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You are reading a letter I’m very excited to send. &nbsp A few people have heard about this program and have been bugging the hell out of me – “when are you going to release that %$#@ Tantra program?” is a question I’ve heard WAY too often the past few weeks. &nbsp I didn’t think I would ever release it… until now.

They call me the “king of underground methods” because I’ve spent the past several years building up an unstoppable arsenal of persuasion tactics. &nbsp No matter how “off the wall” some technique might be, I go out of my way to learn it and incorporate it into my “style.” &nbsp Then, if it works, I release it to you.

Recently I made the acquaintance of a man I’ll call “Dr. Weger” (pronounced VAY-gur). &nbsp Who is he and why should you care about him? &nbsp Read on…

Weger is one of those guys I would see out on the town with a beautiful woman on his arm… but seeing him was rare… he’d be there one moment, and then he’d be gone. &nbsp Blink and you’d miss him – but he had something unusual going on.

After a period of several months I finally managed to corner him, buy him a drink, and pick his brain… and you won’t believe what I found out.

He attributed nearly all his success to his knowledge of dark tantric practices learned from defrocked “gurus” of the worst sort – and explained (in explicit detail!) exactly how he manipulates his local “new age” scene to act as his “fish pond” of incredibly hot women!

Some of it I wouldn’t believe had I not witnessed it with my own eyes. &nbsp I’ve seen many books dealing with “driving women wild” – but have never seen an all-encompassing book that tells you how to drive women wild – and exactly how to find attractive women to USE the techniques on!

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The Vital Energy Method describes the exact steps necessary to achieve a sexual “clean slate” before you start learning Black Magic Tantra. &nbsp It makes you feel incredible too!

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Can You Envision A

Lifestyle Like This?

  • Having more choice with women than ever before?
  • Being able to make every sexual encounter you have with a woman memorable?
  • Having every woman you’re with begging for more?
  • Women looking up to you as an authority figure that makes them feel wonderful?

Now YOU Can “Install” These Skills

Into Your Life In A Matter Of Days!

And don’t worry – I’m not trying to turn you into some “flower power” weirdo. &nbsp You won’t have to refrain from bathing or eat rice cakes in order to use these tantric secrets on the the best women in town – in fact, the more “normal” you are the better! &nbsp Just because women are into Tantra or “new age” ideas doesn’t mean they want to go out with crazies.

I want you to understand just how close to fulfilling your dreams you are right now, because in a moment I’m going to reveal what I discovered from Dr. Weger that will help you immediately.

With “Black Magic Tantra” you will enjoy more success with pleasing women sexually, meeting new people, developing great relationships, and creating the type of life you want.

Here’s Just A Sample Of What

You’ll Discover Inside:

  • The secrets of the Kundabuffer Organ – also known as “The Tail Of Satan”
  • Hidden “Zones” of a woman’s body – kiss these and she’ll remember you forever
  • A condensed History of Tantra – this will bring you up to speed in a few minutes!
  • The ancient sexual attractant used by Aleister Crowley – what it is and where to get it (this blows the lid off the entire “pheromone” business!)
  • NEWSFLASH: Take your oral sex technique to the next level with the “Kivin Method”

  • How and where to find women interested in tantra (HINT: It probably isn’t where you think)
  • Sneaky ways to “infiltrate” your local tantra scene
  • How to create a distinctive presence for yourself and have women begging for your attention
  • Ways to turn your bedroom into a tantric passion pit

  • The good and bad of tantra – and how to stay out of trouble
  • The “Gregarious Bank” effect – a secret the “gurus” use to develop unstoppable personal and sexual power!
  • Give any woman screaming g-spot orgasms with the “Flower Press” technique
  • Tantric “reality creation” secrets –
  • How to go from controlling a woman’s orgasms – to controlling her mind
  • The 4 main types of orgasms a woman can have – and how to give them to her

Your Head Will Be Spinning After You Read This Book…

I used to sit down with Dr. Weger and take notes because he would literally pour new ideas into my mind. &nbsp Most of what he revealed has never been revealed to the general public before.

To be fair, I should warn you that some of the methods described in this book are sneaky to say the least. &nbsp They’re not nice, and you use them at your own risk. &nbsp Many of the “black Tantra” methods used are downright evil, and Weger learned them from individuals I can only describe as “shady.”

After reading the ideas in this book and using them in real life, some people will hate you. &nbsp They’ll hate you because you’re more successful with women than them, or because your social life is vastly richer than theirs. &nbsp But that’s OK – you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice the haters.

Catapult Your Sex Life To A New Level With These Inside Secrets:

  • The “Karezza Method” revealed – the power of controlled intercourse
  • Take her to new levels of ecstasy with the “rotated woman” position

  • Five easy methods for driving women wild – and making them admire you!
  • A complete glossary of Tantra – this is essential to being able to “talk the talk” and will take months off your learning curve
  • The “Deeksha Danger” – how some Tantra gurus use this secret to gain control over others – and even install psychoses in them!
  • Arcane secrets of “tantric vampires” – you’ll be amazed to learn who practiced these methods
  • A step-by-step sex transmutation exercise that will not only increase your sexual stamina and help you last longer – but also help you focus your sex energy in new directions!
  • What the “Tantric Black Mass” is and how to perform it. &nbsp This is NOT for the faint-hearted
  • The White Lion – a potent combination of healthy, natural supplements you can take to increase your sexual power. (HINT: You’ve never heard about this in the men’s magazines!)
  • And much, much more…

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Bonus Report:

“A Week In The Life Of A Tantric Guru”

I persuaded Dr. Weger to type up this “journal” of his life. &nbsp You can discover exactly how he spends his time – and pick up tips to explode your own dating/sex life along the way. &nbsp If you want to become the “new age” guy that draws in gorgeous girls like a magnet, this is the report for you.

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Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

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Take care,

Jack Ellis

P. S. Remember you have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you’re not happy with the book for any reason, you don’t pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I download the book and bonus reports?

A: Just click ‘Return to Merchant’ after you pay and you will be taken to the download page.

Q: What will appear on my credit card/bank statement?

A: It will show up as a charge from PayPal. The name of the book will not appear.

Q: Is your site secure?

A: My site doesn’t process orders – all orders are processed through PayPal which has the most secure ordering process possible. It’s much more secure than phone or mail – in fact, no human being will ever see your information.

Q: I am at work, can I save to a different computer when I get home?

A: Yes, you can save it anywhere you like.

Q: Can I use PayPal?

A: Yes! PayPal is our payment processor. &nbsp You may also use a credit card without having a PayPal account.

Q: What is an ebook?

A: It is an electronic file that if printed out would look much like a book does. You can view ebooks online, download them to your computer or even print out the pages you want. They are in pdf format which can be read by practically every computer and device.

Q: I’m not good with computers. What if I need help?

A: I’m only an email away. I will usually respond to help emails within a couple of hours – definitely no longer than 24 hours. The process is so simple that anybody can do it.

Q: If I lose the ebook (like a computer crash) what do I do?

A: I can confirm that you ordered and email you the book again at no charge.

Q: What if I have problems downloading the book?

A: I will email the ebooks as an attachment which 99.9% of people can open successfully.

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