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a late Spring afternoon, imagine two families departed for Disney
World. They were very much alike, these two

Both had two children,
both had middle class incomes, and both
lived in the same neighborhood.

Both families took the same flight to Disney
World. Both stayed at the same luxury 5-Star Disney
World resort

Both families attended the same shows and
events, and ate at the same restaurants.

Both families spent the same amount of time
at Disney World, and returned home on the same flight.

But there was a difference….

One family spent $5,500 for their Disney
World vacation. The other spent $2,700.

What made the difference?

Hi – I’m Beth Haworth.
If you’re like me, you probably insist on getting the most
you possibly can for your money.

I’ve written a guide to the best
tips, tricks and savings available
for a Disney Vacation.
Strategies that can literally save you hundreds –
if not thousands of dollars.

You see – I’m not only a best
selling travel author – I was also a Disney
Cast Member
. And let me tell you – those were
some of the best times of my life. I learned a lot –
but I also kept my eyes open.


Disney World Savings Guide e-Book

Please note that this is an e-Book that is updated
regularly. All customers receive lifetime access to
e-Book updates, even if it’s months or years after
your initial purchase. You will always have the very
latest Disney savings strategies at your fingertips.
an e-Book?

An e-Book is a book you
read on your screen. It can have significant advantages
over a printed book. I update my e-Book regularly,
thus keeping it more current than other Disney
guides. Buyers also receive lifetime access to
my Guide at no additional cost. Many Disney vacationers
download my e-Book before every Disney trip in
order to obtain the latest Disney savings information.
Full instructions for opening your e-Book are
provided after your order.

I watched hundreds of families needlessly
throwing their money away because they didn’t
know any better way. If only they had known what I know!

And that’s how my “Ultimate
Disney World Savings Guide
” e-Book was born.

It’s everything I’ve learned and discovered
in making a Disney Vacation an affordable and magical experience.

You can have a Disney World vacation
every bit as enjoyable and rewarding as the family who spends
2, 3, or even 4 times as much money!

Let me give you an example of my recent trip:

Disney 4-Star Resort: Retail
cost $1,941 for 5 days

My cost: $890

a savings of $1,051
– for less
than one hour of my time! And that’s not an off-season
deal either! I’m talking right in the middle of peak
Disney travel times in 2018! Follow the 9 easy
steps in my Disney Savings Guide, and you can do it

Why not pay for your trip in advance,
rather than making credit card payments for months afterwards?

Every tip, every suggestion, every
strategy you’ll find in my book is for real
I’ve done it all first hand. Both as an actual Disney Cast
Member – and now as a Mom with three kids going on Disney

Let me tell you exactly how “The
Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”
is going to
save you a bundle of cash.

Or – as Mickey might say: “On
With The Show!

Greenville, SC News Interview.

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disney world

disney world vacation

Ticket Savings

Available to readers of my Guide only, use my
ticket discount code

to obtain the lowest cost online for 5, 7 and 10 day
park hopper tickets. Your exclusive code and full instructions
for using it are provided in the Guide.

The one thing you must do TODAY
that could net you hundreds of extra dollars in your vacation
account to help purchase Disney World tickets, trinkets, and
meals at Disney. This one money-saving tip alone may make enough
money to pay for all your meals in the park
for the entire week.

disney worldHow
To Save Up To $200 (And More) – Just On Disney Ticket
Costs Alone!
I’ll clue you in on all the different
ticket types and the best buys – with tips that’ll
literally save you hundreds of dollars.

disney worldBest
Bargains On and Off Line
– You’re going
to find the best places and sites to buy your advance tickets.
(You’ll probably be surprised at the answers!)

disney worldExclusive
discounts on Disney World Tickets!
only to readers of my Guide.

disney worldTicket
– The ins and outs of exchanging or
upgrading your Disney tickets. When does it make sense –
and when will it actually cost you money? Everything you’ll
need to know is right here.

disney worldE-bay
– Think those “discounted”
Disney Pass Ticket Prices are a great deal? Many times they’re
not the bargain you think! I’ll tell you exactly what
you have to know – before you make that bid!


I don’t have to tell you – it
sometimes seems finding great airlines prices is more of a
lottery than a science. Well … I can’t affect
what the airlines charge – but I can fill you in on
what to look for! My Guide includes my insider’s tips for
getting to Disney World, staying at Disney World, dining at
Disney World, and more.

disney world vacation

Dinner Show

Be sure not to miss this one. I’ll give you the low
down on the Hoop-Dee-Doo dinner show at Pioneer Hall,
including how to score the best seats in the house!

disney worldWhen
Exactly Are The
High And Low Price Seasons
When Visiting Orlando and Disney World?

disney worldHow
To Shop Around For The Best Buys
. Find out which
websites are the easiest to use when looking at alternate
vacation dates.

disney worldWhat
Airlines Are The Most Stable
– and which aren’t.
Here’s something you probably aren’t aware of:
Some of your best bets aren’t listed in the travel websites
schedules. I’ll tell you what they are.

disney worldDid
you know Disney offers a free “Magical Express”
shuttle and baggage service?
No more waiting for
your bags at the airport! Your luggage is delivered directly
to your hotel. Find out precisely how it works.

disney worldOff-site
Lodging: Each option is fully explained – with the benefits
(and possible drawbacks) you can expect.

disney worldDiscover
which offsite hotels offer the best value – and which
to steer clear of. In fact – “The Ultimate Disney
World Savings Guide”
has 12 Shortcuts To
– ensuring when you check in –
the only surprise you’ll find is how smoothly everything’s

disney worldDining
– Dining can be expensive at the major
resorts. We’ll show you how to slash your food
expenses – without sacrificing the fun
of eating

disney worldRestaurant
– Planning on a character dining
experience? Beware. Many people don’t get the ones they want.
Follow my tips and get your seats!

disney worldToy Story Mania ! Find out what’s the hottest rides –
and most talked about shows this season – and how to
score the best seats in the house.



Segway Tour

This is me on the Segway tour of EPCOT. How many people
see the park like this? My guide reveals the best Segway
tour, and how to have the park virtually to yourself!
This is one experience you’ll never forget.

I admit it – I love everything
Disney. Especially Disney World.

There’s so much to see and do and
experience – you could spend a month at each park and
still not get to it all!

Here’s how “The Ultimate
Disney World Savings Guide”
helps you sort it all

disney worldWhat
to Do On a Rainy Day
– Yes, it rains in sunny
Florida as well! Solve that problem with fun and adventurous
I’ve used many times.

disney worldThe
One Park You Should Visit Last!
(Especially with
young children.) This one will definitely surprise you!

disney worldHungry?
Find out what’s OK to bring inside the Parks with you
– and what you should leave at the hotel.

disney worldHow
To Beat Those Long Lines
– Did you know it
makes a difference if you stand in the Right or Left line?
It does – find out which one typically moves the fastest.

disney worldHidden
– There are several “shortcuts”
to theme parks and attractions – bypassing most of the crowds.
I’ll reveal where they are.



Of Disney Store

Downtown Disney is an adventure itself.
Find everything Disney you ever imagined, plus good
food and more fun.

If “The Ultimate Disney World Savings
stopped here – it would still be a
“must have” manual for anyone planning their Orlando
vacation. But that’s not all – not by a long shot!

Did you know there’s a host of “Off
Park attractions
almost as exciting
as the Disney Theme Parks themselves?

disney worldShopping
For Souvenirs?
Save big! Shop downtown and you’ll
pay anywhere from 10 – 75% less than the theme park prices.
Now that’s saving!

disney worldOnce
Upon A Toy
– Remember those classic games you
played as a child? Ever wish you didn’t throw them out?
Well – find them again at this wonderful shop. If this
doesn’t bring back those great memories – nothing

disney worldRestaurants
– It’s a lot less expensive eating downtown –
and the food is simply delicious. I’ll give you my best bets
for a great meal and a great time.

disney worldDisney
– If I had to recommend just one Downtown
attraction – this would be it! A five story, high tech
state of the art interactive playground for young and old
alike. There’s over 250 attractions – and “The
Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”
will give you
my picks for “best of the best” in this amazing


disney world vacation

Been Kissed By A Princess!

Considering a Character Breakfast? Learn which character
meals fill up fast and when and how to get your reservation

Believe me when I say there’s even
more exciting information
to be found in my book.
From the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex to the Disney
Wilderness Preserve – everything is covered. “The
Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”
is the
most comprehensive book you can find
about Disney
savings and planning strategies.

From my exclusive tips to Disney’s
little known Resort Discounts
, you’d have to spend
virtually weeks on your own to find all the information
find here – right at your fingertips.

Read what people are saying!
Below are comments from people who have recently purchased
my Disney Savings Guide:

“Everything was very well organized and professional. “

—Janice Harter

I downloaded your book yesterday and was up until midnight reading it.   I was skeptical about ordering an e-book, but this very much met my expectations. 

I also was impressed with the worksheets you included.  Everything was very well organized and professional. 

“I am already dreaming of returning and check out your book for updates often.”

—Kim , Wisconsin

I really enjoyed your book The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.  It really was a huge help on a recent trip to Disney.  Thanks so much.

I am already dreaming of returning and check out your book for updates often. 

“Thanks for all the great advice. Your book is a keeper!.”

—Dan Kubanet

I purchased your book yesterday – was somewhat hesitant that after more than 20 trips to WDW anyone could teach this old dog new money saving tricks.  But the low price of the book and your money back guarantee convinced me it was worth a trial.

Using your advice I have already saved hundreds of dollars on the trip.  Saved over $100.00 on my theme park tickets.  And spending some time researching rental car deals as you suggested I found a rate almost $300 cheaper than anything previously quoted. 

Thanks for all the great advice. Your book is a keeper!

“I can’t believe how much money we have already saved…”

—B. Kellerhuis, Louisiana

I just had to tell you, this is the BEST money I’ve ever spent on planning our Disney vacation, or any vacation for that matter!  I can’t believe how much money we have already saved, hundreds and I’ve only started – without question it will be in the thousands by the time I finish planning.  It is truly remarkable!!  The information is ingenious, and so easy to read and apply to our planning.  I absolutely LOVE the updates I receive, I have used them to save even more money!  Every time I receive a new email update I get excited thinking about what the new tip is and how to save even more!! ha  Honestly, thank you so much for taking the time and energy to pass on this invaluable information.  I am kicking myself for not buying this book sooner!!!  My family and I can’t thank you enough.

“I made this trip as an anniversary gift to my wife for our first anniversary and because of you we got the 5 star treatment while paying the 2 star price!”


First thank you so much for your excellent book. I bought the book last November and went to Disney in December. On the hotel tip alone I saved 500$. I can’t thank you enough. I made the trip as an anniversary gift to my wife for our first anniversary and because of you we got the 5 star treatment while paying the 2 star price!

“Your book is the best buy of the Century!!!!!!”

Patti Miller

Your book is the best buy of the Century!!!!!!  I am so pleased that you update the book, and that you also send me e-mail tips.  My husband Ray, and myself went to Disney in December of 1971 when it opened, and heard Rock Hudson at the Christmas Ceremony in front of the Castle.  As a matter of fact we even got to see him walk to the Castle from the path right behind before the Ceremony.  We have returned a few times since.  

Again THANK YOU for such a Terrific book!!!!! 

Kind Regards, Patti Miller

Guess When You Say Your Guide Is Always Updated
You Weren’t Kidding!”

Kimberly Macmurphy

Hello. I just wanted to say thanks for the helpful guide.  We had a wonderful trip to Disney this past week.  Your tips and tricks were amazing!!!  My extended family went with us and were so impressed with all the info I learned from you.  Thanks again!




“The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”
Risk Free
: Buy my Guide today, and read
all the Disney tips and tricks I have to offer. If you don’t
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“The Ultimate Disney World Savings
is updated every month so
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You will be able to download and
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order. My Guide is delivered as an e-Book in the Adobe Acrobat
PDF format (full instructions are provided after your order).

Don’t delay! Buy “The
Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”
now, and start
your Disney Vacation planning today!

To the kid in all of us …. See you
in Orlando!

P.S. After reading about
everything “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”
has to offer – you still might wonder: Can it
really be that good?
Look what others had to say!
Every one of the testimonials
in the yellow boxes above was unsolicited!

P.P.S. My Disney Savings
Guide is updated on a constant basis and comes with lifetime
access rights
. This means if you’re planning
your trip well in advance you can open the Guide again before
your departure and get up to speed on any new Disney World
information. Even if it’s months or years
after your initial purchase
, you can always have
the latest and greatest Disney World savings strategies at
your fingertips at no additional cost.

P.P.P.S. I have spent years
poking into the right places, talking to the right people,
working for Disney and vacationing at Disney World to make
this book possible. I
absolutely assure you that you will have a far more
enjoyable Disney World vacation
, and save many, many
times the cost of my Guide before you even leave your house
(and much more while on your trip)!
If that’s not enough
to convince you I don’t know what possibly will. Order


1.  Click the Order Link below.
2. Select your Country and Zip Code.
3. Pay by Credit Card or PayPal.
4. Immediately open and begin reading
your Disney Savings Guide!

It’s that simple! Order now.

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