answer is… Absolutely! I
write and record all styles of music and I rely on the Blueprint method
for EVERY style and genre.

The Easy Home Recording Blueprint method isn’t about what kind of sound
or style you want to record. It’s about showing you how to easily and
cheaply capture and create the sound YOU want. The techniques are
designed to let you focus on your music and pursue your creativity and
imagination wherever they take you.

And remember… I’ll
always be close by
via the special email address that you
will receive with your copy of  The Blueprint.

You have no reason not to order your copy of the Easy Home Recording
Blueprint right away!

The following is
an exerpt from

& A with Owen Critchley”

Owen Critchley

Q:“Professional quality
sound using free recording software?

How is that even
I need complicated
recording software?”

Owen: “No
way. That’s one of the most astonishing things about the Home Recording
Blueprint. This method works with ANY recording software.

Here’s why…

Dead simple recording
software is possible because The Blueprint
focuses on showing you how to “capture” sound so beautifully and
effectively, that we simply don’t need complicated recording software
and tons of toys to get clear, room-filling pro sound.

You see, The Easy Home
Recording Blueprint focuses on a specific
combination of steps that makes each sound you record healthy and huge.

Following this easy step
by step method, maintains pro-quality sound
from the beginning of your session to your completed mix.

think, for me, the most rewarding part of writing The Easy Home
Recording Blueprint is being able to share this with people and then
hearing from them about how The Blueprint is enabling them to
get pro-quailty tracks at home. And they are so relieved and…
surprised! that recording is exciting and enjoyable like it should be.

For the people who have decided they’re ready, they just love being
able to get “blow your socks off” sound any time the spirit
moves them.

people who are still deciding, I would just say, “let’s get started and
record some great music.” There’s no reason to wait or buy unnecessary
equipment. Get those songs recorded
right away.

Download Easy Home Recording Blueprint here

Video For Easy Home Recording Blueprint – Big 75% Commissions!

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