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As a movement specialist & yoga teacher working with clients ranging in ability levels, I realized that there was a huge gap separating yoga-style movement & traditional strength training. I noticed that people tend to either focus on lifting weights, or focus on flexibility through traditional yoga practice. Rarely did people incorporate both yoga and High Intensity Interval Training into a single session. If both systems are highly effective on their own, then why are these systems not integrated already?

Simply, the reason is “hardcore” trainers tend to not have a background in yoga or sequencing movement, and the yogis don’t have much knowledge in training for power. With distinctively separate camps, we have the HIIT folks getting injured due to lack of dynamic mobility and the yogis getting injured from overuse and improper alignment. As movers, we lacked the ability to seamlessly integrate flexibility, dynamic strength, and mindful movement into one session, and as a result we leaked power.

I knew there had to be a way to bridge the gap between strength training and yoga. So I set out to create a system that would allow anyone to access the attributes that make up quality movement regardless of: fitness level at entry point, current flexibility, or knowledge of yoga. It wasn’t until I found myself teaching complete beginners daily, that everything fell into place. No one in the yoga world knew about Clubbells (or if they did, they lacked understanding of the tool), and the strength folks lacked experience in traditional yoga.

Most people’s excuses for not practicing yoga are:

  • I am not flexible enough to do yoga.
  • I got hurt in a yoga class once.
  • Yoga is too hard.
  • I can’t keep up with the pace of class because I don’t know how to execute poses properly.


 Helping People MOVE Better

So my job became very clear to me: I was to break down the movement patterns in yoga on the most basic level so that everyday ‘non yogi’ people could actually receive the content in their neuromuscular map, permanently, and reap the benefits of yoga on a cellular level. After all, what good is a practice if it can’t be received and stored on a deeper level? The system needed three levels of sophistication in order to successfully reprogram the dysfunctional patterns that had been deeply embedded in my student’s bodies.

As I began to create a profile for the clients and students that came to me for help, the similarities began to emerge. Athletes and sedentary people alike had the same issues: tight hips, tight hamstrings, lack of balance, stress manifesting in the body and showing up in the neck, shoulders and back. But no one had enough time to train for flexibility, dynamic strength and reduce the stress in their daily life with concentrated breath work during the session. Until now that is… The creation of Primal 12 truly integrates Clubbells, Yoga and high intensity interval training… a fusion of mind-body exercise that trains movement patterns and gives students more energy, instead of depleting them.

Yoga is thriving in our country right now, because when taught well it has the potential to change the body on a cellular level. Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 takes yoga practice a step further and weaves strength training seamlessly into each session, creating a heightened sense of awareness and cultivating alignment from the ground up. Whereas some yoga classes can feel like a ‘cocktail’ of flashy poses and lack direction, Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 is driven by biomechanics.

Each of the 12 workouts in Primal 12 has a yoga sport specific focus and a matching unweighted and weighted yoga flow that builds on that skill. Everyone who has tried Primal 12 in the beta testing phases has left buzzing with energy because they were able to wake up areas in their body that had been ‘asleep’ for decades. The body craves biomechanically sound primal movement patterns. Primal 12 workouts and Clubbell Yoga flows actually thicken the web of dendrites in the brain by presenting new information in a way that is easy to absorb kinesthetically. The results are phenomenal, ranging from stronger inner core strength to svelte looking figures to greater connection with self.

Ancient yogis used asana practice to make them stronger for sitting long periods of time, for meditation. Ironically, we now sit too much and we crave sound movement to make us feel better. But all movement is not created equal. Some exercise depletes us on a cellular level, some yoga actually causes pain because of the lack of progression appropriate for varying bodies and skill sets. Primal 12 addresses these complaints and allows you to build a strong nervous system, a more capable body and a focused mental state.


Most people think that they have got it all figured out when it comes to yoga or strength training. I challenge anyone to try out Primal 12 two to four days a week until you make it through all 36 workouts, and tell me if it doesn’t take your yoga or strength training to an all new level. Primal 12 does this by revealing the holes in your practice and allowing you to patch them with pure gold. With 36 workouts (3 levels of sophistication) 12 unweighted, and 12 Clubbell Yoga flows to compliment the workouts right after training, it is an amazing amount of content that will change your perspective on quality movement.

If you have previously shied away from yoga, this program will expose you to a biomechanically safe and sound practice that will transform how you move. You can take Primal 12 anywhere: your living room, your yoga studio, your gym, vacation, hotels, you name it. It is completely portable and requires only a set of mini-Clubbells (3 or 5lbs), a mat and your commitment to practice.

When you train movement intelligently with Primal 12 you will begin to uncover the best version of yourself in each and every practice session. Other benefits:

  • Ability to harness power
  • Better sleep after practice
  • Releasing of tension stored in the body
  • Rebalancing asymmetry
  • Increased dynamic flexibility
  • Access to the powerhouse of the inner core
  • Less pain in joints
  • Healing of old injuries
  • Muscle definition in shoulders, core and legs
  • Challenging and engaging workouts for your mind

This body of work encapsulates 10+ years of my training methods used to teach everyday people to move better with CST (Circular Strength Training) and Yoga. Only now has it been recorded for your home use with fitness expert Alaina Sawaya, functional fitness specialist and CSCS trainer, demonstrating all 36 workouts and myself coaching her effectively through each movement. Together we will encourage you to have the best possible form on the most basic level of the exercise (level 1), to the most complex (level 3). I also identify common misalignments to help you cultivate a solid practice. In the weighted and unweighted yoga flows section, I demonstrate all Clubbell Yoga flows in an easy follow along format with soothing ambient music behind each flow and detailed, inspiring cues. Primal 12 is your all in one yoga and strength training kit that will transform your mind/body practice.


Not to worry if Clubbell Yoga classes are not available in your city yet… you will get all of the benefits and more from starting your own personal practice of Clubbell Yoga: Primal 12. This complete set of 12 highly engaging workouts, matched with 12 Clubbell Yoga Flows is what instructors use to program their classes in the most biomechanically sound way possible. You don’t have to be a yogi to benefit from Clubbell Yoga’s Primal 12, you just have to be open to mindful movement that improves your quality of life day in and day out. Remember, there is progress in the practice if you are patient. So don’t wait another moment, get Primal 12 and get on your mat and start to restore flow. You will be glad you did.

Summer Huntington, MS
Human Movement & Performance Specialist

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