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You could be

on your way to getting one of


  This is so that can finally    
How to get a

$25,000 FREE cash grant


Others are

doing it. Why not you,


It’s true, . Thousands

of government agencies and foundations give away free

grant money. As you read this letter, people are

receiving free

money. And those people who know the phone

numbers and addresses of these government agencies and

foundations will get the lion’s share of this free

money—while most of the world hasn’t a clue it’s


That’s why I’ve written this E-book for

you, . Hardworking, honest people like

you everywhere are getting free $25,000 cash grants and

more. If you know who, how, and where to ask, then you

could get free

money too.

Yes, getting a free cash

grant—that you never have to repay—is really

easy. Currently, there are 1,425 government agencies and

62,393 foundations that are giving away free

money. But not every one of these free

money sources will give YOU free



nothing complicated to it,



to find FREE money sources

Until now, finding these little-known

sources for free

money was a real challenge. You could spend

hours and hours every week hunting, and yet you’d

probably find maybe 10 sources at the most. Chances are,

they wouldn’t even match your



that painful search is now over !

Introducing my new Grants Directory

ebook. This exciting new ebook

will show

you how to get $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, or even

$100,000+. Absolutely


Why people

would be willing to give you FREE money:

The federal government every year

allocates millions and millions of dollars to various

agencies. Most of this money has been negotiated by

politicians who want to help their states and hometown


It’s all politics .

A way to buy more votes.

The problem is that most people don’t

know about it. Many of these free money

opportunities are forgotten about years after a

politician has left office. Yet the programs remain.

Let’s face it, . The

government isn’t going to pay outrageous sums of money

to mail notices to everyone’s home to give away money.

But they’ll be more than happy to mail you IRS notices.

As a result only 1 in 10,000 people are aware of this



Foundations typically are funded by

large corporations or wealthy US citizens for 2 main

reasons: They save much more in taxes than they will

ever give away, and it is great public relations.

As you can see, there is a

mind-boggling amount of free

money that’s being given away, every day,

every year. And some of it could be yours for the


Please keep in mind that we’re not

talking about welfare or some kind of social service

agency hand out. No , in my new Grants

Directory ebook you’ll learn how you can get

checks for $10,000, $25,000 or more. Money you never

have to repay!


what others are saying about my incredible Grants


Try the “Grants Directory”

risk-FREE and get a $25,000 FREE cash grant


And to prove this is for real, I’m putting

my reputation on the line. Here’s my challenge to you,

. Go ahead and download my Grants

Directory ebook, find the free

money sources that are right for you, fill

out their application, and get your share of free

money! I guarantee you must get at least

$25,000! If you apply for a grant and do not receive at

least $25,000, we will gladly refund your entire

purchase price.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll get at

least $25,000 after you download the “Grants Directory”

that you’d wrestle me to the ground instead of giving up

this ebook.

If you don’t take action now, where

will you and your family be in 5 years?

If you don’t download my Grants

Directory ebook, , then what? How will

you get your hands on the free

money described here? And if you don’t get

your hands on the free

money we’ve talked about, then things will

continue to go on the way they’ve been. If you don’t

download my ebook, then where do you think you’ll be 5

years from now? Will you have enough money to pay off

all your bills? Will you ever get the money you need to

start the business you dream of?

Probably not, .

And time is running out on you too.

While you’re reading this letter , so are other

people. As more and more people discover these free

money sources, your piece of the pie will shrink. So act

now, . Take positive action to get free

money for both yourself and your family.

Just think what a $25,000 FREE cash

grant can do for your life!

Tony Beill


Grants Available.


Tony, send the Grants Directory to

flood my

computer screen with more foundation

sources, more government agencies, and

more insider tips than anything else I’ve

ever tried before—even if I’m on a tight



understand that I get a $30

discount off

the original $49.95 price, along with two FREE

bonus ebooks worth over $100 (I love

“raving fan” customers!):



Federal and State Government Auctions e-Book Guide.

The same

one you see all over the internet, we are happy

to include for free. ($99.95




The Internet “Spy Kit”.

The same

one you see all over the internet, we are happy

to include for free. ($49.95



further understand that if I

apply for a grant and do not receive at least

$25,000 I will receive my entire purchase price. 

(Be assured that your on-line

transaction is 100%


$49.95 ONLY


Cash Grant Free Loans Never Repay Grants Money Keep it

Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age with

valid social security number. In some cases, the

applicant can not have a net worth exceeding

$250,000 (depending on the specific grant, and

amount being requested).

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