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Now that you see what’s possible, let’s take a closer look at what Amazing Self is really all about…

 Every month you’ll receive your very own copy of the

Amazing Self Magazine.

With its life-changing features, groundbreaking how-tos and simple-to-understand tips, tricks, techniques and more, you will get the hands-on help you need to prosper in four main areas of your life: health, wealth, relationships and mindset.

Our Wealth section is dedicated to sorting out and optimizing your personal finances and monetary wellbeing.

Monthly topics that will change the way you think about money forever will include:

  • How to create, cultivate, and maintain higher levels of wealth and abundance in your life and bank accounts…
  • What you need to do to create and manage a residual income…
  • How to manage, reduce and eradicate debt
  • How to understand your own individual financial psychology and how to put it to work for you…
  • How to create a killer investment portfolio (whether you’re investing $100 or $100,000)…
  • What you need to do to whip your career into shape…
  • How to conceive of, start, and run your own successful business

Plus, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to feel great about whatever circumstances you’re already experiencing – whether that’s thousands of dollars’ worth of consumer debt, a millstone mortgage, or a multi-million dollar income.

And, as an extra added bonus, each month, you’ll also get quality, real-sense and real-life advice from self-made millionaire entrepreneur and Internet magnate (and fellow Managing Editor of Amazing Self), Mark Ling, on how to follow in his footsteps and learn from his lifestyle (more about this “advice” in a moment)!

In your inaugural issue, you’ll be set up for financial success with topics that include:

  • Getting Out From Under the Debt Boulder
  • Wealth Creation 101
  • 11 Critical Differences Between Rich and Poor: How to Become a Rich Person by Acting Like One

Pretty great, eh? Well, believe it or not, this is only a fraction of what you’re going to get each month.

That’s because there are two other sections in the Amazing Self Magazine and the magazine is only one of the three Amazing Self components delivered to you each month.

The Health section will reveal the secrets to feeling and looking healthy and great, inside and out.

In each edition, you will find a wide variety of focused, informative, and easy-to-read top-notch advice from experienced health and fitness gurus like Tracey Trimmer (author of the overnight bombshell weight loss success, The Trimmer Method) and Sarah Sanders (author of the internationally-acclaimed Brilliant Yoga eBook).

You’ll learn exactly what you really need to know on literally everything relating to your body and how you feel about it, including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Physical Maintenance
  • Illness Prevention
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem
  • Body Image
  • Eating Behaviors
  • Lifestyle tips

Plus, you’ll also uncover the truth about the latest diet fads and exercise crazes as well as how to make the most of your own physical blessings (and how to deal on an emotional and physical level with the areas that need some attention)!

For example, in your First Edition (which is over 140 pages), here are just a few of the topics you’ll get access to in the Health section:

  • How to Lose Weight by Thinking Differently About Food and Exercise
  • The ‘Scientific Facts’ That Are Keeping You Sick, Fat, And Ageing Faster By the Day
  • How to NEVER Diet Again
  • Trigger Your Body’s Weight-Loss Hormones!

And, wow, that’s only a small sample of what you’ll find every single month in just the Health section alone… there are THREE other main sections in every edition!

Our Relationships section is explicitly designed to help you grow your ability to be attractive.

What does that mean?

Well, we’ll teach you how to meet your best potential as a human being by identifying and shedding the beliefs, attitudes, and parts of your personality that have been holding you back so far.

We’ll also show you step-by-step how to maximize your happiness, self-respect, and ‘life-fullness quotient’ in order to feel great about who you are, treat yourself better than you ever thought possible, and attract others who want to do likewise.

The main focus of our monthly Relationships section is the ‘romantic’ side of things, but we’ll also teach you how to:

  • Make more friends…
  • Flirt successfully…
  • Enjoy yourself at parties…
  • Get more invitations…
  • Turn a date into a relationship…
  • Deal with adult-onset loneliness…
  • Meet more people who think you’re the bees’ knees…
  • Manage your existing relationships (whether platonic or sexual) with the maximum of pleasure, good times, and mutual respect.

This is the section that will pick you up by your bootstraps and truly teach you how to reach your ultimate potential as an excellent human being!

An awesome selection of topics in our First Edition include:

  • How to Attract More MOTOS Through Excellent Conversation
  • 6 Ways to Be More Attractive Right Now
  • Attitude Adjustments for Maximum Magnetism

We’re really pushing the envelope in the Relationship section of each edition. That’s because there are few things more important than having those dream relationship(s) in your life.

So, we’re not going to limit you with the smoke and mirrors info you’ve heard 1000 times before.

We fill every edition with groundbreaking ideas, techniques and tips for manifesting the best relationships ever.

And, what you’ll learn here goes perfectly with the final section of Amazing Self Magazine

Our Mindset section is perhaps the most cutting-edge of all.

In part four of each Amazing Self Magazine issue, we’ll teach you the basics of quantum physics, the science of life energy, and how to change your life by changing your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

It’s true that you’ll need an open mind to make the most of this section, but relax: in Amazing Self, you won’t find any airy-fairy BS or New Age nonsense – just proven facts and valuable how-tos to transform your experience on Earth from the inside out and maximize your success, self-awareness and all-round happiness.

Hint: this is the section to concentrate on if you want to transform your life from the ground-floor up – no muss, no fuss, no messy loose ends!

Our Mindset experts have been cherry-picked from leagues of life-coaches, motivational speakers, success coaches, and NLP master trainers to help you manifest the life of your dreams, utilize the power of your thoughts, and use physics to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

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