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Join 5 of the best tipsters around to profit from British Horse Racing.

In the last 46 months we have combined for a total of 1,573pts profit on the horses.

We are a group of 5 tipsters, Terry & Josh Anderson, Carl Tock, Simon Etherington and myself, Jim Sidebottom.

Today we want to open our doors to you, so you can copy exactly what we bet on each and every day for FREE!

How does our service work?

We start the evening before the racing where all 5 of us pick 3 selections for the following day. This takes time, its not just a random selection, we all put a lot of

time into picking our selections.

We don’t just look at low odds favourites either.

Then in the morning we all convene in the office and look back

at our selection, once we have 3 each nailed down we

compare notes, narrowing the 15 selections down into the

5 best picks of the day!!

It doesn’t end their either, after we have our 5 picks we

decide on the best bets to place on each selection.

This means you will be getting 5 bets per day

(Monday to Saturday) as we all take Sundays off.

It also means you will get a variety of 1pt – 3pt win bets, each way bets, place bets and multiples.

Once we have all this info we all place our bets.

So if you want to get access to these 5 bets per day then become one of only 100 people who will be betting with us for the next 30 days for free.

Your tips will arrive each morning before midday.

Like I said it takes time for us to narrow down the 15 into just the 5 and then decide on the best bet to place on these selections.

We will get the tips to you as early as possible and always before noon.

Why only 100 members?

After some number crunching we believe that we will all still see the same profits with up to 200 members all placing the same bets. So due to having close to 100 members already we feel comforatble that allowing 100 of you try it out for free will not effect the profits for us or our current members.

What to expect…

The daily selection email will cover everything you need to know.

The exact time and bet to place.

As I mentioned, bets will range from 1pt win bets to 3pt win bets, with each way bets and the occasional place bet thrown in there too along with the odd double or treble.

There is nothing else to it really…

We’re not going to feed you any BS or give you an example of a huge bet that came in for us that you can’t possibly get.

We strongly believe that you will see how good out tips are once you start using them.

So if you want a straight forward service ran with the power of 5 very good tipsters then take one of the 100 places below:

Video For British Racing Tips

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