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Dr. Scott Brown, PhD. Finance

Dr. Scott Brown’s



“Sometimes, when you want something
done right, you just have to do it
This is why I, in conjunction with
Gecko Software, created ChartMiner.
Sometimes simple is more powerful.”
— Dr. Brown

“Finally, a research tool that does exactly what I want!”
— Dr. Scott Brown

Scan The Stock Market Chart-By-Chart!
Quickly & Easily Find Wyckoff Triggers & Signals,
Based On Teachings From Dr. Brown
Watch As Markets Explode Out of These Areas
 of Accumulation & Distribution!

“The Best Buy Signals In 104 Years!”
— Dr. Scott Brown

Hear what Nicolas Darvas said about using Wyckoff’s
signals & strategies.

Factor 1:  Four decades after Wyckoff, he documents volume as
the most important first signal that a stock might be rising.

Factor 2:  He recognizes that the stock must have rising share
prices on that increasing volume.

Factor 3:  He recognizes that the stock must have a rapidly
rising earnings trend.

Factor 4:
He looks for “boxes.”

Factor 5:
(Purchase ChartMiner to Learn Factor 5)

Factor 6:
(Purchase ChartMiner to Learn Factor 6)

Factor 7:
(Purchase ChartMiner to Learn Factor 7)
William J. O’Neil

Learn which factor William J. O’Neil Ignores.
David Ryan
Hired by William J. O’Neil & Company
Applies Whycoff’s teachings

Had a 3 year portfolio return of 1,379%*

Scans 4,000+ price charts per week, looking for his own
nine (9) market factors.

Factors 1-9
(Purchase ChartMiner and receive his list of

Dr. Scott Brown, PhD., Finance

Having the right tool for the job is
only 50% of getting the job done, the
knowledge of how to use that tool to
maximize its performance is the
remaining half of the equation.
When you purchase ChartMiner, you’ll
receive a full educational course and
explanation, by me personally, on how
to use it to its fullest extent.
Also, ChartMiner is just one piece of
the puzzle, learn what other
resources I use to maximize my
Wyckoff signals.

“Watch & Learn As We Review Example After
Example From Expert After Expert!”

(Dr. Scott Brown)
“Realistic Market
Returns To Expect!”

FREE Bonuses With Purchase!
As part of your educational awareness, I want to also include these two
FREE Bonuses when you purchase ChartMiner!

Questions?  Call: 1-800-862-7193

*All data within ChartMiner is approximately 20 minute delayed.

Go With The Winner! Gecko Software Is Award Winning!


•  ChartMiner has a subscription service of $7.95
per month, which includes all software updates,
data service feeds, and access to
Dr. Brown’s ChartMiner education center.
•  No commitment, cancel at anytime.
•  Download & Install immediately after purchase.
Contact us:

Start Immediately, Risk Free,
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Why Do I Do This?
It’s all about “Personal Empowerment.”  I don’t want to
see happen to you and others the kind of misfortunes
that I saw my own father and family members go
I want you to be personally empowered with the
knowledge, tools, and information you need to make
wise, prudent and proven investment decisions.
If you have any concerns, or questions, I’ll be here for
you.  — Dr. Brown.

$7.95 Monthly Subscription Service Includes All Software Updates, Data Feed, PlusSpecial Access To Dr. Brown’s Private ChartMiner Education & Video Center!” title=”” style=”left:147px;top:5048px;width:681px;height:110px;”/>

Get Dr. Brown’s ChartMiner: $97!
$7.95 Monthly Subscription Service Includes All Software Updates, Data Feed, Plus
Special Access To Dr. Brown’s Private ChartMiner Education & Video Center!

ChartMiner, Settings Tab

ChartMiner Portfolio, Watch-List View

ChartMiner was designed by
Dr. Scott Brown and a team
of highly skilled traders and
software programmers to
significantly decrease the
amount of time necessary to
follow the guidelines put
forth by David Ryan, and
William J. O’Neil & Company.
Dr. Brown has teamed up with
a group of experts who have
studied the details of the
Wyckoff trading method, and
created a tool specifically
designed to assist investors
in tracking and trading this
unique trading methodology.

Dr. Brown has hand picked a
list of stocks that he feels
meet the requirements of
most traders when following
the Wyckoff method in
today’s market.
As Dr. Brown refines his list
of stocks, and adds additional
capabilities and functionality
to his software, each new
update will be automatically
updated and added to your
yearly software subscription
and market data service.
Dr. Brown will be personally
working with you every step
of the way.

ChartMiner portfolio, or “watch-list” designed to keep track of markets with Wyckoff signals.

ChartMiner settings tab allows you to create personalized sector portfolios to scan and track.

(As Seen On Amazon)
“Worry Free Wealth
Guide To Investing”

FREE Bonus

FREE Bonus
$7.95 Monthly Subscription Service Includes All Software Updates, Data Feed, PlusSpecial Access To Dr. Brown’s Private ChartMiner Education & Video Center!” title=”” style=”left:149px;top:6120px;width:681px;height:111px;”/>

Get Dr. Brown’s ChartMiner: $97!
$7.95 Monthly Subscription Service Includes All Software Updates, Data Feed, Plus
Special Access To Dr. Brown’s Private ChartMiner Education & Video Center!

ChartMiner Scanning Tab

Watch List: Track your
favorite symbols.

Direct Access To Dr. Brown’s
Private Education Center

Scan My list of HOT,
“Hand Picked” Stocks!

Now you can scan for
Daily, Weekly or
Monthly signals.

Dr. Scott Brown, PhD. Finance

Includes Doc Brown’s Instructional How To Educational Trading Course!

60-Day Make Money Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee:
Here’s What To Do Right Now…
Download the ChartMiner software, then go through the advanced
educational trading training videos that show you exactly how to start
using this amazing research tool.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the ChartMiner Software Program,
then simply contact us within 30-days from the purchase date, and
we’ll process you a full refund of the purchase price; and you can keep
the “Your Future in Stocks, Futures & Forex” eBook series as a free gift
from us!
We give you this unconditional guarantee, because we wouldn’t feel
right about keeping your money, unless you’re making money yourself. 
If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!
Best regards,
Lan Turner, Chairman & Founder

*Trading financial instruments, including Stocks, Futures, Forex or Options on margin, carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. The high degree of

leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in any of these financial instruments you should carefully consider your investment objectives,

level of experience, and risk appetite. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. The possibility exists

that you could sustain losses exceeding your initial investment. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading and seek advice from an independent financial

advisor if you have any doubts. Past performance, whether actual or hypothetical, is not necessarily indicative of future results. All depictions of trades whether by video or

image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.  See full risk disclosure.

This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex.*


Includes Dr. Brown’s Presentation
How To Trade The Wyckoff Signal.

Flip Chart Feature!  Flip
through hundreds of
charts in just minutes.

My Own Proprietary Chart Settings.  Learn exactly what I’m looking for when I scan my own charts.

FREE!   Education

Non-Broker Specific, ChartMiner does not require you be associated with any particular firm.

ChartMiner For The US Stock Market
Only $97, And $7.95 A Month!
Monthly Subscription Service Includes All
Software Updates, Data Service**, Plus Access To Dr.
Brown’s Private Video Education Center.


Dr. Scott
“The ChartMiner methodology
has been supported by a
recent study published in the
prestigious Journal of Finance 
proving that return enhancing
cycles and trends exist in all of
the markets.
See Value and Momentum
Everywhere, Cliff Asness,
Tobias Moskowitz, and Lasse
Heje Pedersen (2012),
The Journal of Finance, VOL.
LXVII, NO. 3, June 2013”

Mr. Darvas shows a lot of
perseverance in his attempts to
gain a handle on the market.
I am enjoying the way you are
presenting the course, audio
presentation and the home
Thanks a ton for the feedback!
Jerry  🙂

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