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What you’re about to read is more productive, efficient and scientifically backed than any investment – let alone betting website you have put your sight upon.

You name it: Software, tipsters, betting systems, betting methods, selections services, profit maker, odds boosters, magical loopholes… Our basic concepts trumps on all these well-documented formats that are failing to compete against the bookmaker system.

That might sound like a big claim but once you read why, you’ll understand why it’s not!

Our moderators have been running traditional tipping websites for a combined 25 years and have all agreed that this is the most exciting project that they’ve been part of.. EVER!

But if you’re not willing to turn your head to where the betting and sports industry is heading towards than you might as well sign up to Gambling Anonymous.

Things are changing fast and we are the first people to capitalise on it.

There’s a reason Football expanded beyond just having the manager calling the shots.

It’s now standard to have, A Footballing Director, different coaches for each position, physio’s, scouts for signing players, strength and conditioning coaches and sports psychologists.

Players are now not only a product of their own footballing brains, but a demonstration of Crowd IQ.

Ronaldo and Messi ARE better than Shearer and Cantona but it’s not through sheer talent. It’s through the combined efforts of thousands of different experts combining their knowledge into pushing one footballer to his limits.

The Cunning Part Is How We Can Use Our

CROWD-IQ To Exploit The BEST Value Bets Around. Especially To Compete With Bookmakers!

Betfair have used a plethora of mathematicians and computer programmers to predict the betting behaviour of the public.


That’s how highly they value giving you access to monitor real life CROWD-IQ of the betting public.

When the public collectively bet one way, bookmakers adjust the lines against popular opinion to stop the scale becoming one sided.

They use our crowd IQ against us by shifting the lines tempting us to go the other way.

Here’s an important question for you!

When bookmakers rely on crowd IQ to make the billions in profit they do, why do we rely on a sole tipster’s opinion?

Don’t listen to a lone dictating tipster…

Crowd IQ works in a democratic format and consists of a simple-to-use community forum.

1) Our moderators post their proposed selections for the day

2) The crowd gets to rate the selections according to their inclinations.

3) We release the top-rated selections back to the crowd

We also have a discussion section where comments, scrutiny, support and criticism are completely welcome as they help us improve our betting methods and reasoning.

So basically, the selections with the highest rating get passed on to become the “Tips Of The Day”.

They are the combination of hundreds of differing opinions and views observed by experienced experts – there is nothing better online.

That’s why it’s called collective intelligence.

Crowd IQ is the first of its kind and we are constantly improving it for our users, the moderators but also to set an example for the wider community.

In the next 10 years, your favourite tipsters will become extinct as we follow the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter into the better realm of collective thinking. Bookmakers will be forced to compete with groups of intelligent punters who amicably put all their best efforts in one pot.

  • CROWD IQ is motivated by better results, profits and win rates.
  • CROWD IQ is leading the pack when it comes to leveraging a community over a dictator.
  • CROWD IQ believes in science, systems and organised knowledge.

Our choice of a fixed price instead of a monthly recurring was very difficult to make. The running costs of a forum is not cheap and the time our moderators put in is priceless. Either way, the more people join and get involved on Crowd IQ, the better it is for every single member, moderator and guest that visits our community.

For a one-time price of £49 we are willing to admit you to the Crowd IQ collective for a whole year. That’s around £4 a month for a cutting-edge venture that hasn’t even crossed the mind of the most-high calibre punters in the world.

Simply put, this will be the easiest decision you have ever had to make.

Join the global and sports industry shift towards collective intelligence to fatten your wallet

Or stay behind and carry on getting conned by betting

finest marketers.

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