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Is Your Crested Gecko Unhappy?

Here Are A Few Telltale Signs:

You may have a serious problem with your crested gecko if:

  • Your gecko does not have a good bodyweight; for example, if the rest of the body is bulky, yet the hip bones are protruding

  • You notice apparent blemishes, such as bite marks, skin tears or other worrying skin conditions

  • Your gecko’s eyes appear filmy, hollow or sunken, or the pupils are heavily dilated

  • You notice obstructions in the flaps of the gecko’s skin, or dried mucus or faeces around the ears, nose, mouth or vent

  • Your gecko has kinks in his tail, pelvis or limbs

  • You feel hard masses or lumps under your crested gecko’s skin

  • Your gecko is unable to cling to you easily or climb without difficulty

  • You find runny or watery faeces in your gecko’s enclosure

From the desk of Chris Johnson


Re: Urgent Message To All Crested Gecko Enthusiasts!

Dear Crested Gecko Lover,

Just because a crested gecko does not need to be played with and walked every day like a dog, or require the occasional toy or bag of catnip, do you think caring for these little creatures is going to be easier?

Do you think you are going to have hours of enjoyment every day watching your crested gecko hunt and play?
Are you expecting to develop an undying bond with a crested gecko that wants nothing more than to ride around on your shoulder all day?

If so…


Many people have been extremely misinformed on how to raise crested geckos… it has become absurd…

You need to understand that the ultimate factor in YOUR crested gecko’s lifespan is…


It is incredibly urgent that you hear what I have to say if you want to stop making the critical mistakes so many other crested gecko owners are making today…

In a moment – I am going to show you the basic yet CRITICAL MISTAKES thousands of crested gecko owners make as well as quick-fix tips you can use INSTANTLY to get your beloved gecko back to optimal health!

I admit I love these crested geckos, or cresties, as I like to call them. I have kept and bred them for over 10 years, which makes me one of the most recognized authorities when it comes to these little reptiles.

Unfortunately, most people do not have the same level of expertise. They buy a crested gecko from their local pet store and expect it to be as easy to take care of as a goldfish. These people usually end up making all kinds of awful mistakes that seriously endangers the well-being of their beloved crested geckos!

To understand why crested geckos need such care and special attention, it is important to know their history. The crested gecko originally came from New Caledonia, a small group of islands located off the northeast coast of Australia, halfway to Fiji…, which means…

Crested Geckos Need Thrive In Mountains And Forests!

Imagine plucking a crested gecko from its natural habitat in the tropical jungles and forests, where it never truly gets very cold… and putting them…


Unless you live in a lush tropical rain forest, I doubt your garden has the appropriate conditions…, which means you must “create” an artificial environment that is similar to a crestie’s natural habitat.

It is not as easy as throwing a lizard in a cage with a little food and water!

This is where all the problems seem to come in with crested gecko owners. Most people have no idea how to give their geckos everything they need… nor do they have any idea of the expenses involved! Since the equipment you set up must mimic their natural habitat… rearing a crested gecko can be a costly hobby!

Fortunately, over my 10 years of raising crested geckos, I have come up with a number of shortcuts and tips that can save you some serious money… but still provide your crested gecko with a top-notch environment!

Sure, you can read website after website and browse dozens of forums about crestie geckos and you still will have no idea about the best to care for them… because most of the people that are posting on such websites or forums are just as inexperienced and ill informed!


Why waste your time trying to learn something from newbies when you can pick the brain of an experienced crested gecko owner and breeder… someone who actually makes a living doing just that?

Why worry if you are doing everything right… when you can know all of the proper techniques to provide optimal care for your crested gecko?


“Crested Gecko Secret Manual”

Pet store owners and professional breeders do not want you to read this secret manual. The reason for that is once you read what I have to say about caring for crested geckos…

You will NEVER pay full price to ensure your crested gecko is getting all of the fruit supplements that it needs

You will NEVER have to worry about expensive, hard to clean substrates

You will NEVER have to worry about paying too much for your crested gecko

You will NEVER have to pay the cost of expensive equipment to successfully breed crested geckos

I have tried offering compact versions of my manuscript to pet store owners to provide to their customers…

They All Had Some Second-rate Excuse About Pet Owners

Not Being Able to Understand “So Much Information”!

For that reason, I turned to the Internet… by offering it to you in an instant download. Therefore, if you are considering getting your own crested gecko, or even if you already own one… you will know right way if you are doing everything in the best interest of your beloved gecko.

“Minute Detail In This Manual About How To Take Care Of Crested Geckos…”

Your Crested Gecko Secret Manual was a real revelation for me. This whole time I thought taking care of my crested gecko was no different from taking care of any other pet.

I could not have been more wrong!

You went into minute detail in this manual about how to take care of crested geckos and I suddenly realized there is so much that I did not know!

Jim Abear


“Everything A Crested Gecko Owner Should Know…”

You covered everything a crested gecko owner should know; from selecting a healthy gecko, providing proper housing, feeding the right foods, breeding your own crested geckos as well as the most common diseases affecting crested geckos.

If you only read one book on crested geckos, this is the best choice!

Andy Markowitz

San Francisco, USA

Here are a few of the things that you will learn about in my book just on selecting crested geckos to help you choose the best one:

The 8 main strains of coloration in a single species of gecko… and which one you SHOULD choose

3 ways to know for sure whether your crested gecko is male or female (even some pet store owners get this wrong, which can lead to a number of unexpected problems in the future)

6 questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you are ready to own a crested gecko

7 things to look out for when shopping for your crested gecko

Why you should NEVER buy a crested gecko from a pet shop with overcrowded stock (you will just be throwing money down the drain)

4 additional sources, other than local pet shops, where you can get a crested gecko (generally for a lower price and a healthier gecko… if you know where to go)

Whether you should purchase an adult, sexed crested gecko, or a less expensive juvenile

The dangers of keeping a juvenile crested gecko… and how you can avoid them by simply taking the time to monitor and observe your gecko

Why to look for a crested gecko that is at least several weeks old, unless you’re very experienced

Why you should have more than one male crested gecko in the same enclosure

11 indications of a healthy crested gecko (never choose a gecko that does not exhibit ALL of these signs)

One deadly mistake most new pet owners make, when feeding their crested geckos (resulting in death)

The first thing you should definitely do after acquiring a new crested gecko (you may be surprised)

A shopping list of 11 items you should purchase before bringing home a new crested gecko (Do not make the mistake of waiting to obtain these items AFTER you bring home your crested gecko)

After you have found the right crested gecko, it is crucial that you learn how to interact with your new friend. Since cresties do not speak or form any type of bond with their owners, you must rely on observing their complex body language to learn their intentions and feelings.

Understanding the body language of your crested gecko is very important to making sure that you are providing him with everything that he needs to remain happy and healthy!

“Easy-to-Understand, Practical Strategies…”

The Crested Gecko Secret Manual features very easy-to-understand, practical strategies from setting up the best environment to identifying and dealing with various health problems.

The book also features a great deal of interesting background information on crested geckos. The well-written content is structured nicely, and it caters to all gecko owners, both experienced and beginners.

Amber Alexis

Wyoming, USA

I am also going to teach you about setting up an enclosure for your crested gecko. Keep in mind; it is crucial that you create an artificial environment that accurately mimics the crested gecko’s natural habitat.

You will learn about:

What is the ONLY exercise crested geckos get in their enclosures.

How to accurately identify the noises that your crested gecko is making with cage mates and other reptiles (certain noises may indicate conflict among your pets)

Why your crested gecko only comes out at night

What it mean when your crested gecko is refusing to eat

“I Am Going To Tell Them All About The Crested Gecko Secret Manual…”

If any crested gecko owners ever ask me about the most informative guide, I am going to tell them all about the Crested Gecko Secret Manual without a second thought.

It is the best crested gecko guide available!

Pete Gonzales

Texas, USA

I am also going to teach you about setting up an enclosure for your crested gecko. Keep in mind; it is crucial that you create an artificial environment that accurately mimics the crested gecko’s natural habitat.

You will learn about:

2 ways to save money when building an enclosure for your crested gecko (you will never pay full price again once you learn this secret)

How to build the ideal enclosure for multiple crested geckos

Why it is important for your crested gecko to receive the right amount of heat

The right amount of humidity to supply to your crested gecko and ways to do so without buying any expensive equipment

How to tell if your crested gecko is suffering from dehydration

How to provide an enclosure that is sturdy enough to protect your crested gecko from threats and secure enough to keep it inside

Where to put your crested geckos new home away from drafts or direct sunlight, and keeping the temperature within an acceptable range

What to do if the temperature drops below 72°

What type of thermometer is the most reliable for monitoring the temperature of your crested gecko’s enclosure

Why you should NEVER set up the heating equipment in your crestie’s enclosure unless you live in an area where the temperature drops below 72° in the winter

The ideal substrate for lining the bottom of your gecko’s enclosure (It is convenient, inexpensive and safe for your pet)

Substrate that you should NEVER use in your crested gecko’s enclosure (instant death may occur)

6 ideal components for creating the best substrate for your crested gecko

The best way to decorate your crested gecko’s new home

The most important item to include in your crested gecko’s enclosure

6 different plant species that are native to New Caledonia, where geckos originate

How to prevent a crested gecko from escaping his or her enclosure

In addition to building a proper enclosure for your crested gecko, one of the traits that separate an expert from a newbie is in regards to handling crested geckos. Expert gecko owners know that crested geckos prefer to be left alone to do their own thing, as opposed to being held, played with or petted…because they UNDERSTAND crested geckos.

“Everything You Need To Know To Take Care Of Your Crested Gecko!”

This one little book covers everything you need to know to take care of your crested gecko.

If you already own a crested gecko, or you are planning to get a crested gecko sometime in the future, then you definitely need this book!

Matt Kitchens

North Dakota, USA

You will also learn:

The do’s and don’ts of handling your crested gecko (essential rules for EVERY crestie owner)

Why you need to exercise great caution when handling crested geckos

How to safely transport your crested gecko for both long and short trips (ignoring this advice can result in injury or death of your crested gecko)

Why children should ALWAYS be supervised when handling crested geckos

How to prevent your crested gecko from escaping and running away (leading to a horrible death)

Why you should NEVER kiss or cuddle with a crested gecko, no matter how cute

The truth about gut-loading crested geckos

How to find inexpensive nesting substrate at your local hardware store

Why you should NEVER let your crested gecko roam free in your home (almost all owners make this mistake… putting the lives of their geckos in danger)

How to properly clean and sanitize your crested gecko’s enclosure

Why a reptilian veterinarian is most suitable for your crested gecko

How to find the closest ARAV-registered veterinarian

How to prevent undue stress for your crested gecko

A well balanced diet is an essential part of a healthy crested gecko’s life. A properly fed crested gecko can grow to be up to 9″ in length, including tail. Unfortunately, many pet owners are not feeding their crested geckos the ideal food for optimal growth…or they are spending too much money on fancy pet food.

“I Was Saved A Trip To The Vet…”

My crested gecko was not eating well… I was just about to take him to the vet, which would have cost be more than a hundred bucks. As a last resort, I bought the Crested Gecko Secret Manuel, and in just a few days, my gecko was feeling fine!

Robert Keith

Queensland, AU

“The Shopping List Is A Godsend…”

The shopping list included in this book is a godsend for ANY crested gecko owner. I was going crazy and I was nervous for my new crestie… concerned I was not giving him everything he needs… fretting over him…Your shopping list put an end to all that. At least now, I know that I have everything I need to offer him the best care possible.

Joan Stanley

Ft. Lauderdale, USA

You are going to learn even more, such as:

How a crested gecko gets water, besides from a bowl

4 types of fruit that are safe for your crested gecko, and provides the MOST nutritional value

Why catching live insects from your backyard is not recommended for feeding your crested gecko

How to gut-load insects that you feed to your crested gecko

How to save money using an alternative method to feeding your crested gecko live insects for your bearded

How many and what size crickets to feed your crested gecko, both adult and juvenile

The truth about commercial food and why most experienced crestie owners do NOT feed their crested geckos ONLY commercial food without supplementing

When to begin giving your crested gecko commercial food, if that is what you intend to use

Choosing and administering the right supplements for your crested gecko

If you have read this far, you must understand just how valuable the information I reveal in my book is for helping pet owners take care of their crested geckos. In fact, your veterinarian may not even know about half the stuff you are going to learn from me…simply because he or she is not a crested gecko expert!

In this Crested Gecko Secret Manual, I also teach you about some of the more advanced topics for dealing with crested geckos, such as:

How To BREED Crested Geckos Like A Professional

Obviously, breeding your own crested gecko requires some additional knowledge; however, it can be an extremely rewarding experience…if you know what you are doing.
I have first-hand experience breeding crested geckos, and I can teach you everything you need to know on the subject.

You will learn:

How to determine if your crested gecko is male or female once it reaches sexual maturity

How to determine which material is the best substrate to use for your female crested gecko

How to save money building a nesting box for your crested gecko

Why your crested gecko may choose to lay eggs in the enclosure instead of the nesting box

Why your female is still laying fertile eggs months after you have removed the male from her enclosure

Why you should avoid putting more than one male in the same enclosure

How much food you should offer your crested gecko depending on whether or not they are breeding

How to check for eggs, remove them from the nesting box for incubation and take proper care of them until they hatch successfully

How you can save money by building an incubator to hatch your crested geckos, as opposed to paying the high price of a commercial incubator

How to take care of crested gecko hatchlings as soon as they hatch

To put it bluntly…

You Will Not Find Another Collection of Tips Like This One…Unless You Are Personally Acquainted With A Crested Gecko Expert!

None of the techniques, tips and tricks featured in the Crested Gecko Secret Manual are based on theories. The strategies that I share in this guide are based on several years of experience as a crested gecko owner and breeder.

I make my living with crested geckos, so you can be sure I know my stuff.

Would you rather have a convenient guide to show you exactly what you need to do in every situation you encounter as a crested gecko owner…or would you prefer living each day worrying that you are not doing the right thing for your crested gecko?

My Crested Gecko Secret Manual is written especially for the crested gecko owner at home, which means it is completely practical and does not require any sophisticated equipment or additional knowledge.

In order to make owning a crested gecko as easy as possible for you, I am throwing in four special bonuses to make sure you enjoy every moment with your new friend, including:

BONUS #1: Top 50 Questions and Answers Every Crested Gecko MUST Know… ($27 Value)

Through my work with hundreds of crested gecko owners over the years, I have found that most have similar questions about caring for their crested gecko. If you met me in person, these questions are likely the ones you would have.

That is why I put together this list of all the toughest problems crestie owners encounter with their pets… and provide complete answers!

Do not worry, I am not just trying to make money from expensive treatments or medicines that I am peddling…or trying to sell you a crested gecko; I am giving you honest answers to the most challenging questions…

  • Is it safe to hold my Crested Gecko?
  • Does the Crested Gecko do well around children?
  • How do I set up a tank for my gecko?
  • What kind of enclosure do I need for an outdoor environment?
  • How often should I clean the enclosure and its fixtures?

These questions may stump a large number of crested gecko owners, but you get my personal answers in this exceptional report.

BONUS #2: Pet-Safe Gecko Handling Techniques (Worth $19)

Although it is best to refrain from handling your crested gecko as much as possible, it cannot be avoided sometimes. You may need to pick up your gecko to take him to the vet, or you may need him out of the way, so you can give his enclosure a thorough cleaning.

It is important to stay calm and confident. This guide provides some do’s and don’ts for handling a crested gecko, such as:

  • Don’t try to ________ your crested gecko if he decides to jump
  • Do ________ to convince your gecko to walk onto your hand
  • Don’t grab your gecko by the tail
  • Do wash your hands both before and after handling your crested gecko

By sticking to the guidelines in this special bonus, and implementing a great deal of patience and practice, you will be able to handle your crested gecko safely.

BONUS #3: Crested Gecko Handy Disease Busting Guide (Worth $37)

This one is another resource that all crestie owners will find valuable. I compiled this handy guide and I even use it myself.

This is a convenient chart (that you can print out and keep with you for quick reference) of the most common crested gecko health problems, such as:

  • Abnormal faeces, diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Bumps and lumps
  • Deformed limbs, jaw
  • ….. much more!

…as well as a list of possible causes and treatment options.

Here is something to keep in mind – Not all crested gecko problems require a visit to the veterinarian… So, instead of rushing your gecko to the vet the next time you notice health issues, check his symptoms against this guide. Not only may you be saving your crested gecko’s life, but you will be saving money as well!

BONUS #4: Magic Care Checklist – What to Do on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Basis (Worth $19)

I call this my “Magic Care Checklist” because it makes taking care of your crested gecko easier than ever imagined possible! You definitely should print out this checklist and paste it to the wall next to your crestie’s cage.

If you have ever stressed out about caring for your crested gecko, you will appreciate this checklist, which provides handy reminders for even the most minor details.

The Magic Care Checklist includes:

  • A list of Daily Chores you must do to ensure optimal care for your crested gecko
  • A list of Weekly Chores and all the checks and special precautionary measures you should take
  • A list of Monthly Chores to keep your gecko and his enclosure safe and clean
  • Miscellaneous Chores you must also make sure are done

No more making illegible notes on scrap pieces of paper or marking through dates on the calendar… all you have to do is tick the items on this checklist as you go along!

How Much Is This All Worth To You?

Think about this for a moment – The average lifespan of a healthy crested gecko is presumed to be about 20 years or more. If you already own one or you are thinking about owning one…you will need to plan on spending at least the next 20 years of your life caring for your crested gecko.

During that time, you need to provide your crestie with comfort and do your best to become a responsible pet owner. However, we all know that becoming an excellent gecko owner does not come easy…nor is it cheap. Just purchasing the necessary supplies and setting up the enclosure alone can cost several hundred dollars.

Think about the amount of money that you are going to spend on…

The enclosure for your crested gecko

Supplies such as hiding places, thermometers and hygrometers

Incubators if you plan to breed crested geckos

Food for your crested gecko (Remember live insects can be quite pricy)

And all the other things you need to keep your crested gecko happy, healthy and as comfortable as possible…

It goes without saying, taking care of crested geckos is not cheap. However, if you use my methods, you will be able to save lots of money on enclosures, supplies and food by learning the tricks expert breeders like myself use.

How much money can save you once you have this knowledge?

How much will you save you in vet fees, which can cost hundreds of dollars per visit, or the heartache of losing your beloved crestie, just by following a few simple care tips?

For this reason, I have made it my mission to help as many crested gecko owners as I can. You can download my entire Crested Gecko Secret Manual for only $37 $19 (For Limited Time Only!) and read it instantly on your PC or MAC. You can also print it out so you can refer to it anytime you need it.

You read that correctly. For less than the cost of a month’s supply of pet food, you can save yourself from a great deal of trouble, frustration, worry…

Does it sound worth it to you?

How about I include a…

Money Back Guarantee!

I believe that every crested gecko owner needs this book to greatly improve the quality of life of his or her pets.

In fact, I am so sure you are going to benefit from the tips and techniques that I share with you, that I am willing to give you enough time to test the methods. Read my Crested Gecko Secret Manual and try my strategies with your crested gecko. If you are not 100% satisfied that my methods can help you become a better crested gecko owner… even if you just do not like the font that I chose…let me know and you will get back every single dime.

That is not all; I am even going to let you keep the manual and all the bonuses for FREE, as my way of thanking you for your interest in my book.
If you own a crested gecko, you need this book.

Go get your copy now!

“Yes, Chris! I Want To Download The

Crested Gecko Secret Manual Right Now For A Low Price Of $37! $19”

Limited Time Special Offer End Soon…

Order Now and You Save 48% Instantly!

If I act right now, I will get the instantly downloadable e-book featuring all the best tips and tricks on caring for crested geckos. I will learn way to save money on supplies and food, by using the strategies I learn in the guide.

If for some reason I am not completely satisfied with this guide, I can return it for a full refund and keep the 4 exclusive bonuses worth over $110 just for trying the Crested Gecko Secret Manual.

As a valued customer, your privacy is my utmost priority.

Your information is always encrypted and will never be shared with 3rd parties.

NOTE: You Can Download Your Copy Immediately,

Even If It Is One O’clock In The Morning!


Chris Johnson

Your Trusted Crested Gecko Adviser

P.S: Let me just make this very clear. If you are not willing to spend such a minuscule amount of money to learn how to take the best care of your crested gecko, and rid your life of worry forever, then you DO NOT deserve to own a crested gecko.

Reserve Your Copy Right Now!

You have nothing to lose; your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Crested Gecko Secret Manual by Axon Media

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